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Fab 36 is designed to continue this rock-solid consistency, ensuring we can effectively and efficiently meet the growing demand for AMD 64-bit solutions worldwide.

With the production ramp in Fab 36 progressing on schedule, the company intends to make
90nm production shipments in the first quarter of 2006 and begin 65nm production by the end of 2006. AMD has set a goal to be substantially converted to 65nm in Fab 36 by mid-2007.

Capacity gained through the use of larger 300mm wafers, combined with the speed and efficiencies enabled by APM, plays a fundamental role in the company's growth plans for the next several years. Now in its third generation, APM consists of hundreds of AMD patented and patent-pending technologies that dynamically and automatically optimize fab operations. This unique automated decision-making capability has allowed AMD to accelerate its responsiveness to customer needs, more quickly transition to new technologies, improve quality and operate at increasing levels of efficiency.

AMD plans to add production output on a steady year-to-year basis, giving it the potential to ship as many as 100 million units in 2008, while also keeping fab utilization at consistently high levels. This will help AMD meet growing demand for its award-winning AMD64 processors and achieve its objectives of capturing a significantly larger share of the x86 microprocessor market in the coming years.

Dresden Design Center
The Dresden Design Center (DDC) is AMD's development center in Europe. It focuses on developing chipset ICs for future-generation PC platforms. The feature set of those chipset ICs includes a dedicated high-speed bus for data transfers to and from the CPU. This
HyperTransport technology was developed by AMD and has been standardized for other companies working on PC platform infrastructure. Another core task of the DDC is to develop and integrate advanced communication interfaces into other AMD semiconductor products.

"Fab 36 represents the pinnacle of AMD manufacturing and technology innovation," said Daryl Ostrander, senior vice president, logic technology and manufacturing, Microprocessor Solutions Sector. "With our pioneering automation capabilities, state-of-the-art submicron process technologies developed in partnership with IBM, and the unique talents of our employees around the world, we can consistently deliver on our promises to customers now and in the future."

After extensive due diligence, AMD chose to build Fab 36 in Dresden based on the successful track record of
AMD Fab 30, the financial incentives package provided by the Free State of Saxony and Federal Republic of Germany, and the large number of talented engineering and technical personnel in the region.

"Our employees are the true foundation of our competitiveness," said Hans Deppe, corporate vice president and general manager of AMD in Dresden (
Fab 30 and Fab 36). "Because of their spirit and dedication, we have progressed from the ground breaking of Fab 36 to its grand opening in less than 24 months. Further, we accomplished this while simultaneously operating Fab 30 at top performance and efficiency levels."

Fab36: A brand new extension to Fab30
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Cornelia Sonntag, PR Manager AMD Dresden
Dr. Hans Deppe Vice President & General Manager AMD Saxony LLC & Co. KG
Jan GŁtter PR Central Europe
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10/01/06 How AMD bakes its 65 nano Barcelona cakes
"APM keeps track of equipment, the wafers going through, and what comes out. It can set processes, change parameters, and read back the results. If you put a cake in the oven and bake at 450 for an hour, and it comes out a little dry, you will probably put it in for 55 minutes next time. If you are a hostess making Twinkies, and you decide to try baking them for 55 minutes, you may end up with a warehouse full of mushy twinkies. "

Dresden ramp on schedule, says AMD
The conversion from 90- to 65-nm processes at Fab 36 is proceeding in "a well-integrated manner," said Deppe. AMD is using a methodology called "Shared Transfer Transistors." At Fab 36, where the first commercial
90-nm products rolled in March, Deppe said AMD began testing 65-nm transistors using 90-nm process technology last June.

AMD starts revenue shipments from Fab 36
"AMD continues to also increase its operational speed, accuracy and agility using APM, which includes hundreds of AMD patented technologies that dynamically and automatically optimize fab operations. "

AMD Fab 36 starts to ramp
"Bear in mind that both Fab 30 and 36 aren't built using the normal "pipeline" concept, but rather with an overlapping one. The 65 nanometre assembly kit is also ordered, and AMD expects to start printing 65 nm lithography in the next calendar quarter, ready for a Q4 introduction."

AMD Fab 36: ramp-rate revealed
"Our latest projections average out certain factors, but we feel it is not unreasonable for Fab 36 to have 26,000wspm by the end of 2006. Then depending on a host of factors, fab capacity would be reached sometime in the 1H07."

Ruiz opens Fab 36: Security was tight
"Hector Ruiz, CEO of the firm, said that Fab 36 is a marvel of execution in time and on budget and AMD expected no less of its German Dresden team. The new factory, he said, was coming on line at the perfect time. AMD has never had a stronger position. The
Opteron family is changing the industry, he claimed."

AMD's future in production at Fab 36
"Usually, 75 percent of silicon wafers in a manufacturing plant are just sitting around, waiting for their turn to enter a processing tool. AMD hopes to get that percentage down to 50 percent, Sonderman said. "

IBM to use more AMD chips as Fab 36 starts
"Production from Fab 36 will come in the first quarter of next year, said Ruiz. AMD is currently on a 50 million clip rate, but potentially it can make 100 million in a year"

AMD to Consider Building Chipset for Partners
"About 1.5 million silicon wafers are produced each year to support the chip-set needs of companies other than Intel, which is the world's largest chip-set manufacturer,"

Second chip plant in to begin produ tests in 05
"Including production facilities, energy-supply center and administrative buildings the total area of the new manufacturing plant amounts to 120,000 square meters. The cleanroom alone extends to 13,000 square meters. At peak periods up to 2,000 construction workers work at the building site"

AMD Dresden Fab36
gross floor area
clean room area
structural area
site-placed concrete
building components
building cubic components
span roof trusses
pipelines for heating, cooling, sanitary
pipelines for process media (ultra pure water,gases, chemicals)
three-conductor cable
data cable
Facilities Management Control System
construction workers
  Nov. 2003 - Dec. 2004
  up to 1,200 workers on site

included construction companies
planned investment by 2007
planned number of employees by 2006
approx. 81,500m3
approx. 75,000 m3
approx  26,400 m3
approx. 96 m
approx. 80km
approx. 90km
approx. 300 km
approx. 1,500 km
approx. 250 km


approx. 1,000
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