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BAPCO Special
It's glitters and glamor at AMDllywood!
Soccer, rugby, formula 1, AMD is also a great sponsor!
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- The case against BAPCo: Opinion Lies, damn lies, and benchmarks - inquirer
"When all is said and done, the class action lawsuit against Intel might turn out to be the best thing that could happen to the benchmark industry, exposing the holes and inconsistencies and benefiting the consumer"

08/30/02 -
AMD slams chip performance benchmarks - ZDNet
"Benchmarks could be more convincing if all of the important parties involved agreed to a set of rules, Brown said. "If there were independent benchmarks, conforming to certain criteria, I think perhaps it would be a bit easier for the industry to plead its case," he said"

08/28/02 -
BAPCo related quicks: AMD spokesman, VHJ closes, Tom responds - Geek
"I think AMD should have joined Bapco about 3 years ago, when the Athlon hit the market. Intel has been a member of Bapco for years. So, I'm glad that AMD finally ponied up the US$10,000 (+ $5,000 annually) it costs to join. If they had bothered to do that 3 (or 10) years ago then maybe we wouldn't have to hear their whining today"

08/27/02 AMD charges benchmarking manipulation favors Intel
ITworld - PC World - PC Advisor
"Absent any recognized standard, savvy PC buyers rely on benchmarking software to determine which processor will best suit their overall computing needs. However, charges of bias and manipulation over the last few days against one of the most recognized programs have brought to light the discrepancies in benchmarking software and in its effectiveness to users"

08/27/02 AMD angered by changes in PC performance benchmarking -
ebnews - EE Times
"A widely used industry benchmark for PC performance was revised this year to favor Intel Corp.'s Pentium 4 processors, according to archrival Advanced Micro Devices Inc."

08/26/02 New PC benchmark finds Pentium 4 wanting - EE TImes
Basically the benchmarks out there today say what Intel wants said about PC performance,- he maintained. Kennedy charged that existing benchmarks, including Winstone from Ziff Davis and those from the Business Applications Performance Corp. (BAPCo) are heavily influenced by Intel, something spokesmen from both groups denied."

08/26/02 Scandal With BAPCo or Additional Words Regarding Perf. Ratings - X-bit labs
"Well, it seems that at this point, there are no universal benchmarks that could help customers to understand true performance a CPU can provide. Some benchmarks are rumoured to be biased, while the other may offer unstable or unexpected results"

08/26/02 And They All Unwind - VHJ
"I suppose I should have expected Tom Pabst, a proponent of BAPCo and its products (Tom wrote a story "vindicating" BAPCo after a heart-to-heart with John Peterson), to feel the sting
of his commitments.  Knowing Tom, he also craves the attention and was motivated by the knowledge that we, at times, get as much traffic as his site does -- and we are purely a volunteer site, and we don't use tricks to inflate hit counts"

Tom's Blurb - Battle of Hypocrites - THG
"What's happening here? Kyle Bennett is fighting Van Smith? What a great show! Find out why we love it so much! We give you background information you won't find anywhere else, including backstage footage of the AMD/BAPCo comedy that's going on right now."

Bapco: what sort of stupid name is that anyway? - the inquirer
"That's why we think here that the kerfuffle over Bapco and its alleged bias is something of a storm in a teacup, except for those who are interested in benchmarks, that is"

08/24/02 Controversy over benchmark - Heise
BAPCo - Overclockers
"What is necessarily bad is SysMark's amazingly disgusting reliance of just a few program
actions to determine application performance. Using the Sort function in Excel for 90% of the
score in SysMark 2002 is terrible, but using a single function in Flash 88% of the time in
SysMark 2001 is just as bad. Neither is a reasonably representative test of the program."

AMD accuses Bapco of pro-Intel performance bias - the inquirer

AMD Athlon XP 2600+: Part 2 - VHJ
"When pressed further, the AMD representative admitted that it is likely that all SysMark
development so far has been conducted internally at Intel by Intel"

07/25/02 AMD joins Bapco - the inquirer