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ATI loses ground in graphics after AMD purchase - Computer World
"The most dramatic market share decrease for ATI was in the mobile segment. ATI's share of that segment fell to 47% in the third quarter from 63% in the second quarter. Nvidia picked up the slack, taking a 53% share in the market, up from 37%, according to Jon Peddie Research. The research firm also charted lost share for ATI in the notebook PC and desktop PC graphics processor and integrated chip set markets."

AMD's chipset naming scheme: details emerge - Reg Hardware
"AMD's naming scheme will run something like this, Chinese-language website HKEPC reckons. The X chipsets - such as the 480X and 580X, the new names for the CrossFire Xpress 1600 and 3200, respectively - are multi-GPU parts. T, G and V chipsets will be, respectively, top-end, mid-range and budget integrated products. AMD will also incorporate the class of integrated GPU into the product name, it's said, using the 'ATI Radeon' label."

AMD folds in ATI for graphics future - CNET
"The company announced a project code-named Fusion that will aim to deliver a PC processor with an integrated graphics processor core by 2008 or 2009, as outlined earlier this year by AMD Chief Technology Officer Phil Hester. Before that becomes a reality, AMD will use ATI's expertise in chipset design to offer its customers the combination of a PC processor and a chipset, which has been Intel's strategy for several years."

AMD layoffs coming too - the inquirer
"In any case, there are strong rumors of cuts in the merged DAAMIT organization, but things are a little hazy. Some are saying around 1000 from each side of the organization, give or take a bit will be gone, but this seems awfully high to us."

Intel said to be seeking strategic partnership with Nvidia - DigiTimes
"Instead, Intel, which currently holds about 8-10% of Nvidia shares, may seek to form a strategic alliance with Nvidia by raising its stake in the GPU (graphics processing unit) vendor, according to the sources."

AMD Offers ATI CEO Orton $1.7M - CIO
"Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is moving fast to complete a planned acquisition of ATI Technologies, offering US$1.7 million in salary and bonuses to hire the graphics card vendorís chief executive officer, David Orton. Retaining Orton could help AMD to reach its stated goal of building a single platform to boost its performance in media and data processing and to build a stronger presence in the consumer digital media market, AMD said when it announced the $5.4 billion offer in July."

When Titans Join Forces: Implications of the AMD-ATI Merger - Hardware Zone
"The PC and consumer electronics continue to converge. The CE segment gain will enable us to deliver to end users outstanding total platform solutions: more optimized technology (e.g. graphics for digital television, battery life for mobile). With this acquisition, we plan to succeed in both markets"

AMD sets its eyes on the platform business - the inquirer
"For him, this is his highlight of the acquisition. Before he joined ATI Rich use to be a VP & General Manager of the Microprocessor Business Unit at AMD so if anyone knows the benefit of the merger it will be Rich. He's familiar with the both sides of the coin."

AMD-ATI to make a GPU on a CPU - the inquirer
"CPUs are being shrunk to a 65 nanometre process as we speak and the graphics guys are expected to migrate to this process next year. The graphics firms are still playing with 80 nanometre but will ultimately go to 65 nanometre later next year"

ATI is a duff purchase for AMD - the inquirer
"AMD is in the awkward position of having to dump ATI's chipset business. Not that there was much to it apart from a nice deal with Intel which is probably dead now. And AMD won't want to compete with Nvidia, Via and SIS so it can't even keep producing chipsets for its own processors. "

Ottelini confirms Intel to follow AMD's lead on integrating graphics into processor
"The bottom line? If Intel plans to integrate graphics into some of its processors, that's not just interesting news because of the news itself.  The next question isÖ what graphics technology? Intel has its own graphics technologies but they're viewed as laggards when compared to those that come from ATI and NVidia. Might Intel have an appetite for NVidia?"

AMD talks about ATI - InfoWorld
"Lastly AMD is strongly considering open-sourcing at least a functional subset of ATIís graphics drivers. Itís time for X Window System, OpenGL, and client virtualization for which ATI binary drivers arenít available to escape the ghetto of the 1980s-era framebuffer. And what a boon for PR. If AMDís graphics cards were the only ones with open device drivers, it might affect a buying decision or two."

