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Thoughts of the day: 
"But really, there’s really no need to have 64-bit on the desktop, at least not in the foreseeable future. No other application takes advantage of it" - Paul Otellini Intel COO - 06/10/03

"Consumers are confused over 64 bit computing, It appears more magical than it really is. Even with 32 bit computing, I couldn't help noticing a level of enthusiasm that went beyond its technical merit."
Bill Gates Microsoft founder - 10/14/03

"From now on, Intel is  the company which blindly copy an "underdog" to stay alive. The damages in terms of public's perception are irreversible." Anonymous by mail 10/02/05

03/23/05 64-bit computing in theory and practice - Tech Report
"The essence of the move to 64-bit computing is a set of extensions to the x86 intruction set pioneered by AMD and now known as AMD64. During development, they were sensibly called x86-64, but AMD decided to rename them to AMD64, probably for marketing reasons. In fact, AMD64 is also the official name of AMD's K8 microarchitecture, just to keep things confusing. When Intel decided to play ball and make its chips compatible with the AMD64 extensions, there was little chance they would advertise their processors "now with AMD64 compatibility!" Heart attacks all around in the boardroom. And so EM64T, Intel's carbon copy of AMD64 renamed to Intel Extended Memory 64 Technology, was born."

02/08/05 Intel Dubs 2005 'The Year Of 64-Bit Computing' - Information Week
"After Opteron garnered AMD its most successful foray ever into business markets, Intel responded last year with the introduction of 64-bit extensions for its Xeon processor. The EM64T-enabled Xeons shipped a million units in the first six months and will ship a second million by the end of this month, Brace says. By the end of the first quarter this year, Intel expects that 80% of its Xeon processors will ship with 64-bit capability. "

01/18/05 Hardware Today: Nocona Rushes the 64-bit Playing Field - Server Watch
"Nocona's main competition is AMD's Opteron. Certainly, Intel is still playing catch up, first with 64-bit extensions and then with dual-core. But recent and upcoming changes to its Xeon line may be bringing Intel be back on track strategically. Now it's a matter of which company can execute best during the next several years. And with the planned enhancements and the company's superior marketing drive, betting heavily against Intel is not recommended."

Are You Using 64-Bit Systems? - Win Net Mag
"The overwhelming reason why most respondents haven't adopted 64-bit solutions is because their current 32-bit systems are meeting their needs. Other frequently mentioned reasons for not implementing 64-bit systems are the lack of 64-bit applications and the high cost of 64-bit systems."

Is 64-Bit Too Extravagant? - Windows IT Pro
"There simply wasn't a compelling enough argument to leave the "safe" Intel route. However, AMD now offers the Opteron line of processors, which can run native 32-bit and 64-bit systems. These processors are priced considerably less than Itanium-based systems. SQL Server 2000 64-bit doesn't run on the 64-bit native mode of the Opteron, but 64-bit SQL Server 2005 will run on Opteron servers you can buy today. SQL Server 2000 32-bit will run on those same servers."

AMD blitzes 64-bit computing - Integrated Mar
"AMD64's offence is truly multi-dimensional," Defrere pointed out. "It can do both 64-bit and 32-bit. It's got speed (bandwidth) on its side, with AMD's HyperTransport technology going against Front Side Bus on the 32-bit side. It's game plan uses direct connect architecture to get the most of memory, I/O, and the CPU. Also, AMD64 scales unbelievably."

AMD's 64-Bit Gambit - VAR Business
"Imagine it's early 2005. Resellers who have made major commitments to commodity servers based on AMD's hot-selling Opteron--the hybrid processor that runs both 32- and 64-bit software--are now wondering if they wouldn't be better off covering their bets by supporting new 64-bit Xeon parts and platform enhancements starting to roll out in force from Intel"

The 64-Bit Question - The KSBW Channel
AMD’s Athlon 64 and IBM’s G5 don’t just have wider registers: they also have more functional units inside their silicon brains. These chips do a better job at things like executing multiple instructions at the same time, out-of-order execution, and branch prediction. That 64-bit PowerMac G5 running in the Apple Store is largely running 32-bit code"

Opteron Leads 64-bit Revolution - Computer World
"As users refresh or add industry-standard servers, they'll seed their data centers with 64-bit-capable x86 processors. The pricing differences between current 32-bit boxes and those running on 64-bit chips will be negligible in the near future, so the reason for buying 32-bit chips will gradually disappear, say vendors and analysts. Think of 64-bit capability as a free upgrade, ready for use when the applications arrive"

The New 64-Bit Landscape - server pipeline
"But the biggest issue for Intel is a loss of credibility over Itanium, and a growing dissatisfaction with their domination over this marketplace. As AMD and IBM continue to add new technologies here, they have lost the leading edge mindshare on the high-end. The Opteron architecture is really optimized to handle multi-processing, and IBM's miserly power requirements means that large piles of CPUs won't need to be cooled as much as the others, making it easier to build more complex systems"

Quickstudy: 64-bit CPUs - Computer World
"A breakthrough came in April 2003, when Advanced Micro Devices Inc. in Sunnyvale, Calif., introduced its AMD64 platform and the Opteron series of 64-bit server CPUs. Unlike the Itanium, the Opteron chips could run 32-bit applications quickly and efficiently in addition to handling new 64-bit instructions. AMD's move led to faster, more cost-effective servers that didn't need to wait for the development of 64-bit applications."

