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AMD Alchemy Special
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06/13/06 AMD dissolves Alchemy product line - ZDNet
"Financial terms of the deal with Raza were not disclosed. But AMD plans to invest in Raza as part of a new strategic relationship, the companies said in a statement. Raza is a MIPS shop already, with processors for networking and security applications. The company hopes the Alchemy processors will allow it to gain a share of the consumer market, Raza said in a statement."

Pixelworks and AMD Collaborate on 'Triple-Play' Set-top Boxes
Pixelworks, Inc.  a provider of system-on-chip ICs for the advanced display market, today announced the first demonstration of the AMD co-designed Sailfish II platform, which will be shown at the upcoming IFA 2005 consumer electronics show in Berlin beginning September 5. The reference design based on the Pixelworks PWBSP(TM)-16 Broadband Signal Processor IC and the Alchemy Au1550 processor enables 'triple-play' set-top boxes (STBs) integrating broadband video, voice and data access into a single device.

iStation working on new PMP model - Mobile Mag
The new model may use the Alchemy Au1200 chipset which Aving Korea has briefly talked about earlier this year. If this speculation turns out to be true, then it translates into the meaning that the new model will support a variety of formats like MPEG2, MPEG4, WMV9, H.263 and DivX, which could be run at DVD quality.

FIC Launches Portable Media Player for Complete Video Entertainment Experience
FIC announced the Vassili, an ultimate portable media player based on the AMD Alchemy Au1200
Processor. The Vassili makes consumers enjoying their favorite videos, music and photos on a single portable player possible and also a companion product of Hybrid Recorder. The Vassili features a bright 3.6-inch color display, the available of 20GB internal storage and is compatible with both PC and Mac computers. As the largest capacity, Vassili holds up to 80 hours of video or 600 hours of digital music.

TiVo Partners with Microsoft, Sonic & AMD to Offer Solutions that Extend the TiVoToGo Experience
TIVO said today that it is collaborating with leaders in technology to extend the innovative TiVoToGo service enhancement to enable portability to multiple devices. The company began rolling out the TiVoToGo service enhancement to subscribers this week and will work with Microsoft, Sonic, and AMD respectively, to enable consumers to take their entertainment with them wherever they go, to watch whenever they want.

FIC unveils Linux-based portable media player - Linux Devices
"Taiwanese motherboard maker FIC will unveil a Linux-based portable media player (PMP) at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week. FIC's "Vassili" includes a 3.6-inch color LCD screen and a 20GB hard drive, and can play multimedia content downloaded directly from PCs and PVRs (personal video recorders) in a number of formats"

GoVideo to integrate the Alchemy Au1200 processor in next generation of Portable Video Players
GoVideo a consumer electronics pioneer, announced today that it is collaborating with AMD to integrate the AMD Alchemy Au1200 processor in its next line of portable video players (PVP). By selecting the low-power, high-performance Au1200 processor, GoVideo is positioning itself to be a leader in the burgeoning personal media player market by offering a mobile device that provides living-room quality entertainment for consumers on the go

i3 micro's IP Set-Top Box Integrates AMD Au1550 Processor for Embedded Network Security
The increased capabilities of the MMB3 require high-performance processing and versatile network security technology. The AMD Alchemy Au1550 processor is a low-power, high-performance, highly integrated system on a chip (SOC) that implements security directly into the hardware thus reducing software overhead. The MIPS-based processor enables the MMB3 to run enhanced, high-performance applications at low wattage.

AMD Alchemy Au1550 processor delivering integrated secure network Processing Power
AMD announced the AMD Alchemy Au1550 security network processor, designed for customers to address the critical need for security in wired and wireless applications. The processor accelerates networking and remote access applications such as gateways and network attached storage (NAS) units, wireless access points and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) environments. Enhancing the high-performance, low-power and high-integration functionality of the AMD Alchemy Au1500 processor, the Au1550 processor enables customers to integrate leading-edge security functionality provided through SafeNet, a leader in private and public network security solutions that set the standard for VPN technology and secure business communications.

