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AMD in China

AMD's new playing field: China - CNET
"Key players in the chipmaker's growth are Chinese PC makers such as Lenovo and Founder Group, according to Gustavo Arenas, corporate vice president and managing director of AMD in emerging markets. Both hardware vendors recently introduced PCs and notebooks based on AMD processors."

Intel and AMD clash to get more partners - Shangai Daily
"For a long time, AMD controlled 15 percent of the Chinese CPU market compared with Intel's 80 percent, according to Beijing-based CCID Consulting, a research firm under the Ministry of Information Industry. "

AMD Announces Relationship With Chinese Tsinghua Tongfang
AMD announced that Tsinghua Tongfang, China’s third largest computer manufacturer and the second largest home PC brand in China, will offer a series of computer systems powered by AMD processors. Tsinghua Tongfang has launched nine new commercial and consumer PC models based on
AMD Athlon 64 X2, AMD Athlon 64 and AMD Sempron processors to meet a range of customer computing needs

AMD loosens Intel grip on China PCs - Shangai Daily
"Tsinghua Tongfang, the mainland's third biggest computer supplier, confirmed it will use AMD processors in some of its computers, reported. Zou Yong, assistant to the general manger of Tsinghua Tongfang's computer unit, confirmed the deal yesterday afternoon"

AMD targets 30 pct China market share in 2-3 years - Forbes
"Currently, AMD's clients include Lenovo Group Ltd, Tsinghua Ziguang and Dawning, the newspaper said"

HP wades into budget notebook war - China View
HP yesterday launched its first notebook in China using AMD processors in an attempt to gain a bigger share in the low-cost, good-quality market, currently dominate by its arch-rival Dell. The Pavilion Ze2200 products, using AMD's Sempron and 64-bit Turion processors, range from 5,999 yuan (US$740) to 8,499 yuan (US$1,048), the cheapest HP notebook products in China, with the previous lowest priced model 6,999 yuan (US$863)."

China Goes 64-Bit - Internet News
"Lenovo Group, which had announced plans to offer
Sempron in its desktop lineup earlier this year, said it will begin shipping Sempron-based systems today. AMD designed the Sempron for budget-priced systems aimed at consumers and other cost-conscious buyers. "

AMD aims at taking bigger market share - China View
"AMD has already invested about US$200 million in China, including a chip packaging and testing plant in Suzhou of East China's Jiangsu Province and a wholly-owned AMD (China) in Beijing with around 1,000 employees"

AMD Establishes Greater China Headquarters in Beijing
AMD announced plans for the formation of a Greater China headquarters in Beijing. AMD's Greater China headquarters will be responsible for all operations in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan and will help ensure AMD's operations are best aligned with the needs of the China market.

Lenovo kicks off a "Township Computer Popularization Program"
With a new customer-oriented organization structure, Lenovo has constructed a strong distribution system with a total of 108 grids in 18 sales regions across the country, penetrating deeply into cities and towns. The Group's comprehensive service model also covers the entire country including rural areas, achieving the high standard of offering maintenance service within 48 hours for 300 cities

China to crack supercomputer top 10 list - NWF
"The computer, Dawning Information Industry's TC4000A, is a cluster of 2,560
Opteron 800 series processors from Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) contained in 640 nodes of four processors each"

AMD wants to woo China with 64 bits - the inquirer
"The chipmaker is engaged in a project to bring PC access to 50 per cent of the world's population by 2015. The 50/15 initiative, he reckons will breed a new class of consumer. Through partnerships with local companies and using alternative revenue generating modles such as subscrption services, whereby, say a local telecom company offers a Pc for rent along with a phone line, AMD reckons it can help bridge the gaping digital divide"

AMD anchors its future in China, establishes AMD (China) Co., Ltd.
AMD announced it has established AMD (China) Co., Ltd., and co-hosted an inaugural ceremony with officials from the Zhongguancun Science Park in Beijing, where the company will be headquartered. AMD (China) Co., Ltd. is registered as a foreign-invested holding company, managing all AMD investments in China and enabling it to conduct an increased scope of business operations in the country.

AMD plans $100 m China plant - CIOL
"The new plant in China's eastern city of Suzhou would test, mark and package microprocessors that power personal computers, said AMD's spokesman for China, Tim Martin said. "

Chinese PC maker goes with AMD - ZD Net
"In addition, AMD has multiple alliances to market its chips in the country, including bundling arrangements with Hewlett-Packard and Chinese PC manufacturers such as Tsinghua Unisplendour and Amoisonic Electronics."

