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AMD Establishes Greater China Headquarters in Beijing

Organization to Focus Operations and Integrate Plans Throughout Key Strategic Growth Market

BEIJING - Sept. 22, 2004 -AMD (NYSE:AMD) today announced plans for the formation of a Greater China headquarters in Beijing.
AMD's Greater China headquarters will be responsible for all operations in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan and will help ensure AMD's operations are best aligned with the needs of the China market.

AMD's Greater China organization in Beijing will help speed the development and delivery of new AMD products into one of AMD's most important global business areas and one of the world's most dynamic technology markets," said AMD Chairman and CEO Hector Ruiz during a press conference in Beijing today.

"As the headquarters for mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, AMD China will now be in a better position to coordinate and consolidate resources in these diverse markets in order to best drive further growth and development for AMD throughout the Asia-Pacific region," said Karen Guo, corporate vice president of AMD, president and general manager of
AMD (China) Co. Ltd. "This change will help AMD further expand our local partnerships, develop localized products and services, and consistently enhance our technology offerings to deliver better choices to our customers and end users in the region."

Today's announcement continues to demonstrate AMD's long-term commitment to the China market.

-- In March, AMD received approval to establish a second, state-of-the-art back-end manufacturing facility in the Suzhou Industrial Park.

-- In May AMD announced the formation of a foreign-invested holding company in Beijing,
AMD (China) Co. Ltd., which will enable the company to conduct an increased scope of business operations in the country.

-- AMD has earned growing market recognition in the region with a number of recent significant product launches and alliances with leading OEMs and multi-national corporations in
China, including Lenovo, Founder, Thunis, Dawning, IBM, HP, and Sun.

About AMD

AMD (NYSE:AMD) designs and produces innovative microprocessors, Flash memory devices and low-power processor solutions for the computer, communications and consumer electronics industries. AMD is dedicated to delivering standards-based, customer-focused solutions for technology users, ranging from enterprises and governments to individual consumers. 

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