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Taipei Taiwan Computex 2004 Special
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Computex Taipei 2004 records record number of international visitors
"Computex Taipei 2004, held from June 1-5, attracted 26,222 overseas visitors (potential buyers), a 17.85% rise over the record visitors from 2003. The attendance makes Computex Taipei the world’s second largest IT exhibition after the CeBIT show held in Hannover Germany"

Computex regulars praise this year's exhibit - Taiwan News
"This year's show features 1,347 local and foreign companies occupying 2,828 booths in four exhibition sites: Taipei World Trade Center Halls 1, 2 and 3, and the Taipei International Convention Center. The four sites had a combined net exhibition space of 58,730 square meters, up 16.9 percent compared with last year's show, said C.J. Hsu, chairman of the Taiwan External Trade Development Council. "

Computex Lets Loose - PC World
"Not to be outdone, Advanced Micro Devices took the clippers to a couple of guys that make up its traveling show at Computex. Except for the letters "A-M-D" spelled out on the back of their heads, they had otherwise lost all but a couple of millimeters of their hair. So what's the price of a haircut in Taipei these days? One man told us he was being paid an extra $150 to wear the company brand on his head for the week."

06/03/04 PCI Express takes centre stage at Computex - vnu net
"Thomas Hsu, Abit's sales manager for South East Asia and Oceana, said the company is using ATI graphics processors because, unlike those from nVidia, they support native PCI Express, making its systems faster. But he added that he expects AGP8X cards to outsell PCI Express by about 7:3."

06/03/04 Notebooks to be at the center of the digital home, says Quanta
"Toshiba executive vice president Atsutoshi Nishida said that notebooks will set the core technology standards and become the most important digital home product. A notebook can satisfy all the needs of consumers looking for 3C (computer, communication, consumer electronics) products, he added."

06/03/04 Consumer electronics to drive chip demand - ARN
"Looking ahead, overall growth would remain strong through the remainder of this decade, he said, reiterating a prediction that the industry would enjoy a compound annual growth rate of 10-12 per cent through 2010"

06/02/04 China bans mainlanders from attending Computex - the inquirer
"An official with the Taipei Computer Association told the newswire said the businessmen from mailand China were not granted permission to visit the island whose status is the subject of political dispute"





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