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AMD Market Share (CPU & Flash) 2006
16/02/07 AMD aiming for 30% market share with its quad-core server processors - DigiTimes
"With Intel having reportedly pushed back its new quad-core server CPU schedules to late 2007 and early 2008, industry sources suggest that if AMD's plans to launch its new Quad-Core
AMD Opteron (Barcelona) CPUs in the second half 2007 remain on target, the company should be in a good position to compete with Intel for market share."

AMD expected to have over 20% share of embedded processor market in 2007 - DigiTimes
"AMD recently announced the addition of its
dual-core Turion 64 X2 TL-52 to its embedded processor line up. With the joining of Broadcom, Nvidia and Silicon Integrated System (SiS) in AMD's Longevity Program for embedded solutions, a scheme which gives embedded solution providers assurance that processors will be available for five years, AMD should see its share of the embedded processor market rise to 20% this year up from a 15% share in 2006, noted sources at Taiwan-based IPC makers"

01/31/07 AMD Market Share Rises; Intel Revenue Grows - Internetional Business Times
"In the desktop segment, AMD took more market share from Intel during the quarter, growing by 13 percent. Intel only grew 1 percent in comparison. AMD’s unit market share in the segment reached a record high, at 29 percent, with growth primarily driven by dual-core processors, according to Merrill Lynch analyst, Joe Osha."

AMD achieves target of 15% Notebook CPU Market Share - Laptop Logic
"Much to their delight, their first 3 quarter sales in 2006 suggests the goal has almost been achieved. A research report from DRAMeXchange stated that AMD has shipped 2.85 million NB CPU in the first 3 quarter 2006, implying 14.9% of the market share."

Intel gains server share, AMD gets notebook boost - CNET
"Overall, Intel shipped 76.1 percent of all desktop, notebook and server processors that use the x86 instruction set during the quarter. AMD owned 23.3 percent of that market. AMD's overall momentum continued; a year ago, Intel had 80.7 percent of the market while AMD held 17.7 percent. Mercury Research measures the number of chips shipped into distribution channels, not the breakdown of how processors appear in end systems."

Options AMD aims for 40 percent of server market - CNET
"Sayer added that AMD, which supplies chips for servers, notebook and desktop computers to the likes of China's top PC seller Lenovo Group and IBM, currently has a "below 20" percent share of the global computer microprocessors market by revenue. "

AMD's Opteron Gains Ground Against Intel - InformationWeek
"AMD's x86 server market share in the second quarter was 25.9%, according to the research firm, up from 22.1% in the first quarter, allowing the company to further temper Intel's dominance in the x86 market. "

Intel to suffer more than AMD in price war, says IC Insights - FabTech
"Intel and AMD registered the largest 2Q06 sequential sales declines of any of the top 15 semiconductor suppliers.  It should be noted that although Intel and AMD each displayed significant 2Q06 sales declines, IC Insights expects full-year 2006/2005 semiconductor sales at Intel to be down at least 10% while AMD is on pace for a 42% increase.'"

Mercury market share numbers show AMD gains - the inquirer
"Overall, AMD made a little headway, but not the huge leaps of the past few quarters. I think Q3 will be a win for the firm, and Q4 is where Intel will start to claw back business. It is going to be a very interesting year, filled with a lot of changes and a volatile market"

AMD Market Share Increases in Midst of Competition - International Business Time
"The server market is where AMD shined, with its its Opteron X2 DP processors growing 45 percent from the previous quarter. The combined affect of all of its server chips gave AMD a healthy 33 percent of the market revenue, while Intel market share declined by 5 percent."

AMD: Chipping Away At Intel's Lead - Business Week Online
"Suddenly, AMD's ambition to create a true duopoly in microprocessors is no longer a pipe dream. It now holds 26% of the lucrative U.S. server-chip business, and a stunning 48% of so-called multicore processors, which put at least two chips on a single sliver of silicon. Three years ago, the high-end server business was Intel's alone. Most significantly, AMD's gross margin passed Intel's for the first time last quarter -- 58.5%, vs. 55.1%"

AMD's Opteron scores another big quarter - TG Daily
"The overall server market saw a dramatic seasonal adjustment in the first quarter. Revenues plunged more than 18% from $14.48 billion down to $11.85 billion in Q1 2006. Even if compared to the first quarter of 2005, the market was very soft, considering a 1.9% revenue decline from slightly more than $11.9 billion. Worldwide server unit shipments growth also slowed modestly to 9.5 year-over-year."

Strike three for Intel - CNET
"AMD's surge can be seen most strongly in the U.S. retail market, which accounts for about 9 percent of global PC shipments. In the first seven weeks of 2006, AMD's share in desktops in that area climbed to 81.5 percent, while Intel's has slid to 18.5 percent, Baker said. That's almost a complete reversal of their typical relative positions."

AMD more than doubles Opteron shipments in slowing server market - TG Daily
"According to Humphreys, AMD's Opteron processors continue to gain acceptance due to its superior performance, heat and power consumption characteristics. While it is speculated that much of the growth could come from companies delaying purchase decisions because of Intel's new chip generations expected to be introduced in the third quarter of this year, Humphreys believes that many buyers are switching because of the Opteron's features: "There are projects which require systems today," he said"

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