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Official AMD History - Past Roadmap - Latest Roadmaps - AMD in 2005

07/24/06 AMD and ATI to Create Processing Powerhouse
AMDand ATI  today announced plans to join forces in a transaction valued at approximately $5.4 billion. The combination will create a processing powerhouse by bringing AMD’s technology leadership in microprocessors together with ATI’s strengths in graphics, chipsets and consumer electronics.

A Chip on His Shoulder - US News
"Intel and AMD have a storied past, and their rivalry is only getting uglier. In April 2003, AMD released the
Opteron chip for servers, which analysts praised as cheaper and faster than Intel's offerings. Since its launch, AMD has gained share in the server market--during this year alone it jumped from 7.4 percent in the first quarter to 11.2 percent in the second, according to Mercury Research--and Intel has still not released a comparable chip."

Can AMD Keep Its Hot Streak Going? - Information Week
"AMD led the way in transforming the x86 processor market from chips that handle 32-bit chunks of data to chips that handle 64 bits of data at a time. It broke new ground again in April when it became the first provider of
dual-core x86 processors for the server market."

AMD wants its name in pixels - CNET
"AMD Chief Executive Hector Ruiz predicted that AMD would soon be selling x86 chips for less than $1 when he introduced the company's "x86 Everywhere" strategy in November. That lays out AMD's vision of an x86 chip that can scale from everything from a larger server down to a palmtop device."

Analysis: Is AMD the new Intel? - Computer World
"During 2005, AMD's strength and influence will grow, as new fabs and processes come on line. The
90-nanometer process that AMD already has on line will be used to boost the performance and reduce the power consumption of Opteron, Athlon 64 desktop and mobile CPUs, and the Athlon 64 FX performance desktop product lines"

Who Really Deserves Credit for the New AMD? - In-Stat
"Nevertheless, AMD is a good example of the axiom that whatever doesn’t kill you will make you stronger. AMD has learned from friend and foe alike how to be more independent and has gained confidence. Fighting and surviving against Intel has certainly become part of AMD’s corporate DNA—and some swagger is still left from the
Jerry Sanders reign."

AMD makes money after more than two bleak years - SF Gate
"Really, the wholesale change is that a year or 18 months ago, even the top AMD product wasn't going for much more than $100. Now in the server space, they're getting close to $1,000, and for desktop PCs, AMD is getting pretty much what Intel is getting for a similar component"

AMD's internal culture missing Hawaiian trips, yachts off Nice - inq
"We'd often find ourselves down in Opio, near Nice for an Etre conference, and wonder just what Pierre Braude - now sadly deceased - and Jerry Sanders III got up to on those expensive yachts after the conference yakking was done"

Underdog AMD did a Hyundai - Toronto Star
"AMD has tossed down its gauntlet and Intel, with its massively abundant resources, has a wide array of weapons to counter," Whittington said. Still, "this leaves AMD two, three, even four or five years of 64-bit `running room' in which they could rack up record yardage."

Why AMD is suddenly in the chips - Fortune
"Advanced Micro Devices, the computer industry's spunky, pugnacious comeback kid, has had an amazing few weeks. On January 20 it announced that last year's fourth quarter was its first profitable one in over two years. Subsequent news underscores why.
AMD's unique 64-bit Opteron chip, its first-ever chip for servers, is becoming so successful so fast that it is forcing the industry's biggest players to change strategies.".

AMD's amazing run--brilliant but busted - ZD Net
"Between 1996 and 2002, AMD experienced its largest losses ever. At the same time, the company came out with a series of chips--the K6-II, the Athlon, the
Opteron -- that eroded Intel's dominance in the microprocessor market. The competition accelerated PC performance and price declines, several analysts said. In other words, AMD lost, but you gained. At worst, PC makers will continue to use AMD chips to keep Intel edgy. "

AMD: 30 Years of Pursuing the Leader. Part 2 - Digital Daily
"As expected, AMD won. The higher court approved of the arbitrage's decision, but the next appeal turned out to be more successful for Intel. The process ends only in 1991 when the supreme court of California take's the AMD's part and, thus, it puts an end to the first legal proceeding between two companies. Intel had to pay off over $1 billion! Well, they could close down the company."

AMD: 30 Years of Pursuing the Leader. Part 1 - Digital Daily
"The first office of AMD was a room in a house of one of its creators; some time later the company rented a two-room office. And in September 1969 the firm got enough money to start its first production - Fab1; the first chip was produced in November. At this moment AMD costs $3,077 billion."

AMD/Intel CPU Release History - Ace's Hardware

AMD processor History - Computer Base

The Deconstruction of Falling Stars - VHJ
"In July, Intel announced limited availability of their 1.13GHz processor, but they had to withdraw it from the market only a few weeks later.  It was more of a PR disaster than anything else, some reports have the number that actually got shipped to consumers as low as 10, but it really hurt that the recall was announced on the exact day that AMD announced their 1.1GHz Athlon."
Sanders as Indiana Jones in a poster made by AMD!
Another AMD's motto: STAUNCH: Stress These Actions Urgently Needed to Check Hemorrhaging
AMD Milestones -
AMD Official Timeline

1972 AMD Goes public
AMD in Malaysia
Enter Ram Market
8080A product line
First cross-licence agreement with Intel
Listed in NYSE
Cross-licence agreement with Intel renewed and expanded
Am386 chip
FASL with Fujitsu
Am486 chip
Fab 25 Austin TX
K7 Athlon
Fab 30 Dresden D
Athlon XP
Hector de Ruiz CEO
GCPP 2003
Athlon 64
Blade Server
Turion 64
Spansion Spinoff 2006 65nm - Merge with ATI

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