Hardware sites will suffer from AMD, ATI shock - the inquirer
"That's not to say that ATI's PR team isn't tough too. The ATI PR leader, Chris Evenden, is a very experienced PR and his staff in Europe are pretty slick operators"

AMD & ATI: The Acquisition from all Points of View - AnandTech
"Acquiring ATI amounts to a quick (but expensive) way of filling in the gaps in AMD's current business.  AMD has already proved that it can compete technologically with Intel, and is currently working on fixing the problems with being able to compete in terms of manufacturing ability as well.  By acquiring ATI, AMD will have the talented workforce necessary to produce its own chipsets/motherboards with integrated graphics and engineer some very unique hybrid CPU/GPU platforms using Torrenza"

AMD's 'Centrino' Strategy Worries Wi-Fi Vendors - PCMag
"Vendors like Atheros and Broadcom report that their own customers have begun asking them what their contingency plans are, in case AMD buys a smaller wireless vendor. Such a purchase would place the hundreds of millions of dollars each wins from PC OEM revenue in jeopardy"

AMD to make GPUs in Dresden fab - the inquirer
"We are still upset that back in early June, ATI's CEO misled us on this acquisition thing and he used the production incompatalities as an example. The big suit didnít want us to know that you can adjust the Dresden to pump 90 nanometre and later 65 nanometre graphic chips. "

The AMD-ATI Acquisition: Integration and Freedom for Customers, IHVs - IT Jungle
"Whatever AMD is going to do, it is not going to alienate nVidia, ServerWorks, SiS, or VIA. "We are not going to put up blockades or massive royalties," said Moorehead. "That would be dumb." Yes, it would, at least in the short term. The trick now is for these companies to differentiate themselves as they provide chipsets, graphics cards, or both (as nVidia does). For starters, they can all say that unlike Intel and AMD, they are not captive electronics suppliers. And they most certainly will be saying that, a lot."

Intel pulls ATI from Conroe launch - the inquirer
"So, now ATI is forbidden from Intel semi-officially, and who wins? The user? Nope, SLI won't run on Intel chipsets (yet). Intel? Nope, they have a gaming event that will probably end up showing the awesome power of 4 monitors over high frame rates and resolution on a single monitor. The poor demo guy who has to put a few dozen Conroe + NV boxes together on a day's notice? Certainly not him, but guys, give him a raise."

Risks and rewards for AMD's deal for ATI - MarketWatch
"First off, AMD has no products that combine integrated graphics in the way that Intel has them. This is a market segment that will increase in emerging markets such as China. AMD should actually be able to make some inroads there with a more integrated approach. "

AMD + ATi: Part 3 - Rahul Sood Blog
"Öand now AMD seems to have pulled the biggest chess move of all time - Iím totally shocked that Intel didnít see it coming. I donít want to seem disrespectful but itís almost like a feisty David is toying with Goliath Ė this after Goliath just kicked the living crap out of David in retaliation for poking Goliath in the eye and beating him with a stick. Itís funny and not so funny at the same timeÖ Hollywood couldnít have written a better story than this."

ATI VP claims its Intel licence still intact - the inquirer
"ATI senior VP and general manager Phil Eisler said: "There is no truth to the rumour that Intel has pulled ATI's chipset licence. We continue to ship Intel chipsets under licence." In the short term at least, this story doesn't tell the whole story. Future developments are a different kettle of fish."

ATI Downgraded On AMD Acquisition - Forbes
Other counteroffers could be made by Texas Instruments and Broadcom, which, according to Arthur, wouldn't so much face anti-trust challenges as they would compatibility challenges."

AMD's daring move vs. Intel - The Mercury News
"Rick Whittington, an analyst with Caris & Co., said he views AMD's move as a ``strategic blunder.'' He said he believes that Nvidia is infuriated by the deal, and may favor Intel in future products. Such a move could lead to a loss of revenue for AMD if the gamers decide to embrace the combination of PCs with Intel and Nvidia chips, instead of AMD and Nvidia"

AMD to Buy Graphics Chip Maker ATI - abc news
""It's one of the most disruptive and exciting things to happen to the PC industry in a very long time," said Jon Peddie of Jon Peddie Research. "It's a brilliant move on their part because they've scooped up an excellent company and they have a whole bag of products that Intel doesn't have." "

Merged AMD-ATI monster embarks on monopoly-busting - the inquirer
"The executives, Ruiz and ATI CEO Dave Orton, along with Dirk Meyer and chief AMD bean counter Bob Rivet were agreed the deal would provide better value to customers and shareholders in both companies. Bob said the merged company would be better positioned to achieve AMD's stated objective to "break the monopoly""

How Will Advanced Micro Devices Come Up With the Money for the ATI Acquisition? - Seeking A
"So a company that has been unable to generate enough cash to fund its own investments (ATIís $50 million in annual cash flow will only help a little) and continues to invest in massive new projects is taking on $1.6 billion in debt at a time when price competition looks likely to take a big cut out of their existing cash flows."

