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Coatue Corporation utilizes a proprietary engineering breakthrough to develop and manufacture nonvolatile memory chips that are faster, simpler to fabricate, and lower cost than existing devices. This device takes advantage of the unique material properties of organic semiconductors. The Company is using a patent-pending organic compound that replaces over 90% of the complex transistors needed in a memory chip.
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11/28/03 Plastic memory shows promise - CNET
"By utilising a previously unknown property of a cheap, transparent plastic called PEDOT -- short for polyethylenedioxythiophene -- the inventors say that data densities as high as a megabit per square millimetre should be possible. By stacking layers of memory, a cubic centimetre device could hold as much as a gigabyte and be cheap enough to compete with CDs and DVD. "

AMD backs plastic memory - vnunet
"Coatue is only one of several companies working on what is called thin-film polymer memory, including a Swedish company called Thin Film Electronics in which Intel has an interest ? and which is reported to have hit problems with the technology. Coatue was not answering queries from PCW, but it was quoted in MIT?s Technology Review last year as saying it planned to have a 32Gbit chip by 2004."

AMD'S purchase of Coatue could boost its memory, signal strategy - SmallTimes
"But, instead of taking Coatue in-house, AMD sold it to FASL LLC, a joint venture with Japan's Fujitsu, said Nation. FASL started as a joint-venture company aimed at wafer manufacturing. In June, it officially became its own entity, expanding beyond manufacturing to focus on the nonvolatile memory market, which is where Coatue's memory technology fits in."

Days that plastic memories might rather forget - EETimes
"FASL LLC's leadership in nonvolatile memory technologies, coupled with Coatue's new class of polymer-based technologies, creates a powerful combination," said Andrew Murray, principal of ITU Ventures, in a statement."

08/06/03 Coatue secretly sold to AMD, folded into FASL - Silicon Strategies
An article referenced from Coatue's website dated June 2002, quotes Andrew Perlman, then Coatue's chief executive officer, saying: "We have a few small prototype chips already that can store 256k of data." It continues: "Our next major milestone is to have a one-megabit chip operational by the end of the year, to start testing in devices. Then, next year 2003, our first production chip will be in the one-gigabyte range,"

08/06/03 AMD scores potential 8-Gbit win over Intel - Silicon Strategies
"AMD is a rival to Intel not only in PC processors but also in non-volatile memory now the domain of the FASL joint venture which trades as 'Spansion'. AMD's acquisition of Coatue could cause major disruption if FASL LLC can produce an 8-Gbit or larger non-volatile memory based on polymer technology, which was in Coatue's plan prior to the announcement of the acquisition."

AMD ready to escalate its memory technology partnership - Electronics Weekly
"The memory could be stacked in three-dimensions, making it potentially low-cost as well as high density, with switching speeds in the terahertz range. It can be manufactured in a CMOS fab. Coatue is aiming at a 32Gbit device by 2004. AMD is looking for new approaches to non-volatile memory, it said, because conventional floating gate flash memory is running out of steam."

05/13/03 Coatue not yet in 3D, but sees success in plastic memory - Silicon Strategies
"If Coatue is backed by AMD it would make for a neat symmetry, for Opticom has been supported in its efforts by AMD's big rival in PC microprocessors and flash memory sales, Intel Corp"

A Big Name in Chips Helps Coatue in Molecular Memory Race - nanoelectronicsplanet
"Coatue's long-term goal is to eventually combine all the memory needed to run a PC DRAM, SRAM and hard disk into a 3-D memory stack that sits atop the microprocessor. But for now, the Woburn, Mass.-based company will have to be content with putting a 1 megabyte prototype into the hands of portable device manufacturers by year's end and having a multi-gigabyte molecular memory on the market by 2004"

Coatue leaves Cambridge for Woburn - cummings
"Like many new firms, Coatue reportedly has aggressive expansion plans. According to company officials, Coatue will use the Woburn facility, owned by privately held Cummings Properties, to manufacture prototypes using its proprietary polymer microchip technology."

Improved memory - Boston
"Coatue's memory chip (in another nod to Nantucket, it has been dubbed Madaket Memory) could be produced and marketed by AMD, an Intel competitor that is also one of Coatue's backers. The company has received additional funding from Draper Fisher Jurvetson's New England office"
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