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08/10/06 Intel's worst nightmare - CNN Money
"But AMD's greatest legal hurdle is an ironic one: It is currently thrashing Intel in the marketplace. Judges may wonder exactly what manner of monopolist Intel could be when AMD is gaining share in servers, desktops, and notebooks; when CEO Ruiz has stated publicly that the 37-year-old company "is in the strongest position we've ever been in"; and when AMD's operating margin was, as of the first quarter of 2006, actually higher than the alleged monopolist's. "

AMD Fires Back in Intel Antitrust Case Challenge - Internet News
"Earlier this month, Intel filed a motion with the court, suggesting that because AMD's chips were manufactured overseas and largely distributed outside the U.S. that its antitrust charges should be addressed by foreign courts or regulatory bodies. Intel did not suggest there were legal grounds to dismiss the U.S. case AMD (Quote, Chart) has brought, only that its scope be restricted to U.S. sales"

AMD subpoenas Microsoft in Intel antitrust case - The Inquirer
"Those include standards relating to Trusted Computing, Microsoft Palladium, Next Generation Secure Computing Base, Intel Le Grande, AMD Presidio, PCI Sig, the USB Implementers' Forum and IEEE."

AMD, Intel agree to suspend NDAs - the inquirer
"AMD has served, and Intel anticipates serving, subpoenas duces tecum on computer industry customers, retailers and other third parties," said the filing. Each of the two party's subpoenas were likely to require production of materials "subject to written non disclosure agreements in favour of the other party".

Tokyo District court DENIES INTEL K.K. argument TO KEEP EVIDENCE
Tokyo District Court today required the disclosure of evidence collected by the Fair Trade Commission of Japan (JFTC) during its investigation of Intel K.K. (“Intel”) for violating the country’s Antimonopoly Act. The evidence, discovered in raids of Intel K.K. offices as well as major Japanese OEM manufacturers in April, 2004, formed the basis of the JFTC’s Recommendation against Intel. Legal counsel for AMD Japan intend to use the JFTC’s evidence as part of its law suit against Intel in Japan, filed June 30th, 2005 (AMD Japan v. Intel K.K.).

AMD's legal chief lays out antitrust strategy - InfoWorld
"Thomas McCoy, AMD's executive vice president for legal affairs and chief administrative officer, is directing the company's legal strategy against Intel. He recently sat down with IDG News Service to outline the basic nature of the case against Intel, and provided an early glimpse of the strategy AMD intends to employ against Intel at trial. An edited transcript of that conversation follows below"

AMD says Dell and Dixons are Intel monopoly victims - the inquirer
"He said that AMD considered the European Commission investigation into Intel's alleged antitrust activities to be a very serious matter. The number of consumer class actions filed against Intel after AMD filed its antitrust action had slowed the process down. McCoy hopes it will come late 2006 or early 2007."

VooDoo PC founder weighs in on AMD vs. Intel - ZDNet
"Intel can be great to work with--but the company can also drop you like a hot potato, says the founder of VooDoo PC. Rahul Sood, who serves as president and chief technology officer of the Canadian PC maker, said Wednesday that Intel has applied pressure in the past to change the "ratio" of Advanced Micro Devices processors to Intel chips in VooDoo systems."

AMD v. Intel: More companies subpoenaed - ZDNet
"Among those receiving requests this week to produce documents were
Dell, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Lenovo Group, Gateway, Sun Microsystems, NEC and units of Fujitsu, as well as retailers Circuit City and Best Buy. Many of the companies have already agreed to protect their correspondence with Intel"

An analysis of Intel's response to AMD's antitrust complaint - Tech Report
"Many of the brief's attempts to dismiss or deflect AMD's stated claims (other than the legal denials of such) fall flat or are painted with such a broad brush that they substantially misrepresent the actual stated point or issue as contained within AMD's filing."

Dell agrees to AMD subpoena request - the inquirer
"Electronic records of two former
Dell employees, Dan Anderson and Alan Luecke can't be preserved, the firm said."

Rackable strikes deal with AMD over Intel documents - the inquirer
"The firm said in a filing to the court presiding over an antitrust case AMD started against Intel that it will deliver a "litigation hold" to custodians Tom Barton, Giovanni Coglitore, Nikolai Gallo, Tom Gallivan, and Colette LaForce."

AMD under fire in the courtroom - ZDNet
"Intel said it also benefited from AMD's strategic errors. AMD didn't invest as heavily as it should have in manufacturing capacity in the early part of the decade, whereas Intel did, the company said, and is reaping the benefits. AMD didn't pursue notebooks as aggressively as Intel, and thus missed out on the current surge in sales, Intel alleged"

AMD's Big Chance - Corante
"Wisdom dictates that the European Community, where the
Dresden fab is located, seek a settlement that could then be extended to the U.S. market. Such a process promises an end to litigation at the point where AMD starts grabbing market share. The present course is a disaster, for AMD, for Intel, and for the U.S."