AMD and Intel Harmonize on 64 - MDR Online
MPR found nothing to contradict Intel’s promise that its 64-bit x86 processors will run the 64-bit operating systems developed for AMD64. At the same time, Intel’s reluctance to make a blanket guarantee about mutual 64-bit software compatibility is justified by the minor differences we discovered."

Teams Forming for 64-Bit Migration - Server Watch
"Stahlman's report is somewhat aggressive on the migration timetable compared to other analysts' calls on the 64-bit migration timetable. For example, Gartner Dataquest, has said 64-bit systems will become more of a necessity by 2005, as applications thirst for memory systems larger than 32-bit can handle, and that 64-bit systems will become mainstream by 2007"

Processing possibilities - Twin Cities
"So, high-end consumers are left with a stark choice: To buy into the 64-bit computing buzz, or not to buy in? This is a nonissue for those getting cutting-edge Macs, but Windows users must decide if the fuzzy future is as important as the here and now. If a 64-bit wave does ascend a year or so hence, those with Athlon 64 systems would be in a potentially enviable position with systems uniquely equipped to ride that crest. But if AMD has been overly optimistic about near-term prospects for 64-bit computing in the consumer world, one cutting-edge PC will be about as good as any other"

Days are numbered for 32-bit chips, says AMD - Computer Weekly
"AMD's goals are ambitious, considering that the company had no 64-bit products a year ago, but AMD picked up two new endorsements of its 64-bit systems this week. Sun Microsystems will begin shipping Opteron-based server systems in 2004 and Hewlett-Packard is rolling out its first Athlon 64 system, the Compaq Presario 8000Z."

The 64-Bit Question:  Athlon has built the world's fastest PC. Should you buy one? - MSN
Current CPUs for PCs have eight registers that hold 32 bits each, which imposes two limits on them. First, they can't access more than 4 gigabytes of RAM. That's because each byte (a byte is eight bits, treated as one chunk of data) of RAM has a unique address number that needs to fit into one register. Since each bit has at most two possible values—0 or 1—a 32-bit PC can handle 232 addresses, which multiplies out to 4 gigabytes of RAM. Upgrading to 64-bit registers lets the chip access 264 bytes—that's 18 billion gigabytes, more RAM than exists on the entire planet."

That's another fine 64-bit mess you got me in, AMD - the inquirer
"Let's start from the reasoning used in the claim first - in this case, a true 64-bit PC platform meant a PC with a fully 64-bit CPU (64-bit addressing, registers, integer & FP operations, buses etc), running at least one truly 64-bit OS among its main platforms (i.e. those with more than 10 % presence)."

64bit - the Desktop revolution? - Tweak PC

Should x86 be kept alive? - Ace's Hardware
"But before we open the discussion, a litte bit of (almost) unknown history. Indeed, not many people know this, but Intel played with the idea of extending x86 to 64 bit for already a very long time, long before the names "Sledgehammer" and "Clawhammer" were invented. We heard from an excellent source that Intel wanted to include 64-bit extensions on the Pentium Pro (P6) micro-architecture. There are even rumours that these plans were already on the table when the Pentium (P5) was designed butwith the Pentium Pro the 64 bit x86 plans were very real."

For Those Needing 32 More Bits - New York Times
"I think we're dropping a snowball down the hill," said Rich Heye, vice president and general manager of Advanced Micro's microprocessor business unit. "Sixty-four-bit computing will take off faster than people think."

Are You Ready for a 64-Bit PC? - PC World
"The amount of data a chip can process at once is a fundamental difference between today's 32-bit desktop processors--like Intel's Pentium 4, AMD's Athlon XP, and Apple's Motorola-made G4--and future 64-bit desktop CPUs, says Kevin Krewell, senior editor at Microprocessor Report. In the 64-bit camp are Apple's pending IBM-made G5 and AMD's upcoming Athlon 64."

AMD Future Vision: 64-Bits or Bust - Extreme Tech
"AMD64 extends our long, rich history of powerful semiconductor solutions based on customer-centric innovations. With support from Microsoft, the Linux community, and scores of OEMS, system builders, and hardware and software vendors, AMD is gaining critical mass for the AMD Opteron and upcoming AMD Athlon 64 platforms based on the x86 instruction set architecture"

Why 64-bits are good, and why they're not - the inquirer
"On the other hand, if you are interested primarily in ordinary, single user workstations, what does 64-bit addressing give you today? The answer is precious little. The needs of workstations have nothing to do with the matter, and the move to 64-bit is being driven by server requirements"

What's So Great for Developers About the AMD64? - Devx
"There are other 64-bit processors out there. But if your code base is mostly on x86 architectures, there's only one platform that leverages and extends what you've already got: The AMD64 Instruction Set Architecture. This AMD white paper explains the big advantages to you of this strategy: Easier porting, better performance even in compatibility mode, 64-bit address space, additional registers, 64-bit integer math, and affordability "

Devil's Advocate: 64-bit computing - a state-of-the-art red herring? - Silicom
"AMD has caused a splash in this otherwise turgid pond by announcing a processor that will provide both 64-bit and 32-bit processing at top speed. Buyers looking for first class performance and a degree of future proofing will be very tempted by this approach. Intel is rumoured to be sufficiently impressed to have started planning a similar processor to protect its own market share."