Opportunity on tap at China's Net cafes - EE Times
"Intel, in particular, has moved aggressively to counter archrival Advanced Micro Devices' lead in China's PC games sector via massive media campaigns, infrastructure buildouts, OEM partnerships, and network-system and game-developer programs. The mix is transforming iCafes-the new, upscale moniker-from fly-by-night, fringe operations into mainstream, high-tech service outlets."

AMD to supply chips for Founder computers in China - Forbes
"Apart from the Hewlett-Packard and Founder deals, AMD CPUs are largely available in China only in "white boxes," which typically carry no brand and are often assembled by individuals. "

China's new wireless standard met with Intel resistance
"The policy change of Intel means a god-given opportunity for AMD. Though Karen Guo, vice president of AMD and general manager of AMD's China Branch, didn't speak of Intel's decision on Tuesday, it is learned that Guo also believes this to be a great opportunity for AMD. Days ago AMD suddenly geared up for the Chinese market by putting massive amount of its 64-bit CPU on the shelves."

MSI to launch new low-cost notebook in China - Digitimes
"The Averatec ART 3200, equipped with an Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) Athlon XP processor, combo drive and 802.11b wireless connectivity, will carry a price tag of less than 10,000 yuan, the sources said."

AMD establishes China subsidiary - Info World
"The creation of a wholly owned subsidiary in China will allow AMD to conduct a wider range of business operations in China, the company said, without specifying the areas of its business that would be involved. Previously, AMD conducted business in China through representative offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. The offices will now be consolidated under AMD China"

AMD President and CEO Hector Ruiz Unveils Plans for Expansion
AMD president
Hector Ruiz traveled to Beijing this week where he met with senior Chinese government officials, announced plans to expand AMD’s business operations in China through a new wholly owned subsidiary, and celebrated the donation of an endowment to support two education initiatives for Chinese students. “China is quickly becoming an economic and technology leader,” Dr. Hector Ruiz, commented during his trip “AMD is committed to supporting the growth of China’s overall information technology (IT) market and strengthening our long-term, successful relationships with our customers and partners in China.”

AMD and Blx Ic Design open new computing client dev. center
The AMD/BLX Development Center and its product solutions will aim to meet customers' needs for complete computing client solutions in the China region. The newly opened development center will integrate AMD and BLX technologies and solutions at different levels to deliver innovative thin client solutions to customers

AMD and Founder Group jointly establish platform development lab
Founder will be providing supporting infrastructure, technical expertise and engineering staff among other things to the Lab, while AMD will focus their efforts on providing technology and resources, including development tools, products, dedicated engineering support, and reference design kits to the Lab. The joint lab will support customers in bringing products to market faster, and strengthening Founder’s engineering capabilities while providing AMD with growth opportunities for the
AMD Alchemy and AMD Geode solutions in the China market.

AMD celebrates success of GCAB with addition of Asian Member
"AMD today announced the addition of a new Asian member to its Global Consumer Advisory Board (GCAB), Professor Guangnan Ni, of Beijing, China. Professor Ni is a well-known computer technologist, member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), and currently works as a professor at the Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). Professor Ni joins the GCAB’s 13 highly regarded consumer and small business experts, academics, journalists and technology futurists, who seek to identify and resolve challenges facing home and small business technology adoption worldwide. Currently, GCAB members are from ten countries, representing Asia, Europe and North and South America."

10/31/03 AMD & Digital China signed cooperation agreement -
Sina - ZOL

China's Dawning to release AMD servers - CNET - AMD's PR
"China is the most lucrative server market in the region with 31.5 percent market share by revenue, raking in US$1.45 billion for server makers in 2002, said Gartner. The major consumption areas were telecom, education, government and finance."

AMD, China new schoolmates - CNET - AMD'S PR
"The joint venture, called Beijing CBE AMD Information Technology Company, will develop a Student PC, a Teacher PC and a Classroom Server. These new machines will use AMD chips, including its Athlon or Duron processors as well as its flash memory and MIPS chips. AMD's MIPS line was acquired when it purchased Alchemy Semiconductor in February."

