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AMD News - 08/23/05
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AMD Challenges Intel to a Dual-Core Duel

11/30/05 AMD to Host Dual-Core Duel Event in Singapore - Hardware Zone
"AMD announced that it will host a live dual-core duel event in Singapore on December 6. This latest challenge to Intel was issued yesterday in an advertisement in Digital Life of The Straits Times. This challenge is a follow-on to the original challenge issued to Intel on August 23. "

Intel answers AMD's dual-core chip challenge with French joke - The Register
"When asked why
Intel was so far behind AMD with a dual-core server chip and "what's wrong with Itanium" by an accented reporter, Otellini responded, "You're obviously from France." The cheap shot triggered a wave of laughter from Intel's staff and other reporters."

Intel refuses gauntlet AMD throws down - the inquirer
"But Paul Otellini, CEO of Intel turned down the challenge with some disdain, refusing to pick up the gauntlet the chipsters threw down."

08/23/05 AMD Challenges Intel to a Dual-Core Duel - PC World
"The company placed advertisements in major U.S. newspapers this week proposing a contest that would pit the fastest server based on a
dual-core AMD processor with the fastest server based on an equivalent chip from Intel, AMD says."

Live Shoot-Out to Focus on Server Workloads and Energy Consumption - Fnet
Should Intel accept AMD's challenge, the duel would take place ata public venue to be announced in the coming weeks, with testing conducted by a neutral, third-party testing lab. Testing would be doneusing industry-standard server benchmarks most relevant to customers today such as SPECjbb(R) and SPECweb(R) Measurement on energy consumption would also be conducted

AMD Challenges Intel to a Dual-Core Duel - PC Advisor
"The adverts in todayís Wall Street Journal, USA Today and other newspapers show an
AMD processor standing in a boxing ring waiting for Intel to appear, AMD said. If Intel accepts, the contest will be overseen by a third-party testing lab using standard benchmarks measuring performance and energy consumption."

AMD Throws Down Dual-Core Gauntlet - Electronic News
Flexing its muscles beneath its x86 server armor, AMD today challenged
Intel to a live, public duel to prove whose x86-based dual-core architecture best meets server customerís needs."

Sign the AMD's petition for a fair duel soon here
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