Investors Sort Out AMD Buy - TheStreet
"The move will effectively swing AMD into a debt position just as it is facing big capital spending increases to upgrade its chip-fabrication facilities (the company recently announced $2.5 billion in capex next year, up from a projected $1.7 billion for 2006) and tough competition from Intel"

AMD + ATI = slow down! - ArsTechnica
" ATI was already expecting business from Intel to slow over the next few quarters). For AMD's part, they insist that their Torrenza strategy of pushing for third-party adoption of key AMD technologies is still intact."

AMD + ATI and CPU/GPU integration - ArsTechnica
"The point of doing a cHT-compatible GPU that's a drop-in replacement for a second Athlon is that it's much, much cheaper and less wasteful than a dedicated daughtercard (with a dedicated cache of GDDR3), and the performance is pretty good. So from a price/performance standpoint, glueless cHT and a shared CPU-GPU memory pool will beat the more expensive daughtercard solution by a significant enough margin to make it attractive to many gamers"

The one-chip computer at the heart of AMD-ATI deal - ZDNet
"The chips sold miserably, and Intel got out of the business the next year. However, it continued to make chipsets with integrated graphics. In a few quarters, Intel became the largest graphics chipset vendor in the world, a title it still holds today"

ATI says hasn't been contacted by Intel about deal - Reuters
"AMD's acquisition of ATI, one of the two major graphics chips makers, is expected to to expand its product mix as it battles Intel."

Intel pulls ATI bus licence - the inquirer
"In a shock to no one, a few days ago, ATI had its chipset bus licence pulled, or at least not renewed by Intel. I guess that means that AMD won't be making many chipsets for Intel in a year or so"

AMD and ATI to Create Processing Powerhouse
Under the terms of the transaction, AMD will acquire all of the outstanding common shares of ATI for a combination of $4.2 billion in cash and 57 million shares of AMD common stock, based on the number of shares of ATI common stock outstanding on July 21, 2006. All outstanding options and RSUs of ATI will be assumed. Based upon the closing price of AMD common stock on July 21, 2006 of $18.26 a share, the consideration for each outstanding share of ATI common stock would be $20.47, comprised of $16.40 of cash and 0.2229 shares of AMD common stock

AMD has to buy ATI to survive - the inquirer
"So build versus buy for long term strategic competitiveness, the choice is obvious, you have to buy. This will put AMD about 12-18 months behind the first of the mini-cores from Intel, about the range AMD is behind for everything else. Intel bites the bullet and proves the market, then AMD steps in. Here, AMD is going to let Intel do the heavy lifting, and then waltz in at the right time"

AMD + ATi: One + One = Three - Rahul Sood's Weblog
"AMD has some great platform solutions slated for next year, including server, workstation, notebook, etc. I canít get into too many details, but in my mind AMD + ATi = one large company with the potential of becoming a massive juggernaught. Any debt that AMD incurs to make this transaction a reality will be short lived. The long term outlook on AMD is unbelievable if this deal is approved Ė this company will go big, and those along for the ride are going to reap huge rewards"

Rumor mill pondering AMD-ATI Tie up - CNET
Several are speculating this week that AMD will pick up ATI Technologies, the world's largest graphics company. ATI also makes chipsets. By purchasing ATI, AMD could provide complete packages of silicon to PC makers, similar to how Intel provides processors, networking chips, and chipsets with integrated graphics to PC makers in the Centrino and Viiv platforms

I am convinced AMD will buy ATI - the inquirer
"Additionally, with each new GPU, the shader pipeline acquires more and more CPU functionality. What is the difference between a VS/PS pipeline and an x86 CPU, other than the ISA? How about this fall when ATI puts out the second gen converged graphics part? And how about Christmas '07 when the third gen comes out? This is what Intel and ATI see"

ATIís AMD Chipset Market Share Skyrockets - Xbit-labs
"AMD processors-compatible chipset market accounts for 13% of the whole core-logic market. NVIDIA currently commands 35% of the market, down 20% from the previous quarter, according to data by Mercury Research. ATI commanded 27% of the market in Q2, up from virtually nothing in Q1 2005. VIA Technologies and Silicon Integrated Systems share the rest 38%"
AMD & ATI Merger Special
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Revenue $2,549 $1,325 $3,873
Gross Margin 57.6% 29.1% 47.9%
Operating Margin 14.2% 4.8% 10.9%
Net Income $273 $66 $339
Stock Based Comp. $33 $24 $57
R&D $543 $173 $716
Employees 10967 4000 14967
The 5.4B$
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