Microsoft + AMD: the 64-bit question - The Register
"Microsoft's software role is obvious: it has launched Windows Server 2003 and SQL Server 2000 for Itanium. Yet AMD's 64-bit Opteron processor could also have a major impact on the uptake of 64-bit computing due to its focus on the importance of existing applications"

64-bit battle lines form - War of the SuperChips close - the inquirer
"AMD IS NOW out with Opteron, IBM has just updated the rest of their RISC line with Power4+ and Intel is closing on the Madison Itanium2 launch. How do the battlelines look for the remainder of this year, and early next year? "

64-bit Future Scenarios Part 1 - Part 2 - Part3 -  the inquirer
"In fact, Intel would probably be able to create a faster and cooler X86-64 processor than AMD itself. Pentium64 or Xeon64 sounds fine, isn't it? Combined with Chipzilla's monstrous technical, financial and marketing might, they can still seriously threaten AMD survival in the long run. So, whichever way it goes - IA-64 or X86-64, or both - they could be the winner. However, IA-64 had another big-size development partner from Day One. And that's where our Part 2 starts... "

Intel on slow road to 64-bit PC chips - ZD Net
"Despite the advantages, converting a 32-bit machine into a 64-bit one isn't easy. Four separate design teams at Intel examined how the company could take one of its 32-bit chips and transform it into a 64-bit machine, said Wirt, another senior fellow at Intel. After running simulations, all four teams concluded that such a transition wouldn't be economically feasible, he said."

An Introduction to 64-bit Computing and x86-64 - arstechnica
"The present article outlines what AMD hopes is the next step in x86's evolution: x86-64. As we'll see, x86-64 is more than just a 64-bit extension to the 32-bit x86 ISA; it adds some new features, as well, while getting rid of some obsolete ones"

Chinese startup seen readying 64-bit chips - CBS MW
"It's possible that in time, low-cost Chinese-built computers with Chinese-designed and -built chips could pose a challenge to the U.S. computer industry, Ross says. But he says that there will be many technical and business challenges for the Chinese along the way"

64-Bit CPUs: What You Need to Know - Extreme Tech
"Sixty-four bits holds the promise of new performance, new architectures, new compilers, and a new balance of power in CPU realpolitik. A clean break with the old, a new chance for the new"

See This Chip? & The 64-Bit Question - Fortune
"Yet industry watchers think the 64-bit battle could be where AMD finally proves itself against Intel. In April, AMD plans to release Opteron, a 64-bit chip with big ambitions. Unlike Itanium, which is designed primarily to run new 64-bit software, the Opteron is optimized to be Pentium compatible. It can readily run programs written for today's 32-bit machines, as well as new 64-bit software. AMD will not only stick its 64-bit chips in servers but also offer them for conventional PCs starting in Sept. "

The Battle in 64-bit Land, 2003 and Beyond - Real World Tech
"Yet Intel seems so smitten by the siren call of VLIW/EPIC architecture that it has abandoned its legacy and instead pushed into the 64 bit world with IA64. AMD has quite rightly recognized that Intel’s decision has left in its wake AMD’s best and perhaps only, opportunity to enter the market for general purpose 64 bit microprocessors - pick up where Intel left off."

11/11/02 Are 64-bit PCs ready for mainstream? - FCW
"Kolde sees potential uses of 64-bit computing in government agencies that have large databases and data warehouses, run complex engineering and scientific analyses and computer simulations, and require applications that use large amounts of memory."

10/16/02 Details emerge on IBM's PowerPC 970 chip - Mac Central
"Halfhill added that it might be no coincidence that IBM and AMD are both developing 64-bit processors"

07/22/02 AMD Answers the 64-Bit Question - Wired
"Because the Itanium is based on a new design, it can only run x86 software in emulation, and that emulation has been criticized for being slow. This is where AMD thinks it has an opportunity. While Intel rebuilds a new market for Itanium and software is ported from x86 to Itanium, its Opteron line will run all of the old x86 software"

07/05/02 Opteron and Itanium: Two Roads to 64-bit Computing - Ace's Hardsware
"Being significantly improved over the Athlon MP, we expect the Opteron to perform exceptionally well in workstation applications, and these two advantages might increase AMD's popularity in the workstation market. In the longer term, this might encourage workstation ISVs to develop and launch x86-64 versions of their software. To counter the threat of Opteron, Intel's will most likely opt to push Deerfield in the high-end workstation market, while a Xeon version of Tejas could smooth the migration from 32-bit x86 to 64-bit IA-64. Nevertheless, there is an important Window of opportunity for AMD in 2003. This wormhole to the workstation galaxy will probably collapse in 2004 when Tejas enters the market, and Intel has gathered enough software support for Deerfield"
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