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AMD's Fab 30 "works at 150%" capacity
"However, the reason why a single Fab managed to take 20% of overall x86 market share wasn't a secret stash of German green-eyed elves who miraculously produced extra CPUs out of thin air, but rather AMD gives us the frankly astonishing information that Fab 30 is actually working at 150% capacity"

Behind the Closed Doors of AMD's Fab
"Currently initial test models are being produced with combined structures of 65 and 90nm. We will offer chips with 65nm chips in 2006, especially when Fab 36 starts production. Currently we rely on production at "old" Fab 30."

Germany: A Brighter Sun In The East
"Saxony government has pushed - so far unsuccessfully - to make the East a special economics zone that could deviate from national regulations. There is little chance Germany's Socialist-led government will promote economic competition among the states."

09/07/04 AMD's German plant inflicts wounds on rival Intel
"The crown jewel of Fab 30, AMD says, is its use of computer software to make decisions that improve efficiency and fix problems with little or no human intervention."

Yields and Positioning of Athlon 64
"AMD’s problem, and a significant part of the reason why its kept Athlon 64 prices so high, is rooted in inherent production limitations separate from yield issues"

AMD announces new FAB36 in Dresden - P3DN!

Simply Fabulous - Hardware Analysis
"Much debate has been put towards finding a cause for the fact that AMD delayed the introduction of their Hammer / Athlon 64 CPUs"

Our tour of AMD's fab in Dresden - the inquirer
"AMD invited around 60 journalists from all over the world including at least two Americans - such as Anand Lal Shimpi - but we could not escape the feeling that only a few people came from online publication"

Touring Fab 30 - AnandTech
"AMD’s Fab 30 was the home of the first Athlon processors to use Copper interconnects and it will be the exclusive home of Athlon 64 and Opteron processors upon their launch. Fab 30 started out as a 0.18-micron manufacturing facility but by the end of 2003 it will have completely transitioned to manufacturing 0.13-micron parts, exclusively"

Athlons larva in Germany - tecchannel

AMD Interview - Hardware Central
"The copper interconnect technology process used in Fab 30 was acquired through AMD’s strategic alliance with Motorola’s Semiconductor Products Sector. Under this agreement, Motorola has licensed its current copper interconnect technology and High Performance Logic Process (HiPerMOS) to AMD. The companies will collaborate on the development of future logic process technology platforms featuring copper interconnects"

Fab36  -    North  &   East View
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AMD's main microprocessor facility, Fab 30, is located in Dresden, Germany. Together with the Dresden Design Center (DDC), it is part of AMD Saxony Limited Liability Company & Co. KG (“AMD Saxony”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. AMD Saxony represents one of the largest U.S. projects in East Germany, with total investment expected to reach $2.5 billion by 2003. As of the beginning of Q3 2002, AMD Saxony has approximately 1,950 employees. Dr. Hans Deppe is the vice president and general manager of AMD Saxony.

AMD Fab 30, Dresden
Dresden, the state capital of Saxony, Germany is the site of AMD's most advanced manufacturing facility, Fab 30. Located on a one hundred acre tract of land close to the Dresden airport and federal highways, Fab 30 is one of the most important industrial sites in East Germany. Commercial production of the AMD Athlon microprocessor started here in June of 2000. Since then, tens of millions of high performance AMD Athlon die have been shipped. Fab 30 reached full build-out by the end of 2001. Since then, approximately 5000 wafers are started per week.

After extensive construction activities in 2001, Fab 30’s SMIF clean room now measures more than 11.000 m2, or almost 120,000 square feet. An additional clean room expansion project, started in 2002, is designed to increase the total production and development area to more than 14,000m2, or 150.000 square feet, in 2003.

In May 2001, Fab 30 was awarded the coveted "Fab of the Year" title by Semiconductor International. The magazine recognized Fab 30 as the first facility in the world specifically designed to produce microprocessors with copper interconnects. AMD Saxony converted its entire production to 130 nanometer technology by Q3 2002. Currently, it is preparing the manufacture of the upcoming eighth-generation
SOI-based AMD Athlon and AMD Opteron processors.

Dresden Design Center
The Dresden Design Center (DDC) is AMD's development center in Europe. It focuses on developing chipset ICs for future-generation PC platforms. The feature set of those chipset ICs includes a dedicated high-speed bus for data transfers to and from the CPU. This
HyperTransport technology was developed by AMD and has been standardized for other companies working on PC platform infrastructure. Another core task of the DDC is to develop and integrate advanced communication interfaces into other AMD semiconductor products.
AMD Technical Information
Size of the plant 430,000 square metres
Gross floor space 88,800 square metres
SMIF clean room (wafer table)  
- Size 10,700 square metres
- Category Class 100T (100@0.3)
Wafer size 200 mm
Copper start-up technology 0.18 µ, 6 layers of Cu
Technology < 0.13 µ
Fab capacity / week >5,000 wafer starts
- Clean room Class 100T
- Mini environment < 0.01 class at 0.1 µ
Water < 1 ppb
Chemicals < 1 ppb
Gases < 1 ppb
- Photo < 200 micro-in/sec.
- Other modules < 500 micro-in/sec.
Near or far, everyone is impressed with AMD
Fab 30's futuristic architecture...
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Visit the clean room and feel the soft contact of a newly polished wafer...
Cornelia Sonntag, PR Manager AMD Dresden
Dr. Hans Deppe Vice President & General Manager AMD Saxony LLC & Co. KG
Jan Gütter PR Central Europe
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