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300mm - 12inch Wafer Special
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11/16/05 Taiwan plans 20 more 12-inch fabs - the inquirer
"The Taiwan Economic News cuts the cake this way. Nanya – a sub of Formosa Plastics – will build four; Inotera expects to build another fab after it’s finished building its current one; Winbond is planning another 300mm fab."

IBM says chip woes easing - ZD Net
When it launched the Power Mac G5 last June, Apple said it expected to have machines running at 3GHz within a year. Kelly declined to say whether that goal is still feasible, given IBM's manufacturing issues. "

Fujitsu plans 300-mm fab - EE Times
"Meanwhile, Fujitsu has enlisted more than ten partners called "leading edge technology" partners. They have evaluated Fujitsu's 90-nm process technology and agreed to work on design and production. Fujitsu will open its libraries and basic IP to those partners. Some will also contribute financing for construction of the 300-mm fab, mostly by paying in advance for their orders. The payments could total ¥30 billion (about $280 million), which will form a part of the total ¥160 billion investment."

300 mm Progress Report - semiconductor international
"Two dozen fabs around the world are now experiencing the benefits of production on 300 mm wafers. The ability to fabricate more than twice as many die on a 300 vs. 200 mm wafer for a relatively small premium in equipment and facility costs has led to significant cost savings of about 30% per wafer. As the semiconductor industry begins to add capacity after an extended downturn, those companies that have made the investment in 300 mm are expected to have a key competitive edge"

Applied says move to 12-inch wafers slow - the inquirer
"Intel is not wasting much time moving to 300 millimeter wafers from the eight inch silicon wafers most of its factories use, and there's a very good reason for this."

Sony to Invest ¥200 Bln in Chips in 3 years - Reuters
"Sony Corp, the world's largest consumer electronics maker, said on Monday it will spend 200 billion yen ($1.67 billion) over a three-year period on new chip production facilities for cutting-edge 300 mm wafers"

Intel's 12-inch Albuquerque fab showing big yields - the inquirer
"Twelve inch wafers obviously produce more CPUs than eight inch wafers, but Intel is coupling its move to the larger disks along with new process techniques, which will yield even more CPUs that are expected to run cooler and faster, when the new process is online"

Chartered to accelerate ramp in 300-mm fab - EE Times
"Hoping to close the gap on its silicon foundry rivals, Singapore's Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing Pte. Ltd. will shortly begin to install the equipment for its initial 300-mm wafer fab, with plans to accelerate the production ramp in the plant. Chartered will begin installing the fab tools in its 300-mm plant next month, as part of its planned effort to move the Fab 7 facility into production by the third quarter of 2003"

AMD etching for a fight - Gearing up for 300mm transition - the inquirer

TSMC slows ramp of 300mm wafer production - eb news
"TSMC, the biggest pure-play foundry worldwide, has slashed the target from 10,000 to 5,000 wafers per month"

09/10/02 AMD Selects Lam's 2300 Etch Series for Next-generation Logic and Flash
Spotlight on Samsung’s 12-inch moves - Digi Times

U.S. companies move up to 300-mm wafer fabs - Silicon Strategies
"Keeping such gargantuan beasts fully loaded will be a challenge. A typical 12-inch fab, running 20,000 wafers per month, potentially could spew out nearly 100 million chips a month, a level of demand that even the largest companies may struggle to achieve. During downturns, when loading levels plummet, such large fabs can become a financial deadweight"

300mm (12-inch) developments - Digi Times
Micron may convert Virginia fab to 300mm wafers - EE Times
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