AMD gets supercomputing boost from China's Dawning - LW - PR
"It packs more than 2,000
Opteron processors, with a total of 2T bytes of RAM and 30T bytes of hard-disk space. With a maximum performance level of 10 TFLOPS, the Dawning 4000A easily ranks among the 100 most powerful computers in the world. It can run either Linux or Microsoft's Windows operating system, according Li Yongming, a spokesman for Dawning."

AMD launch aggressive sales in China - Simm Tester
"Advanced Micro Devices has launched a sales push in China and aims to grow at least twice as fast as the overall market, its China marketing chief said. Analysts said the goal may be reachable given AMD's low China market share, which recently crossed into double digits, and its competitive pricing over chief rival Intel Corp"

China's semiconductor market

02/16/06 Foreign chipmakers make a killing in China - vnunet
"China's chip market is growing rapidly, up 32 per cent last year to about $40.5bn, according to research firm IC Insights. Local research house Analysys International put the market value even higher, at around $46bn. As a result, China now accounts for 21 per cent of global chip demand, and that figure is predicted to approach 40 per cent by 2010"

China emerging as chip design center - CNET
"Chips designed, or partly designed, in China will account for 14.8 percent of global semiconductor sales this year, making the country the world's third-biggest for chip design, according to an industry report."

BLX moves Godson processor up to 64-bit - EE Times
"BLX IC Design Corp., one of China's best known developers of homegrown processor technology, has released a 64-bit version of its CPU that reportedly matches the performance of the Pentium 3."

Taiwan mobo makers take top five spots in China’s mobo market
"Micro-Star International (MSI) led the group with a 20.4% share. Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) and Asustek Computer trailed closely with respective shares of 19.9% and 18.3%."

China Begins WAPI Wi-Fi Security Standard - China Tech News
"According to a notice issued by the Standardization Administration of China, which manages standards in various industries, as of December 1st, Chinese government agencies are prohibiting the import, manufacture and sale of Wi-Fi gear that does not use China's new security specification. "

China to topple Silicon Valley, threaten Intel, AMD - the inquirer
"In a report called China's Fabless Firms race beyond Foundation Stage, iSuppli said that there's been a migration of integrated circuit (IC) engineers from California and from Taiwan, and that's letting China rapidly ramp up its advanced process technology."

Chinese startup seen readying 64-bit chips - CBS Market Watch
"BLX IC Design Corp., which started making 32-bit chips called the Godson 1 for networking equipment and low-end personal computers last year, is close to coming out with a 500-megahertz Godson 2 processor, the report said. The new
64-bit chip will move data through a computer in double-sized chunks compared with the current Intel-based chips commonly found in personal computers."

CPU in top 10 Chinese technology developments - the inquirer
"The Dragon chip, as we reported last year, has six million crystal tubes and can act on 250 or more commands, the country announced last year"

China's fab explosion raises question of chip glut - ebn
"While other IC suppliers are cutting capital investments, China's are asserting themselves for the first time on the global stage. The list of projects is extensive. Two privately held companies -- Grace Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp. (GSMC) and Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. (SMIC)-- have entered the fray, with SMIC expected to ramp up production of two 200mm-wafer plants next year."

China Boosts IC Design and Manufacture - People's Daily
"According to sources with the Ministry of Science and Technology, China would strive for breakthroughs in key technologies concerning high-performance central processing units (CPU), and establish a number of nation-level IC design bases for development of chips for use in information security, network communications and electrical home appliances. "

Tech business in China

China's Internet industry: from childhood to youth - People's Daily
"The population of Internet users has kept rising. By June 30, 2004, there were 87 million Internet users in China. The number topped 90 million by the yearend. The Internet sector is also regarded as the industry in China that merges into the international market most closely. It has changed the life of many Chinese people."

China still tempting high-tech workers - Taipei Times
"Despite recent political woes between Taiwan and China, as many as 60 percent of the nation's professionals in the high-tech sector still are willing to work in China, according to the results of a survey made public yesterday"

Divide between U.S. tech firms, China--a great wall? - CNET
"The Chinese-developed Wi-Fi security protocol called Wired Authentication and Privacy Infrastructure (WAPI) is one example. Starting June 1, all Wi-Fi equipment sold in China will have to comply with the proprietary protocol, and Western chipmakers are now required to pay select Chinese companies a per-chip royalty for WAPI and/or partner with them on development. And because WAPI technology can't leave the country, Western companies will have to staff local facilities if they want to participate in the market."

