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02/08/05 Chief Technologist Rob's 2005 Predictions - Geek
"I went out on a limb with this one last year and it came through. I'll do it again. What can I say? AMD seems to be beating Intel at its own game, as Intel made a big misstep by trying to push GHz above all else. Something had to give or we'd all be buying water-cooled PCs, and although that's fine for some, it's a bit much for the average user. Dual-core chips will arrive, even if they aren't out as soon as people would expect."

Betting a Billion - Bob's Prediction for 2005 - Cringely
"While Intel thinks its 2004 course corrections will do the job, I just don't see much in the new product roadmap to get excited about. AMD will continue to grow at Intel's expense. And keep an eye on IBM's PowerPC introductions later in the year that should really give Intel fits, especially if they are accompanied by substantial OEM agreements"

Trends in 2005: Vlogs, SOA and IP Everything - Internet News
"Dual core is sexy among silicon enthusiasts, so look for Intel to produce a chip that is two Dothans on one. Among notebooks, expect AMD to try to make up ground against Intel's leading mobile chip Centrino, with its upcoming Turion 64 brand. Massive volume shipments from both vendors are expected in 2006"

Top Ten Tech Predictions for 2005 - Audio Gogo
"AMD Will Ride High On Long-Term Strategies: Years ago AMD made a gamble against clock speed and on efficient design. This included extending the X86 instruction set into 64 bits; even as Intel was planning on forcing 64-bit users to abandon two decades of X86 design"

12/31/04 2004 what happened, and 2005 what is yet to come? - Data Fuse
"2005 will be the year of 64-bit, although AMD has won the battle in 2004, the war will be fought in 2005, finally bringing an OS that supports 64-bit to the masses. But also bringing a new desktop competitor: Intel to the stage. "

12/30/05 Roadmap 2005 - PC Pro
"US Congress passes anti-spyware bill. Microsoft slips out
64-bit Windows XP. Yahoo announces that it is to index the entire British Library as part of its search database. First malware exploiting vulnerability in Firefox sweeps the web. The spreadfirefox web site posts response: "we're really excited that we are being taken seriously". Firefox's market share collapses"

12/30/04 Coolest Gadgets of 2005 - Forbes
"This sort of multitasking doesn't necessarily benefit from a faster chip, what is needed is two chips in the same computer, each running a separate application. Fundamentally, that is what dual core is, one chip that operates as two: requiring less power, producing less heat and handling more at the same time"

12/29/04 This Time, AMD May Have Staying Power - Business Week
"As a result, AMD gained about one percentage point of the market in 2004, bringing its share of total processor share to 15.8%, according to chip consultancy Mercury Research. It's expected to book a record $5.1 billion in full-year sales as well. The average projection of analysts polled by financial research firm Thomson One has AMD reporting $200 million in profits. The stock, now at $21.73, has doubled since September"

12/27/04 What Will the PC of 2005 Look Like? - PC World
"PCI Express and DDR Memory will also appear in notebooks from early 2005 with the introduction of Intela??s next-generation Alviso chip set. Notebook sales have been growing faster than those of desktops for several years, a trend that will continue into 2005, says Roger Kay, vice president of client computing at IDC, in Framingham, Massachusetts"

12/27/04 Keyword for MPUs in 2005: Dual Core - Electronic News
"AMD also trumped Intel on
dual core technologies this year.  The smaller company announced plans for dual core and offered product timetable before Intel did, although Intel says the technology has been in development for years.  And to further upstage Intel, AMD offered a demonstration of its dual core technology the week before Intelís own demo at the fall Intel Developers Forum."

Notebooks plan a thinner 2005 - ZDNet
"Consumers, many of them first-time buyers, didn't seem to mind the extra heft, especially when they gained a big screen. But that's beginning to change, according to PC industry watchers, as increasingly sophisticated buyers consider purchasing second or third
notebooks, and factors such as weight and battery life -- two features aided by Intel Centrino and low-power AMD's Athlon chips -- jump higher on buyers' lists of must-haves"

What IT Can Expect in 2005 - Business 2.0
64-bit computing arrives. The little-heralded Service Pack 1 update to Windows Server 2003, due out in early 2005, will carry a big payload: 64-bit compatibility. With a 64-bit Windows OS to run on, other application developers are sure to follow Microsoft's (MSFT) lead. That means that AMD's (AMD) Opteron chips for servers will at last find a mainstream market."

12/21/04 Industry leaders identify trends for 2005 - Seattle PI
"AMD is answering the question with server and PC processors that can handle vastly bigger chunks of memory than previous chips without abandoning the microarchitecture of the past. As a result, the No. 2 maker of microprocessors found itself in front of the industry with a technology that its larger rival, Intel Corp., finally adopted in 2004."

12/17/04 AMD to gain market share in 2005 - The Register
"That means
AMD's 64-bit Athlon 64 and Opteron processors, the former dubbed a "viable if not more potent competitor" to Intel's own desktop chips, which are leaving the chip giant at "the most vulnerable it has ever been in its history"."

Sanders as Indiana Jones in a poster made by AMD!
Another AMD's motto: STAUNCH: Stress These Actions Urgently Needed to Check Hemorrhaging
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Cross-licence agreement with Intel renewed and expanded
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Am486 chip
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K7 Athlon
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Athlon XP
Hector de Ruiz CEO
GCPP 2003
Athlon 64
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AMD in 2005 - Predictions from journalists and analysts
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