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AMD Motherboard Special
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ASRock K7Upgrade-880
ASRock unveils an innovative K7 motherboard with marvelous Socket 754/939 upgrade design

Due to the differences in technology, K7 and K8 platforms adapt different design architecture and they are supported by different chipsets. ASRock Inc, the leading price-performance motherboard maker, breaks this architecture barrier between K7 and K8 platforms to present the first K8 upgradeable K7 platform in the world – ASRock K7Upgrade-880. Based on the innovative “Upgrade on demand” concept and industry-leading layout design technique, ASRock K7Upgrade-880 motherboard features the Flexible’n’Easy CPU socket upgrade interface -  “K8 Bridge Port”. This port provides a bridge with the world’s leading capability to upgrade Socket A (462) to Socket 754 or Socket 939 through ASRock 754Bridge or 939Bridge upgrade module. The innovative K7Upgrade-880 motherboard provides not only a marvelous Flexible’n’Easy upgrade capability from K7 to K8 architecture but also a cost-effective future upgrade capability not found on other boards. 

ASRock Upgrade series provides

- Flexible’n’Easy CPU sockets upgrade interface
Flexible CPU socket upgrade – optional upgrade cards supporting users’ prompt CPU upgrade by demand.
Easy upgrade interface – Plug and upgrade design without reinstalling other system devices
- Cost-effective upgrade feature
High potential future upgrade ability
– upgrade CPU socket by users’ demand.
CPU socket upgrade without changing a new motherboard but still keeping current PC system investment
ASRock K7Upgrade-880 Specification


Support AMD
Sempron, Athlon, Athlon XP, Duron
FSB 400/333/266MHz processors
North Bridge:
VIA KT880, South Bridge: VIA 8237
4 x DDR Slot (
DDR 400/333/266, Max 4 GB) Dual Channel Technology
- 1 x ASRock K8 Bridge Port (Orange): Flexible Socket 754 upgrade interface for ASrock 754 Bridge card
- 1 x AGP1 - AGP8X slot for socket 462
- 1 x AGP2 - AGP8X slot for socket 754
- 3 x PCI slots (2.3 compliance)
CMedia CMI9761 6 Channel AC'97 audio codec 
VIA 6103 10/100 Ethernet LAN (802.3u), support WOL 
I/O (Real)
- 1 x PS2 Keyboard
- 1 x PS2 Mouse
- 1 x Printer Port (LPT 1)
- 1 x Serial Port (COM 1)
- 1 x Audio Port (MIC-IN, LINE-IN, LINE-OUT)
- 1 x 6 USB 2.0 Ports + 2 ports upgrade via header
- 1 x RJ 45 LAN Port
- 2 x SATA 1.5Gb/s connectors, supports RAID,0,1 JBOD SATA HDD_Hotplug
- 2 x IDE Connector (ATA 133/100/66 mode)
- 1 x FDD Connector
- 1 x ATX Power Connector (20pin)
- 1 x ATX 12V Connector (4pin)
- 1 x CPU, System Fan
- 1 x CD/AUX audio,(Front panel audio connector)
- 1 x SIR/CIR
AMI 4MB Flash ROM with ACPI, SM BIOS 3.0, PnP 
Form Factor
Special Features
- Support WOL, WOR, KB power ON/OFF and interrupt wake up from keyboard/mouse.
- Built-in ASRock U-COP CPU Overheating Protection and Hybrid Booster™ Technology
- Quick Installation Guide, I/O shield
- Support CD ( Drivers, Utilities, PC-Cillin 2002 OEM,
- ASRock PC DIY Demo)
- Floppy & ATA 100 cables
- Serial ATA DATA cable
- Serial ATA 1 to 1 power cable

754Bridge card

The 754Bridge card is an CPU upgrade module for ASRock K7Upgrade series motherboard.
The 754Bridge card contains socket754, DDR DIMMs,
VIA K8T800 chipset and independent power input, which provides a quick upgrade capability from socke462 to socket754 CPU.
Compatible Motherboard
ASRock K7Upgrade-880
ASRock K8 Bridge Port (Orange)
124pin+46pin gold-finger connector
AMD 32-bit Sempron & 64-bit Athlon64 socket 754 processors FSB 1.6GT/s
Support Hyper Transport & AMD Cool‘n’Quiet  Technology
VIA K8T800
DDR400/333/266 2 x DIMM (Max 2GB)
CPU FAN connector  4pin +12V ATX power connector
216mm x 140mm
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1 PS2_USB_PWR1 Jumper
2 CPU Fan Connector (CPU_FAN1)
3 CPU Multiplier Jumper (J1)
4 CPU Socket
5 North Bridge Controller
6 ATX 12V Connector (ATX12V1)
7 2 x 184-pin DDR DIMM Slots
(Dual Channel A: DDR1, DDR3; Blue)
8 Secondary IDE Connector (IDE2, Black)
9 Primary IDE Connector (IDE1, Blue)
10 FSB Select Jumpers (FSB_SEL0, FSB_SEL1)
11 2 x 184-pin DDR DIMM Slots
(Dual Channel B: DDR2, DDR4; Black)
12 J2 / J3 / J14 Jumpers ( 3 sets of 1 x 2-Pin)
13 J5 / J4 Jumpers ( 2 sets of 8 x 2-Pin)
14 J9 / J10 / J11 / J13 / J15 Jumper (5 sets of 1 x 3-Pin)
15 Future CPU Bridge (K8BRIDGE_2)
16 J8 / J7 Jumpers ( 2 sets of 5 x 3-Pin)
17 Secondary Serial ATA Connector (SATA2)
18 Primary Serial ATA Connector (SATA1)
19 J12 Jumper ( 4 x 3-Pin)
20 Floppy Connector (FLOPPY1)
21 Chassis Fan Connector (CHA_FAN1)
22 System Panel Header (PANEL1)
23 Power LED Header (PWR_LED1)
24 Chassis Speaker Header (SPEAKER 1)
25 USB 2.0 Header (USB67, Blue)
26 Clear CMOS Jumper (CLRCMOS2)
27 South Bridge Controller
28 Infrared Module Header (IR1)
29 Game Port Connector (GAME1)
30 3 x PCI Slots (PCI1- 3)
31 Flash Memory
32 AGP Slot (AGP2)
33 J6 Jumper ( 5 x 2-Pin)
34 Future CPU Bridge (K8BRIDGE_1)
35 Front Panel Audio Header (AUDIO1)
36 JR1 / JL1 Jumpers
37 AGP Slot (1.5V_AGP1)
38 ATX Power Connector (ATXPWR1)
39 Internal Audio Connector: AUX1 (White)
40 Internal Audio Connector: CD1 (Black)
41 Shared USB 2.0 Header (USB45, Blue)
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