China in war with foreigners over wi-fi - the inquirer
"China believes that its own standard is better than the rest of the world and doesn't want to disclose details of the encryption method used. The People's Daily, speaking in rather an inflammatory manner, said that if foreign manufacturers won't conform to its standard they will be "punished" and are showing contempt for the Chinese standard."

11/ 11/03
Chinese OEMs See IC Shortage - Electronic News
"China's markets have experienced a broad recovery across consumer, computer and communication segments in the second half of 2003. In the past, these three segments have grown at different rates, according to iSuppli. Their simultaneous recovery now has contributed to tight conditions in the supply chain for OEMs"

China sees export potential in home grown 3G - The Register
"China already has 250 million cellular subscribers, and is expected to allocate 3G licenses by early next year at the latest. But it's a fascinating indication that the PRC sees technology investment going both ways. "

Iowa senator urges China to comply with WTO - ebn
"Outlining several areas in the letter where China is falling short in compliance with WTO standards, Grassley said China must pay more attention to issues surrounding transparency, non-tariff barriers, tariff-rate quotas, export subsidies, value-added taxes, services, currency, and intellectual property (IP) rights."

China: Where It Pays to Stay Nimble - BWO
"Cisco doesn't see its primary business of selling routers and servers slowing any time soon. "China is a market with big potential, especially in the future," says Duh. He figures that within 20 years, China could become as important a market for Cisco as the U.S., which contributed 50% of its $18.9 billion revenue in 2002. Asia Pacific, of which China is a "major portion," Duh says, accounted for 12% of revenues last year. "

Asustek plunges $33 million more into mainland China - inquirer
"HP has recently outsourced the lion's share of its motherboard business to Taiwanese manufacturers, and it seems Asustek, along with private company Hon Hai, will deliver over half a million boards for the US company starting next year. "

On human rights in China

03/23/06 VoIP blocked in China - the inquirer
"China Telecom has described Skype's services as illegal and China was experimenting with software in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen to block it"

09/23/05 Would You Send Your Mom To Jail To Make Money? - The Tech Zone
All the major search engines have given in to Chinese demands to throttle liberty in exchange for access to the Chinese market. Google has removed news listing from its popular news search to publications critical of Chinese policy such as Epoch Times, Voice of America and a dozen other publications. Microsoft has blocked users of its MSN site from using the terms "freedom," "democracy" and other concepts China has designated as "dangerous."

09/13/04 China shuts down anti-corruption website - the inquirer
"Most grievances in China are about corruption, often relating to the forced requisitioning of land by local governments or unfair court decisions. "

Chinese spooks monitor citizens' SMS messages - the inquirer
"It's alleged that the Chinese authorities have 2,800 SMS surveillance centres, and that a dozen people were arrested for spreading "false rumours" during the SARS epidemic last year."

China gets even tougher with computer laws - the inquirer
"Most online games out of the 140 that are available in China are imported from other countries – but it's been decided that some content is far too violent, sexually explicit or harmful to national security to be allowed. Games currently on sale have to be submitted to the Ministry of Culture for approval by 1st September"

China to chip up a billion people - the inquirer
"The ID cards will, according to reports, be encrypted so making them hard to forge, it appears. Big Brother in China is likely to start issuing the cards big time during 2005 and 2006, the reports added."

Chinese cybercafe owners jailed - the inquirer

PRC state control of the Internet in China - Amnesty International

General knowledge

10,000 big merger deals to be expected in 5 years - China View
"China will have 10,000 big merger deals in the coming five years, and China should enhance enforcement of laws and regulations to speed up mergers and acquisitions of state-owned enterprises (SOEs). About 1.7 million Chinese SOEs will be restructured"

China expected to launch 11 satellites in next 14 months
"China is expected to send up to 11 satellites into orbit over the next 14 months, before it stages its second manned space mission in 2005, said a top aerospace official Friday. Zhang Qingwei, president of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp, said that within a couple of days, the country will send a communications satellite into space, followed by a geospace exploration satellite in December"

How Big a Step Will China Take in GDP in the New Century?
"China's GDP will surpass that of France in 2005; China is expected to become the world's third economic power in 2020; and it is likely to outstrip Japan in 2050 to become the world second largest economic power. "

Men Outnumber Women, Population Structure Worries China
"According to 5th national census data released last April, China had a gender ratio of 116.9 newborns in the way with 100 baby girls there were born 116.9 baby boys, pointing to a much greater difference over the international index of 105 and worse sex imbalance with men outnumbering women."

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