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AMD Opteron Motherboard Special
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Arima SW500
Dual Opteron mainboard
SW500 server board using the powerful abilities of the dual core AMD Opteron 800 Series Processor in a 4-way configuration and provide Infiniband solution. Expected market segments would be those of clustering, network data processing and other markets that need the capability of 64-bit computations.

SW500 is designed around
ServerWorks HT-2000 and HT-1000 chipsets that provide seamless integration with AMD Opteron processors with 2000MT/s HyperTransport that outputs at faster rate than ever before. SW500 supports up to 64 GB DDR400 registered memory with ECC support that achieves a fine balance of spacing saving and memory power.

SW500 offers dual 10 Gb/s InfiniBand ports with
PCI express interface by Mellanox for high performance computer interconnection. It operates without external memory to achieve an optimal balance of cost/performance trade-offs. SW500 integrated 4 ports SATA2 with RAID 0, 1, 10 and also provides Ultra 320 SCSI for users to keep using their existing SCSI Hard drive for cost-sensitive situations.

On the other hand, SW500 integrated 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports to provide teaming with load balancing and fail over, making it the ideal motherboard for any system that operates in a highly dynamic and highly available computing environment. It also provides an independent Gigabit Ethernet controller for server management daughter card.

- Quad
AMD Opteron µPGA Socket 940 CPUs
- Supports
Opteron 800 series
- Onboard VRD (4 Phase, support to 95W, 89A)


2000 MT/s

- ServerWorks
HT-2000 + HT-1000

Main Memory
- 4+4+4+4 184-pin 2.6-Volt DDR DIMM sockets
- Four-way interleaved memory banks
- Supports
DDR-400/333/266 memory
- Supports Registered ECC type memory modules only
- Supports up to 64 GB

System BIOS
- 4MB Flash EEPROM with Phoenix BIOS
- I2C support
- Legacy USB support
- SMBIOS 2.3 compliant
- DMI 2.0 compliant
- Soft Power-down
- Secure Boot
- Multiple boot support

- Single channel master mode
- Supports up to two Enhanced IDE devices
- Ultra DMA 100/66/33 MB/s

PCI Slots
- 1
PCI-Express x8 slot (share slot)
- 1 PCI-X (64bit/133/100MHz) slots

- Integrated ATI RageXL video controller with 8MB memory

- Integrated dual ports
PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet on Die (HT-2000)
- Supports Teaming and Fail-Over
- Single Intel 82541 PCI 33 Gigabit Ethernet controller for BMC solution

Infiniband [optional]
- Mellanox MT25208 PCI-E Infiniband Controller
- 2 external connectors

SCSI [optional]
- LSI 1020A Single Channel U320 SCSI Controller
- 1 internal connectors
- Integrated RAID 0 and 1
- Support for Zero Channel RAID (ZCR)

Serial ATA 2
- Integrated Serial ATA II 4 Ports on Die (

Onboard Multi I/O
- 1 (9-pin) serial ports with UART 16550
- One VGA port
- Dual RJ-45 LAN ports
- Two onboard USB2.0 connectors and one external head
- PS/2 mouse and keyboard connectors with Wake-up function

System Management
- Super I/O PC87417
- Hardware Monitor ADM1026 + AMD1031
- IPMI 2.0 compliance with Arima Scorpio server management card (optional)
- Arima SmartWatch server management software

M/B Size
- SSI MEB form factor with size: 13" X 16" 10 layers
- EPS 12V power connectors (24pin + 8pin  + 8pin)
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