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Bugs and Flaws Special - AMD
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04/28/06 Some AMD Opterons suffer heat issue - CNET
"The potential problem affects a number of
single-core Opteron 152, 154, 252, 254, 852 and 854 processors manufactured in late 2005 or early 2006, AMD said Friday. The company hasn't seen the problem in production use, but has seen it in a test that combines high processor temperature, high outside temperature, and a large number of floating-point mathematical computations"

AMD Provides Fix for AMD64 Processorsí Erratum - X-bit labs
"It is not clear whether any real systems have been affected by the erratum after the
AMD Opteron processor has been in the market for more than a year."

AMD Opteron bug can cause incorrect results - the inquirer
"The bug is related to REP MOVS instructions which could result in succeeding instructions being skipped or an incorrect address size or data size to be used."

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Bugs and Flaws Special - Intel

AMD Athlon 64 and
AMD OpteronProcessors

Athlon Model 6
Athlon Model 8
Athlon Model 10

Duron Model 3
Duron Model 7

AMD 8111 Chipset
AMD 8131 Chipset
AMD 8151 Chipset

AMD 760MP Chipset
AMD 760MPX Chipset

AMD K6 Model 6
AMD K6 Model 7
AMD K6 2  Model 8
AMD K6 III Model 9

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Core Duo 65nm
Core Solo 65nm

Pentium 4 Mobile
Pentium 4

Pentium III

Pentium 2 Mobile

Pentium M
Pentium - Bug



Itanium 2

Intel 945 Express
Intel 810 Chipset
Intel 815 Chipset
Intel 820 Chipset
Intel 840 Chipset
Intel 845GE/845PE Chipset
Intel 850 Chipset
Intel 852GME/852PM

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03/11/06 Conroe and Woodcrest problems - Bad Hardware Week
"And accordingly, its performance for some 20% too. ARE THOSE 20% IDF's improvement over AMD64 ones? Thus, any Conroe and Woodcrest max performance benchmark wouldn't last below 1000 seconds to be correct in 3% range . Otherwise, it shouldn't be called benchmarking, but cannon ball riding"

Microsoft driver bug saps Core Duo power - TD Daily
"The delicate issue about this bug, provided to Microsoft partners under confidentiality guidelines as Knowledge Base article KB899179, is the fact that it has been known to be a "problem" at least since 12 July 2005. It is unclear at this time why Microsoft has not issued a patch or an advisory the public to fix or explain this bug. So far, Microsoft has not responded to our inquiries and we are still waiting for a comment on this power drain issue."

Cores Duo/Solo: "My God, they're full of flaws" - Geek
"They might not have been released in 2001, and the PR department might tell you they're full of stars, but take a quick look at Core Duo's and Core Solo's errata (error) sheets and you'll see that they're really full of flaws"

TDP issues manifest with Pentium D 900 series? - Tech Report
"Akiba PC Hotline! is admonishing prospective buyers that the first batch of Pentiumģ D 900 series of processors that have arrived in Japan may not have Enhanced HALT State and Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology (EIST) enabled. Apparently, one shop is saying that because EIST and other power-saving features are not fully functional with this initial lot of processors, the TDP (thermal design power) might go up as much as 10 - 15W. It should be noted that Intel's Pentium D 840 has a TDP of 130W, but the 920 and 930 have lowered that to 95W."

Intel confirms 915 Grantsdale recall - the inquirer
"Intel confirmed problems with the latest Pentium 4 915 (Grantsdale) chipset it released on the 21st of this month. It has told motherboard makers that a defect has been found and the products should be returned."

Intel rushes to fix Alviso bug - the inquirer
"I say this is a minor problem because you would pretty much have to me a moron to buy an Alviso machine with DDR anyway. The 15 or so minutes of battery life when you use DDR2 is well worth the price premium, especially considering it is probably not going to be in cheap laptops to begin with"

The Intel Tejas Affair explained - the inquirer
"This reasoning was the final step in a long line of decisions, steps and missteps. The architectures for Willamette/Northwood, Prescott and Nehalem were decided upon years and years ago, and what we have seen, and are seeing are the very end of the cycle. Nothing you will be able to buy in the next year or two can be changed now in anything more than a minor way"

Bumps in the Road: Intel's Recent Delays in Perspective - Sudhian
"Its true, Intelís recall of Grantsdale and the just-publicized Lindenhurst problems are black spots on the companyís record, but the i820 disaster was far, far worse.  Intelís Grantsdale recall happened immediately after the chipset launch with few, if any, systems actually shipped to market."

HP Recalls Thousands of Notebooks - X-bit labs
"Palo Alto, California-based HP said problems can arise when the chips, or memory modules, are used in conjunction with chipsets made by Intel, a separate video graphics controller and Intelís Pentium 4 for mobile PCs or the Pentium M processor and a type of power management technology, according to a Reuters report citing HPís officials"

HP Notebook Recall on Memory Modules - Notebook Review
"HP has announced it will recall memory modules in up to 900,000 laptops manufactured between March 2002 and July 2003.  Lockups and bluescreens can occur due to faulty interaction between various manufacturer DRAM modules and Intel chipsets. "

26/06/04 31 bugs in Pentium 4 E - Clubic
"The bugs in question can cause problems of performances and stability. Some will be corrected directly by an update of the BIOS of the mother charts, others will be it through the next revisions of the processor."

Intel Recalls New Chipsets - The Street
"Intel announced the recall of some chipsets Friday -- code-named Grantsdale and Alderwood -- less than a week after their much-ballyhooed launch."

08/28/00 Intel Admits Problems With Pentium III 1.13 GHz - THG
"I tried a motherboard with Intel's i820 chipset, the Asus P3C-L, with VIA's Apollo Pro 133A chipset, the Asus P3V4X, with Intel's i840 chipset, Intel's very own OR840, and finally with Intel's good old 440BX chipset, the Asus P3B-F. The results were the same on each platform. The processor was so unstable that I had to call off the benchmarking completely"

04/21/00 Confusion Reigns Over Intel Recall - The White Pages
"Intel Corp. has posted a recall on some of its PC motherboards with its relatively new i820 chipset. That's the bare bones of the story, but the details have led to consumer confusion."

Pentium Bug Revisited - MAA
"The furor started with an e-mail message from Thomas R. Nicely, a mathematician at Lynchburg College in Virginia, who was doing computations related to the distribution of prime numbers. Nicely pointed out that the chip gave incorrect answers to certain floating-point (decimal) division calculations. Other users quickly confirmed the problem and identified additional examples in which an error occurs."
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Bug: noun - Etymology: origin unknown - an unexpected defect, fault, flaw, or imperfection - Merriam Webster
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