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Biostar iDEQ 200T SFF
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Continuing Biostar's leading technology in Motherboard, iDEQ provides superior features and reliable performance. The design of compact and futuristic exterior follows the aesthetics of BIOSTAR All-in-one LCD and attracts PC enthusiastic immediately. With multiple applications, iDEQ is suitable as an entertainment system at home or a personal computer at work.

"iDEQ is a simpler, more convenient
and intelligent PC designed to replace
desktop towers. Not only being smallest
and artistic, it is also the most
operationally efficient."
Ted Hsu, vice president of system
products business unit at Biostar.
"To achieve the customized and
advanced functions for the office and
home, iDEQ offers 4 models based on SiS,
Nvidia, VIA and Intel chipset which drive various computing in today's PC market."

Exquisite design with power
Designed with sliding panel, iDEQ reflects chic looks and complete styling. Measuring just 210 X 323 X 180 mm (W X D X H), it packs all the prominent features and delivers power and stability by utilizing the latest chipset as well as supporting Intel Pentium 4 and AMD Athlon XP processors. In addition to its strength in processing, there are enough ports available for external devices such as digital-camera, PDA, MP3 players, which enable much flexibilities in connectivity options. Building in 6-in-1 card reader instead of floppy disk, it also gives users more convenience and ability to read and write the most common flash cards.

Perfect structure with reliability
iDEQ sports in Biostar's excellent mechanism for better ventilation and lower acoustics. Unlike other SFF system, iDEQ has fewer twisted and disarrayed cables on the inside coupled with well-located power fan and CPU cooler, which vents out thermal heat from the inside directly and offers improved cooling effect. Besides, the hardware monitor that can modulate fan speed according to the temperature automatically keeps noise levels down effectively.

Simple installation with expandability
When it comes to installation and expandability, iDEQ is specifically designed for ultra easy set-up and upgrade. Installing CPU, RAM and hard disk drives is only a simple process of removing one side of panels, then fitting them into the right place that takes only three minutes. Featuring the front-inserted motherboard that incorporates on-board video and sound solution makes the need for add-on cards obsolete and spares more room for two hard disk drives and full size AGP cards. Moreover, it (model: iDEQ 200T) is capable of supporting the AGP8X and high-speed Dual DDR400 memory, bringing new levels of functionality to SFF system.

Multiple applications with efficiency
iDEQ offers applications that require low cost and high reliability such as office computers, game consoles and multimedia platform. To be an entertainment system, it integrates StudioFun, media station application developed by Biostar, which makes users take advantage of computing and audio/video broadcasting DVD, VCD, MP3...etc. Adding SPDIF jack provides stereo audio and allows users to enjoy theater-like experience. In addition, iDEQ supports faster graphic engine, which optimizes 3D animation and satisfies both of power and game users.

"The release of iDEQ addresses a trend - the convergence of computer and consumer devices."
said Ted Hsu. "PC lovers, gamers and those who want to enjoy the digital life with ease will have much pleasure by using our new brand products, iDEQ"

iDEQ will be available in May 03.

About StudioFun

StudioFun is Linux-based application that makes users easily enjoy movies and music without loading to Windows and simply manage by remote control and GUI. Compared with other digital appliances, it provides flexibility of installing or uninstalling and won't limit the ability of computing.
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Front Panel
1 x 5.25" Bay,1 x 3.25" Bay
USB2.0 x 2
SPDIF Jack x 1
Microphone x 1
Headphone x 1
IEEE 1394A x 1
Rear Panel
Internal ATA-200W (PFC) Power USB 2.0 x 2
SPDIF Jack x 1
IEEE 1394A x 1
LAN x 1
VGA x 1
Serial x 1
PS/2 x 2
Line-in x 1
Line-out x 1
Microphone x 1
iDEQ 200T
VIA KM400 + VT8235
Processor Support
AMD Athlon XP, FSB333
Memory Support
Support ATA-133
1 x AGP8X, 1 x PCI
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