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Recommended Hardware, software and gaming sites


3DXtreme - A staff  that work so hard to bring you the latest technology news and reviews daily

A1 Electronics - The land of "pocket reviews" and smart tips for a better computing life.

Adrian's Rojak Pot - BIOS king Adrian is sharing his vaste knowledge with the rest of the world.

Cache-Community - News, reviews and forum, it's all there and it's cool...

Cool Computing - The source for cool and exciting technology news

Default Alias - A young hardware site full of promises. Give it a try!

DV Hardware
- Hardware and technology news and reviews

Extreme Reviews - Loaded with the latest  products' reviews for extreme users

Futurelooks - One of Canada's largest, independent, Digital Lifestyle Magazines exclusively on Internet

Laptop Gamers - Laptop Gamers offers laptop and game reviews

Monster Hardware - Meet the monster and discover the wonderful tech heart beating in his virtual chest

OC-Hades - You like games? You like hardware? You'll love OC-Hades!

OC Inside - Probably the best overclocking help on earth. Don't delay your visit

OC Tools - Where minimalism and quality are meeting for our viewing pleasure...

Short-Media - Nicely designed this reminiscence of the famous Icrontic is the place that cannot be missed!

Tek Bunker - A free technical support and information resource with hardware and software reviews

The Tech Zone - The place to get the very latest in computer hardware news and reviews.

Think Gaming - A new Gaming and Hardware review site

Tweak News - From downunder hardware news with an attitude...


BNO-NET - Another sleeping beauty...

K7 Jo - Long but rare reviews from a genuine AMD specialist


Tutto Down - The only hardware site with the complete meteo from the most romantic boot of the world :)


AMD-Guide - The Polish heaven for AMD's fans is one click away...


HWGuide - Russian hardware site in plain cyrillic
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