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AMD Suppliers Special - 38 Suppliers listed
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This compilation of publicly available information is a simple summary of companies mentioned in AMD's press releases - included here when possible - and technical documentations found on AMD's websites. None of the datas listed here is coming from AMD's insiders. AMDboard is not connected to AMD in any way and therefore cannot guarantee the accuracy of the said information nor can guarantee precisely what service or product AMD is getting from the listed suppliers, and if the relationship is not temporarily of definitely over. AMDboard welcome here any information that would help improving this list.

Name - Product or service  - Website (when available) - Stock datas (listed securities only)

Acacia Research - Patent Licensor - Website
09/29/05 Acacia Research licenses Computer Cache Coherency technology to AMD

Air Liquide
09/19/06 AMD presents a "WCS Achievement Award" to Air Liquide for their outstanding performance

Axcellis - Wafer Implanter - Website
AMD Places second order for Axcelis's Single Wafer Optima Technology

AGEM - Electronic Materials - Website - Tokyo Stock Exchange TSE: 5201

ATDF Advanced Technology Development Facility Inc. - R&D foundry - Website
ATDF to Process 5,000 AMD Wafers to Assist Tool Qualifications in Dresden Fab

Berkshire Corporation - Contamination control - Website

Canon USA - Lithography - Website
Canon U.S.A. Receives Spotlight Award from AMD

Chartered - Processor Subcontractor - Special - Website

Cintas Corporation - Cleanrooms -  Website - Nasdaq NCAS
Cintas Honored with AMD'S "World Class Supplier Achievement Award"

Cookson Electronics - Materials manufaturing  - Website - Landon Stock

Henkel Loctite Corp. - Adhesive  - Website - DAX: HEN3.DE

Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd. - Chemical manufacturing - Website - TSE: 4217

Honeywell Materials - Electronics material - Website

Ibiden - Conventional multilayer and HDI supplier - Website

IBM - Technological advice - Special - Website - Nasdaq/Nyse IBM

Japan Circuit Industrial Co. -
07/18/04 A
MD Bestows Prestigious Pathfinder Award To Japan Circuit Industrial Co.

KLA-Tencor - Process control solutions - Website - Nasdaq: KLAC
KLA-Tencor Announces New Collaboration With Spansion
Advanced Micro Devices Honors KLA-Tencor with Award

LAM Research - - Website
AMD Honors Lam Research For Outstanding Performance As Suppliers

Matheson Tri-Gas - Industrial gas supplier - Website -
AMD Bestows Prestigious Pathfinder Award To Matheson Tri-Gas
AMD Honors Three Suppliers With The “World Class Supplier Achievement Award”

MEMC Electronic Materials, Inc. - Wafer supplier - Website - Nyse: WFR

ML&C Masken Lithographie & Consulting GbmH - Mask Lithography - Website

Monster - Recruitment - website - Nasdaq: MNST

Murata Electronics Inc. - Electronics part and design tools - Website - TSE: 6981

Namics Technologies Inc. - Insulating materials for electronic components - Website

netMercury - Supply chain management - Website
netMercury Recieves 2001 World Class Supplier Program Spotlight Award from AMD

Nikko Materials - Wafer manufacturing - Website
AMD Bestows Prestigious Pathfinder Award For Best Supplier To Nikko Materials

Nippon Micrometal Corporation - Gold bounding - Website - TSE : 9810

NTK Technologies Inc. - Technical ceramics and cutting tools  - Website

S.E.H. - Wafer manufacturing - Website

SEZ - Wafers manufacturing - Website - Swiss Exchange SWX SEZN/CH0012352065
AMD Awards SEZ Group with Supplier Award for Second Consecutive Year
AMD Honors SEZ With Spotlight Award

Shin-Etsu Microsi - Chemical manufacturing - Website - Tokyo Stock Exchange TSE: 4063

Shinko Electric Industries Co., Ltd. - Chip packaging - Website - Tokyo Stock Exchange TSE: 6597

Siltronic - Wafers manufacturing - Website

SOITEC - SOI wafers manufacturing - Website - Bourse de Paris FR0004025062
09/19/06 AMD Recognizes SOITEC S.A. With Prestigious World Class Supplier (WCS) Pathfinder Award
Soitec Signs Multi-Year Agreement With AMD for the Supply of UNIBOND Soi Wafers
Soitec Receives World Class Supplier Award From Advanced Micro Devices, Inc

Solvay Interox - Chemical manufacturing -- Website
AMD Honors Three Suppliers With The “World Class Supplier Achievement Award”
AMD Honors Solvay Interox For Outstanding Performance As Suppliers

Sumitomo Bakelite Corp. Ltd. - Semiconductor products  - Website - Tokyo Stock Exchange TSE: 4203

Sumitomo Metal Mining Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. - Electronic material - Website

Toppan Photomask Inc ex. DuPont Photomasks Inc. - Photomask - Website - TSE: 7911
AMD Bestows Prestigious Pathfinder Award For Best Supplier To Nikko Materials
Toppan Printing Successfully Completes Acquisition of DuPont Photomasks
DuPont Photomasks Receives ‘Spotlight Award’ for Yield Improvements on Flash Memory

Tosoh SMD
- Thin film materials - Website - TSE: 4042
AMD Bestows Prestigious Pathfinder Award For Best Supplier To Nikko Materials

Yield Dynamics, Inc - Advanced process control software - Website
AMD Places Multi-Million Dollar Order with Yield Dynamics for its 300mm Fab 36

Extract from
AMD WFS Policy here
"We notified our suppliers that
we expect that they adhere to the Institute for
Supply Management’s (ISM) Corporate Social
Responsibility Principles in the Supply Chain in
addition to our Worldwide Standards of Business
Conduct. We are evaluating how best to integrate
and monitor these principles as well as the
Electronics Industry Code of Conduct (a code of
social responsibility in the supply chain developed
by a group of technology companies including HP,
Dell, and IBM) as part of our supply chain
management practices.

AMD’s World Class Supplier (WCS) process
promotes continuous improvement through
supplier partnering to reduce risk and variability
in AMD’s manufacturing process. The WCS
process is a standard business practice for AMD
that includes processes for driving improvement,
monitoring supplier performance, assessing the
effectiveness of supplier business and quality
systems, matching technology roadmaps, and
recognizing supplier excellence."
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