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AMD Athlon XP 2700+ Special - 16 Reviews
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"In case anyone has forgotten, clock for clock, the AMD XP's execute more IPC (instructions per clock cycle) than their competitors *cough* Intel *cough* (AMD's execute 9 instructions per clock cycle to Intel's 6). With the 2700+ running on the 333 FSB (166x2) by default, it's a nice starting block for performance instead of working up from 266 FSB (133x2) and having to sacrifice turning down the multiplier to acheive +166 on the FSB"
OC Addiction 01/20/03

"There is no doubt that the 166MHz (or 333MHz, if you prefer) FSB of the new AMD Athlon "Thoroughbred" revision B has blessed the Athlon XP with a remarkable performance boost.Despite the fairly timid core frequency increase that the XP 2700+ has over the XP 2600+, the mere increase in FSB bandwidth has greatly alleviated the performance bottleneck that has hurt earlier systems. Today, the fact of the matter is that the AMD Athlon remains a serious threat to the Intel Pentium 4 simply because it's cheaper, and just as fast"
Active Hardware - 10/01/02

"The XP2700+ has certainly shown that it can hold its own against an Intel P4 400MHz its senior. Despite the smaller cache and the reduced clockspeed the Thoroughbred with its new shiny 166MHz bus shines out in many of today's CPU intensive benchmarks"
Deviant PC - 10/01/02

(§) tested with nForce2 - ($) vs. Pentium 4

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Athlon XP 2700+
Best Price: Box - OEM
Type: Thoroughbred
FSB : 166/333MHz
Socket A or Socket 462
Die size: 84mm˛
Transistors: 37.6 million
Speed: 2.17GHz
Cache L1: 128KB
Cache L2: 256KB
Operating voltage: 1.65V
multiplier: 12.5
Power (max): 68.3w
FSB : 166/333MHz
CPU Data bus width: 64-bit
Best Price: Box - OEM