A World of Probes into Intel - Business Week Online
"The Santa Clara (Calif.) company disclosed in a regulatory filing on Aug. 8 that the South Korean Fair Trade Commission is looking into its rebate and marketing practices, joining similar investigations in Japan and the European Commission. Investigators around the globe are probing claims that Intel has abused its dominant market share in microprocessors to force customers into exclusive contracts that may have illegally shut out rival Advanced Micro Devices (AMD )."

NEC objects, objects and objects again to AMD subpoena - the inquirer
Its grounds for the objections include the subpoena being unauthorised by the federal rules of civil procedure, because it seeks the preservation of documents outside of the USA, particularly in Japan which NEC US lawyers say would violate Japanese law.

Microsoft May Be An Unwitting 'Ally' In AMD Lawsuit Vs. Intel - Investors
"Microsoft and Intel have dominated the personal computer field. Most the world's PCs are Wintel machines. They run on Microsoft operating software and Intel chips."

AMD's battle with Intel to go west? - Channel Register
"No date was given for a decision on the motion to transfer. The JPML meets every two months. Its next convention takes place next week, on 28 July, where it will consider a host of motions to transfer, but not MDL-1707, the request concerning the AMD case and others. That means the request will not be heard until late September at the earliest, by which time Intel should have filed its response to AMD's complaint."

EC raids Dell in Intel anti-trust probe - The Register
"The European Competition Commission raided Dell's office last week at the same time as it was rifling through Intel's files, as part of an anti-trust investigation into the chip-maker. A spokesman for the Competition Commission told us that it had visited Dell's offices, and that this was linked with the Intel investigation. He added that there is no indication at this stage that Dell has behaved improperly"

'All-out war' in Intel-AMD antitrust case - CNet
"While AMD is leaning on Charles Diamond, a lawyer at O'Melveny & Myers and AMD's lead outside counsel, Intel has named Bob Cooper with Gibson Dunn & Crutcher and antitrust lawyer Joseph Kattan to argue its case. Both men were hired to represent Intel during the FTC's antirust probe of the company between 1998 and 2000. Intel also said it is using the services of Washington, D.C., law firm Howrey Simon to help with the antitrust defense and attorneys with Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom to assist Intel KK in Japan."

07/14/05 Why Intel Faces an Uphill Slog - Business Week Online
"Intel could have a tougher time defending itself in Europe than it would in the U.S., thanks to a pair of European court rulings. The most pertinent case was one issued against French tire maker Michelin by the European Commission in 2002, which was affirmed by the Luxembourg-based European Court of First Instance in September, 2003. The EC accused Michelin of abusing its market dominance by offering rebates and bonuses to dealers, the effect being to exclude other tiremakers."

AMD Says FTC Is Monitoring Intel - Top Tech News
"AMD  says the U.S. Federal Trade Commission  is monitoring investigations into the business behavior of chip  giant Intel. After Tuesday's raid on Intel offices in Madrid, Milan, Munich and the U.K. by European Union authorities, it is clear Intel still is under the microscope in the world's major markets."

EU officials raid U.S. chipmaker Intel, others
"U.S chipmaker Intel, computer makers and distributors were raided by European Commission and local officials on Tuesday as part of an ongoing investigation into possible antitrust violations, a spokesman for the European Union executive said.  "DG Competition officials, accompanied by officials from national competition authorities are conducting inspections of several premises of Intel Corp. in Europe as well as a number of IT firms manufacturing or selling computers," spokesman Jonathan Todd said."

AMD's Case Against Intel, and How it Could Reshape the IndustryPart 2 - Sudhian
"In 2002, AMD accounted for 22% of Sony’s business, and had secured design wins for AthlonXP in both notebook and desktop segments.  In order to reverse AMD’s gains… Intel paid Sony multimillion dollar sums, disguised as discounts and promotional support, in exchange for absolute processor exclusivity.  Subsequently, AMD’s share of Sony’s business dropped to from 22% to 8% in 2003, and 0% in 2004"

Gutless PC vendors terrified by nightmare AMD Intel clash - the inquirer
"The prospect of seeing IBM's Sam Palmisano, Dell's Michael Dell, ex-HP executives Carly Fiorina and Mike Capellas all take the stand when AMD's antitrust case against Intel finally starts is one that, we must admit, is a spicy thought indeed."

