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AMD GEODE Motherboard Special - Compulab CM-i686M

Commell LV650
AMD PIC (Personal Internet Communicator) - Emma
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Compulab CM-i686M

CM-i686M Highlights

Full-featured Embedded PC on module

58 x 68 mm - smaller than a credit card !

NS Geode CPU : x86 architecture, 266/300 MHz, 16 KB cache, FPU, MMX

PCI, LPC, AC97 and ISA expansion busses

32 - 128 Mbyte SDRAM

1 - 512 Mbyte Flash Disk

Graphics Controller with interface for TFT panels, NTSC/PAL TV and RGB color monitors
see LCD panel support

Video Input port

Host USB ports

Sound codec with speaker and microphone support (optional)

Standard peripherals: serial ports, LPT port, I/O ports, FDC, PS/2 keyboard and mouse, IrDA, HDD interface  (optional)

10/100BaseT Ethernet port (optional)

Power consumption below 5W

Interchangeable with other CORE modules via CAMI connectors

The CM-i686M Computer-on-Module is a tiny single board computer, designed to serve as a building block in embedded applications. The CM-i686M has all the components needed to run operating systems such as Windows, Linux or VxWorks. Ready packages for these operating systems are available from CompuLab.
The CM-i686M is both small and inexpensive. Its small size allows integration into hand-held and mobile applications, providing a powerful computing core. Its extremely low price makes it an ideal selection for cost-sensitive applications. Based on AMD's GeodeTM processor, the CM-i686M provides excellent price/functions/performance in comparison with any other PC-compatible embedded system.

The feature set of the CM-i686M module combines a 64-bit memory architecture, Flash Disk and essential computing peripherals. For embedded applications, the CM-i686M provides a 32-bit PCI bus, 100Mbit Ethernet, serial ports, general purpose I/O lines and many other essential functions.

The standardized CAMI (CompuLab's Aggregated Module Interface) connectors allow interchangeability with other CompuLab's Computer-on-Module's, enabling the flexibility required in a dynamic market where application requirements can change rapidly.

Software support for the CM-i686M includes ready-to-run packages for:

* Linux
* Windows CE and XP
* VxWorks
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AMD Geode CPU Frequency TDP Power Vcc Fanless
NX 1250@6W 667MHz 9W 6W 1.1V Y
NX 1500@6W 1.0GHz 9W 6W 1.0V Y
NX 1750@14W 1.4GHz 25W 14W 1.25V N
  Linux DOS VxWorks Win CE  Win XP 
Image size (MB) Feb-55 2-Jan 6-Feb 30-May 100+
Flash Disk + + + + +
VGA / LCD + + + + +
Video Input + - - - -
Ethernet + + + + +
USB Host + + - + +
Audio + - - + +
COM, LPT + + + + +
HDD + + + + +
FDD + + + - +
SIR + + + + ?
PS/2 Mouse + + + + +
PS/2 Keyboard + + + + +
PCMCIA + + + + +
CardBus + - - - +
+ Support is available (when o/s support is enabled) 22:23
 [date]  Support will be available on the specified date 
- No support available or planned B24
? Support availability still undetermined 
[gray] O/S is compatible with the CM-i686, but not supported by CompuLab