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Athlon 64 is also A64 or
clawhammer (old)
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AMD Athlon 64 FX-72
Best Price
Codename: Egypt
Dual Core
Socket F - 1207 Pin
LGA package
Dual channel
Processor-System Bandwidth:
HT 8GB/s @ 2GHz
MCT 12.8GB/s @ 1GHz
90nm - SOI - DSL
Die size: 235 mm
Transistors: 227 million

Frequency: 2.8GHz
Cache L1 Instructions: 2 x 64K
Cache L1 Datas: 2 x 64KB
Cache L2: 2 x 1MB (2MB)
Operating voltage: 1.35-1.40V

Multiplier: 14
Power (max): 125W
Ambient Tcase max: 56C
CPU data bus width: 128-Bit
Made in
Best Price

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"If you take your first drive of 64-bit Vista on Quad FX, you may move up to Opteron, but you will never go back to Intel."...

InfoWorld 12/06/06