AMD Says Motion Granted in Intel Suit - eWeek
"Chipmaker Advanced Micro Devices Inc. said late Sunday a U.S. court has granted its motion to have third parties preserve relevant evidence related to its antitrust lawsuit against bigger rival Intel Corp"

AMD Files Claim for Damages from Violations of Japan’s Antimonopoly Act Against Intel KK
The suit in the Tokyo High Court seeks US$50 million (approx. 5.5 billion yen) in damages, following on the Japan Fair Trade Commission (JFTC)’s findings in its March 8, 2005 Recommendation that
Intel K.K. committed violations of the Antimonopoly Act.  The JFTC Recommendation concluded that Intel K.K. interfered with AMD Japan’s business activities by providing large amounts of funds to five Japanese PC manufacturers (NEC, Fujitsu, Toshiba, Sony, and Hitachi) on the condition that they refuse to purchase AMD processors.

Intel, we're on to you - InfoWorld
"I have pressed AMD's case to readers for years. I'm proud of that. No InfoWorld reader can be a stranger to the era-defining marvel that is the AMD64 architecture or to the dirty tricks Intel has employed to block its uptake. I am proud of the tremendous positive response from readers--I don't believe that other readers would have been so supportive. I'm proud as well of InfoWorld for staying with the AMD story even after others had dropped it."

AMD Files Antitrust Complaint Against Intel In U.S. Federal District Court - With AMD Advertorial!
The 48-page complaint, drafted after an intensive investigation by AMD’s lead outside counsel, Charles P. Diamond of O’Melveny & Myers LLP, details numerous examples of what Diamond describes as “a pervasive, global scheme to coerce Intel customers from freely dealing with AMD to the detriment of customers and consumers worldwide.” According to the complaint, Intel has unlawfully maintained its monopoly by, among other things:  Forcing major customers such as Dell, Sony, Toshiba, Gateway, and Hitachi into Intel-exclusive deals in return for outright cash payments, discriminatory pricing or marketing subsidies conditioned on the exclusion of AMD;

Can AMD break the Intel code of silence? - ZDNet
"While I'm relying on memory and don't have all the details of those instances, the issue popped up again just last week when I interviewed AMD's director of enterprise business development Ed Gasiorowski and HP's acting director of commercial notebooks Steve Schultis about the introduction of HP's AMD-based notebook.  Schultis flat out would not answer my question as to how the new notebook compared to HP's other Intel-based notebooks despite the fact that I asked at least twice."

Intel and AMD: a long history in court - CNET
"1995--AMD settles all outstanding legal disputes with Intel in a deal that gives AMD a shared interest in the x86 chip design, which remains to this day the basic architecture of chips used to make personal computers."

Intel attacked for stifling competition - Times Online
"This month Japan’s Fair Trade Commission found Intel guilty of using the offer of rebates and other incentives to shut out its competitors. It said Intel had acted “contrary to the public interest” and had “substantially restrained the competition in the market”. "

AMD may sue Intel - the inquirer
"A report quoted a senior AMD executive as saying that the firm might take legal action against Intel following a ruling made by the Japanese Fair Trade Commission (FTC). The newspaper quoted Jens Drew, director of EMEA government relations, as saying that AMD may launch its own legal action against Intel, and has not ruled out any actions."

03/08/05 AMD and Intel trade insults over Japanese anti-trust ruling - PC Pro
"Intel clearly feels itself to be the injured party in the affair. In a statement Bruce Sewell, the company's vice president and general counsel said 'One of the core principles of competition policy is the notion that such policies should be based on sound economics. There is a broad consensus that competition regulators should only intervene where there is evidence of harm to consumers. It is apparent the JFTC's Recommendation did not sufficiently weigh these important principles."

AMD Buys Into Patriot's Patent - Internet News
"The No. 2 chipmaker confirmed today that it bought restricted shares of Patriot stock, obtained rights to make and sell Patriot's IGNITE 32-bit stack microprocessor and obtained rights to the controversial "ShBoom" microprocessor patent portfolio in its entirety."

Intel may get antitrust warning in Japan - ZDNet
"Asahi said the FTC suspected Intel had tried to shut out competitors from the Japanese market by offering rebates to computer makers who agreed either not to buy or to limit their purchases of chips made by Intel's rivals, including Advanced Micro Devices."

EU Expands Probe Into Intel Favortism - Forbes
"The commission said it was concerned about roughly a dozen tenders by local authorities or public bodies in France; an invitation to tender by the municipality of Amsterdam; three tenders from the Universities of Jyvaskyla and Tampere and Hame Polytechnic in Finland; and others by the Swedish municipality of Filipstad, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden's national police authority and the Uppsala regional authority."

AMD bid for Intel documents rejected - CNET
"U.S. District Judge James Ware in San Jose, Calif., denied a motion by AMD to force Intel, the world's largest microchip maker, to produce documents from an old antitrust case for the European Commission to use as it investigates AMD's complaint that Intel has abused its dominant market power in Europe."

