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"which made me remember a great website for anyone interested in finding Turion laptops....
....AMDBoard is a great resource"
TurionSeeker & ECE_Tim - Laptop Logic - 10/13/05

"J'ai trouvé sur (décidément pourquoi n'ai je découvert cette bible qu'aujourd'hui?  ) un référencement complet des cartes mères pour K8, avec caractéristiques, photos, tests pour certaines et même downloads divers"
Modo  - PC Inpact - 05/13/05

"This has to be in my opinion one of the best and most popular sites for testing & reviewing infomation or AMD Boards"
Cyberlinks - Asus World Fan Club - 03/06/05

"EXCELENTE base de dados p sistemas AMD"
Daniel - AquaPC - 11/22/04

"the amdboard is one of the most well-organized AMD resources I’ve found anywhere. A very good place to start when buying a new computer."
karl_mahlmann Yahoo AMD Board 06/25/04

"An excellent resource for AMD MotherBoards. Select a brand from the right panel and you'll get reviews, specifications, pertinent links, articles, and more."

"Good lord, that is the most garish, ugly looking hunk of crap web page I have ever seen in my life.
I am going to grab this and use it in my classes to show my students how **NOT** to write HTML.
Your link injures the eyes and poisons the soul, I think I am going to go puke now."
muddderload  - Yahoo! AMD Board 03/10/04

"Come mention of ? Awesome site"
Payne3d - Rage3D 09/24/03

Thread Title: Best AMD review site EVER!
"Wow is all I can say. It has a trashy layout, but I found ALL of the reviews I was looking for"
anomaly - AnandTech 02/19/03

"All I can say is damn! Awesome stuff"
anomaly - AnandTech 02/19/03

"This site has so many info relating to AMD and hardware, must-see!"
Ian - HKGolden 02/04/03

"Here's an excellent site I was recently turned onto, it has as many OC articles as I've seen at a Website to date"
Liquid3D ForumOC 11/08/02 - also
Madshrimps' reviewer

"awesome site"
illogicalGlitch - Computermechanics 09/12/02

"this is possibly the worst site i've ever been on. you're listing hardware in it with no reviews at all.
What is the use of this?"
Ron Reid by mail 07/10/02

"This whole Amdboard site is excellent"
John P Smith Geek 12/19/01

"You manage to present such a wealth information on a single page and keep it clear and easily navigable. Not an easy thing to do. Thanks for the tremendous site."
avatar99 - Ragingbull AMD board 11/13/01

"I think the site is great. When I first heard about it (what, a month ago or so) and visited it, I didn't think much of it, to tell you the truth. When I visited it again last night, I was amazed at how much it has grown and how much good information is in it. I especially like the links to the different motherboards. That's an excellent resource IMO"
neye_eve - Ragingbull AMD board 11/14/01

"For those who are looking for AMD News & Details , this is a very good site !!!!!!!"
commonfact - Yahoo! AMD Board 11/15/01

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