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AMD and Chartered Special
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10/20/06 AMD’s ramp at Chartered revealed! - Fabtech
"The other issue, of course, is whether AMD needs this extra capacity. Fab 36 is shifting production to 65nm while continuing to ramp wafer starts. Another sign that AMD is loading Fab 7 at a reasonable rate is the percentage of revenue Chartered is getting from the PC segment. This has gone up from 19 percent in 1Q06 to 37 percent in 3Q07"

AMD Begins First Revenue Shipments of  Products Manufactured At Chartered
AMD announced that in June it began its first revenue shipments of AMD64 processors manufactured at Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing in Singapore. AMD and Chartered ramped 300mm production at Fab 7 in record time, hitting all major milestones and starting production at mature yields. Initial shipments out of Chartered consisted of microprocessors manufactured on 90nm process technology. The ramp of volume production at Chartered combined with recent announcements in Dresden shows that AMD will have the ability to intelligently scale and flex production in line with customer demand.

AMD orders Chartered chips - CNET
"Chartered is neck and neck with China's Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. (SMIC) in the market for made-to-order microchips, which is dominated by larger rivals Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) & United Microelectronics Corp. (UMC)."

Yields of AMD chips above 50 percent at Chartered - Fabtech
"AMD's first foundry partner, Chartered Semiconductor has already been able to produce fully working die with yields equal to or even better than those achieved at AMD, according to a March 15th report from Bear Stearns.The reports authors said that yields were at 50 percent at Chartered's Fab7 but sometimes even better than those achieved within AMD's own fab! Furthermore, AMD would be receiving 2,000wspm by July 2006 "

Singapore Chartered Semi May Get Revenue Boost From AMD - Yahoo
"Chartered Semi has said it expects capacity at Fab 7 to be 18,000 wafers per month by the end of this year. This compares to 9,000 wafers per month at the end of 2005"

Chartered Semi to introduce 65 nano chip soon - the inquirer
"Chartered has an alliance with Samsung, Infineon and IBM because they all bring different elements to the party. Chartered is jointly developing at East Fishkill for 90, at 65 and at 45 nanometres. And Sony and AMD are in a joint deal at East Fishkill over

Chartered to start making AMD processors in mid-2006 - Computer Partner
"Singaporean contract chip maker Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing Ltd. will begin producing 64-bit microprocessors for Advanced Micro Devices Inc. late in the second quarter of 2006, a spokeswoman said Monday."

300-mm fab drives Chartered's Q3 - EETimes
"In a conference call on the firm's third quarter results Oct. 21, Chia said
90-nm revenues at Chartered's 300-mm fab, which began commercial shipments in June, increased by over $70 million sequentially, marking the "first time in our history that we've been able to achieve such a ramp in any of our new fabs." "

Chartered expects larger loss in Q3 - EETimes
"Singaporean foundry Chartered last month completed a private placement of $300 million worth of “units” with the trading division of Goldman Sachs (Singapore) Pte. Chartered is using the net proceeds to repay some of its current debt with the remainder to be used for other working capital and general corporate purposes"

Chartered’s 300mm ramp goes mad! - FabTech
"Chartered Semiconductor is attempting something no other foundry has been able to achieve to date! With the big four foundries (TSMC, UMC, SMIC & Chartered) all having produced second quarter results and provided some forward production projections, one big thing sticks out a mile! Chartered is projecting that its
300mm facility, Fab 7, will have gone from 4,133wspm in the second quarter to 22,800 wspm by the end of the third quarter this year"

Chartered’s Sea of Red Ink - Semiconductor International
"Chartered moved to rev its joint 90nm base process platform with IBM during the quarter, announcing additional common design enablement support to help early adopters reduce design risks and achieve fast volume ramp for their leading-edge system-on-chip products. The company said it expects to see volume shipments of leading-edge 90nm wafers in the third quarter, which are forecast to comprise approximately 24 percent of revenues."

AMD in trouble over Greater China chip export plan - the inquirer
"According to Der Spiegel, AMD has hoped for months for the German government to approve its plans to use Chartered as a second source foundry. It wanted the German government to give its official approval to the plan, and has wanted to do so for quite some time now."

05/07/05 Chartered Begins Customer Prototyping in 300mm Fab
Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing, one of the world’s top dedicated semiconductor foundries, has begun prototyping customer products at its first
300-millimeter (mm) facility, Fab 7, at multiple advanced technology nodes. The 300mm pilot production activities currently run on Chartered’s 0.13-micron process, the 90-nanometer (nm) cross-foundry platform jointly developed by Chartered and IBM, and the 90nm silicon-on-insulator (SOI) process tuned to IBM’s high-performance product needs.

IBM, Chartered extend technology development pact - ARN Net
"Chartered's partnership with IBM was credited by the company with playing a role in helping the company sign a production agreement with Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). AMD has a separate technology development partnership with IBM, and this shared connection has been cited as one reason AMD and Chartered came together."

Chartered looks forward to partnership with AMD - IT World
"If everything goes to plan, Chartered will begin producing processors for AMD using a 90-nanometer manufacturing process in 2006, just as AMD begins shifting its own processor production lines to a 65-nanometer process. (The reference to size used when describing a chip-making process indicates the size of the smallest feature that can be created on a piece of silicon using a given process. Thus, the smaller the size is, the more advanced the process technology.)"

AMD and chartered sign Sourcing and Manufacturing Technology Agreements
AMD and Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing announced they have entered into sourcing and manufacturing technology agreements whereby Chartered will implement under license portions of AMD's Automated Precision Manufacturing (APM) software suite and become an additional manufacturing source of AMD64 microprocessors.

Chartered to accelerate ramp in 300-mm fab - EE Times
"Hoping to close the gap on its silicon foundry rivals, Singapore's Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing Pte. Ltd. will shortly begin to install the equipment for its initial 300-mm wafer fab, with plans to accelerate the production ramp in the plant.
Chartered will begin installing the fab tools in its 300-mm plant next month, as part of its planned effort to move the Fab 7 facility into production by the third quarter of 2003"
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