AMD Alchemy Au1500 Processor Selected By Bandspeed, Inc.
AMD Alchemy Au1500 processor has been selected by Bandspeed, Inc. to power its 940K Series Gypsy Wireless Access Point Switch. Bandspeed provides Wireless LAN infrastructure solutions that deliver standards-based, ultra-high performance access points for users in environments such as enterprises, campuses, hot spots, and wireless service provider networks. Bandspeed is already experiencing increasing levels of global customer interest, most recently with the customer announcement of United Platform Technologies (China) Ltd. (UP Tech). UP Tech plans to use the Gypsy wireless LAN technology to build wireless switch access points (AP) for boxes for major carriers in

AMD Alchemy Au1100 Processor Selected by AMX Corporation
Selected in part for its on-chip LCD controller, the Au1100 processor enables unique graphical features including a high-resolution panel color. All of the Modero Touch Panel products allow the user to create icons that flip, spin, morph and expand at the touch of a screen, as well as the ability to listen to MP3 and WAV audio files.

Alchemy Au1100 processor delivers strong EEMBC scores
EEMBC benchmarks have become an industry standard for evaluating the capabilities of embedded processors and compilers according to objective, clearly defined criteria. Scores for the Au1100 processor have been verified by the independent EEMBC Certification Labs (ECL) to certify that they are repeatable and obtained according to EEMBC rules: The Au1100 processor running at a core operating frequency of 396MHz and using the Green Hills Software MULTI compiler, received the following EEMBC v1.1 scores: Automark 144.4 - Netmark 5.1 - Consumermark 24.8 OAmark 311.8 - Telemark 5.1.

Microsoft Masters AMD's Alchemy - Internet News
"The Au1500 processor is a MIPS32-based system on a chip (SOC) processor, that runs at speeds of 333MHz, 400MHz and 500MHz, with power dissipations of less than 400 milliwatts, 700 milliwatts and 1.2 watts, respectively. AMD says the chips also have integrated system peripherals, including a 33/66MHz 32-bit Peripheral Component Interface (PCI) Controller (PCI 2.2 compliant), GPIO, two 10/100 Ethernet Controllers, USB Device and Host, two UARTS, an AC-97 controller and a PCMCIA controller"

AMD tries to spin embedded gold - EE Times
"Fifteen months after plunking down $50 million for Alchemy Semiconductor and its highly regarded embedded-processor design team, Advanced Micro Devices Inc. is looking to spin gold from the melding of Alchemy's embedded expertise with AMD's little-known WLAN technology"

New AMD Alchemy Solutions reference design kit
AMD Alchemy Solutions Development Board

AMD Seeks Wi-Fi Alchemy - 802.11 Planet
"AMD's chip announcement came days after Intel outlined its own roadmap for the Wi-Fi market. After announcing it will invest $150 billion in Wi-Fi startup companies, the chip-making giant told reporters the wireless technology would become ever-present with a future of roaming Wi-Fi users and 90 percent of laptop users having 802.11 capabilities"

AMD carves entry into device market - CNET
"Rich Witek and Greg Hoeppner, two former chip engineers from Digital Equipment who left the company when Intel took charge of StrongARM in a patent suit settlement in the fall of 1997, founded Alchemy in 1999. Both Witek and Hoeppner joined AMD and will continue to work on the Au line"

AMD making buy to target handhelds - CNET
"AMD said Wednesday that it would acquire Alchemy Semiconductor, maker of MIPS-based chips for devices such as PDAs and MP3 players. MIPS is processor architecture designed to offer high performance and low power for PDAs, networking and other non-PC devices"

AMD to buy MIPS processor startup Alchemy - EE Times
"Founded in 1999, Alchemy Semiconductor recently started shipping standard embedded products based on its Au1000 processor core, which dissipates 1 watt at 500 MHz or 0.5 W at 400 MHz. That performance-to-power ratio places the Alchemy's products in the mid-to-high performance range that Intel targets with its Xscale processor"

02/05/01 Alchemy cooks up low-power chips for handhelds - CNET
It will begin shipping during the summer at speeds of 266MHz, 400MHz and 500MHz. The first products using Au1000 should debut in the fourth quarter. Pricing on the 400MHz chip, in quantities of 10,000, will be $39 each."

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