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Athlon 64 Socket 754
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[X,Y] indicates the motherboard(s) used in the review
[1] MSI K7D Master L - (AMD 760-MPX)
[2] Tyan Tiger MP S2460 - (AMD 760-MP)
[3] Iwill MPX2 - (AMD 760-MPX)
[4] Gigabyte GA -7DPXDW (AMD 760-MPX)
[5] Asus A7M266-D (AMD 760-MPX)
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Processor Reviews
01/13/03 Game PC [5]
AMD Review [4]

System Review
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AMD Athlon MP 2400+

Price: Box - OEM
New! bid at ebay here
Thoroughbred Core B
FSB: 266MHz
Socket A - OPGA package
Core: 13nm
Die size: 101mm˛
Transistors: 54.3 million
Frequency: 2.0GHz
Cache L1 Instructions: 64KB
Cache L1 Datas: 64KB
Cache L2: 256KB full speed
Operating voltage: 1.65V
Multiplier: 15
Power (max): 60W
Die temperature (max): 90°
CPU data bus width: 64-Bit
Made in
Price: Box - OEM
AMD Athlon MP 2400+ Special
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Feature AMD Athlon MP Processor* Intel Xeon with 400MHz FSB**
Smart MP Technology Yes No
QuantiSpeed Architecture Yes No
Operations per clock cycle 9 6
Integer pipelines 3 4
Floating point pipelines 3 2
Full x86 decoders 3 1
L1 cache size 128KB 8KB +12k µop
L2 cache size 512KB 512KB
Total on-chip full-speed cache 640KB 520KB +12k µop
Total effective on-chip full-speed cache 640KB 512KB
System bus speed 266MHz 400MHz
3D Enhancement Instructions 3DNow! Professional SSE2
(includes SSE)
*With AMD-760MPX chipset 
**With Intel E7501 chipset
"In addition, Athlon MP 2400+ systems often do not require users buy new power supplies or cases, so that's additional money saved. Unfortunately, AMD's 760MPX chipset is holding the entire Athlon MP platform back, performance wise. If AMD continues to up the clock speed on the Athlon MP (which they are indeed planning) without updating the 760MPX chipset, performance increases will get less and less with each boost in clock speed"
GamePC - 01/13/02

"Well I have to say that the Thoroughbreds certainly do pull their weight as we have seen the MP2400+'s are really cranking out the numbers. Idling at 2.0GHz these processors are just what the engineer, graphics designer, video production, or weekend warrior is looking for. Handling every benchmark I could throw their way the MP2400+'s never broke a sweat"
AthlonXP - 12/10/02

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