Top Court Deals Blow to Intel in EU Probe - CNET
"The justices, by a 7-1 vote, upheld a ruling that could require Intel, the world's largest chipmaker, to produce documents from an old antitrust case for use by the European Commission as it investigates AMD's complaint that Intel has abused its dominant market power in Europe. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said in the opinion that the law at issue authorizes, but does not necessarily require, that a federal court provide assistance to AMD in getting the documents. Whether assistance is appropriate in this case is not yet resolved, she said. "

Europe asserts its right to regulate - ZD Net
"The Intel investigation, which essentially focuses on whether the chipmaker has used its dominant position to influence the market for PC processors, was opened in 2001. The probe had been quiet lately but was never concluded. AMD has kept in touch with the commission and has continued to pass along information"

06/08/04 EU Confirms Renewed Probe of Intel - Reuters
"The European Commission confirmed on Tuesday it had relaunched a long-running investigation into Intel's business practices. Sources had earlier informed Reuters of the new moves by the Commission, which involved sending detailed letters of inquiry to computer makers and retailers."

France changes rules on Intel-AMD procurement - the inquirer
"It's done so after being prompted by the European Union, which received a complaint some weeks back that many PC tenders included the use of Intel, so precluding AMD from tendering for sales."

Intel and AMD take dispute to US Supreme Court - Computer Weekly
"The US Supreme Court will hear arguments from Intel and Advanced Micro Devices about whether Intel should be forced to send documents from its legal disputes with Intergraph to the European Commission in support of a complaint filed by AMD. AMD alleged that certain documents related to Intergraph's patent lawsuit against Intel prove AMD's claims that Intel engaged in anticompetitive behaviour in Europe."

EU probes France, Italy over favouring Intel - Forbes
"Germany and Italy are under a formal European Commission probe for tenders favouring computers with Intel Corp chips, excluding competition by rival Advanced Micro Devices Inc, a spokesman for the EU executive said on Wednesday. Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, the Netherlands, Sweden and non-EU member Norway are also being looked at for requiring "Intel inside", in violation of European Union law."

Japanese trade officials raid Intel offices - Reuters
"Shun Yoshizawa, director of corporate marketing at AMD Japan, said FTC officials also went to AMD offices on Thursday but emphasized that it was not a raid, and said it plans to cooperate with the investigation. "The FTC is doing this on suspicion that Intel might have broken an antitrust law, that's the only thing we know," Yoshizawa said."

EU enters AMD antitrust case on Intel’s side - the inquirer
"The long-running European antitrust case initiated by AMD against Intel has taken a strange twist, with the commissioners in Brussels entering an application in a US court on the chip giant’s side."

It's Official: EU Abandons Intel Antitrust Case - News Factor
Intel says court denies AMD petition on documents - eb news

Intel-AMD court case goes cold - the inquirer
"Nothing appears to have happened on that day and it seems from His Honour Judge William A Ingram's diary, nothing much seems to be happening in the future either."

Intel hurries to shut down secret pages - the inquirer
"Frantic web designers at Chipzilla are racing against time to make its channel pages - which give confidential information to dealers and distributors - secure again."

AMD files to learn Intel's secrets - ZD Net UK
"Chipmaker AMD has filed a legal action to obtain confidential documents about Intel's business practices in an effort to prod a European Commission investigation into the chip giant. "

AMD sues Intel - the inquirer
"AMD has filed suit in the US district court for the Northern District of California, with the first action filed on the 1st of October last."

AMD seeks Intel antitrust documents - CNET
"Last October, AMD and Via Technologies brought an action before the European Commission concerning Intel's business practices. The companies alleged that Intel holds a monopoly in the microprocessor business and that it has engaged in "abusive" marketing practices. If found liable, Intel could face a fine equal to 10 percent of its sales. "

Intel and AMD battle over antitrust documents - eb news
"AMD has filed suit in federal district court in San Jose, Calif., seeking to transfer expert witness testimony and other documents to the EU that were gathered in the Intergraph Corp. antitrust and patent infringement suit against Intel several years ago. An Intel spokesman said the antitrust portion of the Intergraph case was dismissed in 1999, although the patent infringement portion continues. "

03/09/99 Who Blinked, Intel Or The US? - J.V.DeLong
"Intel was accused of bullying Digital Equipment ($14 billion in annual sales), Compaq ($25 billion) and Intergraph ($1 billion). Such large companies are well aware of the risks of being dependent on one supplier for a crucial component. Individually and collectively, they have the clout to offset any network effects if they think the issue crucial, simply by ensuring that no supplier gets a monopoly."
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