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DDR 533 - PC4200 Memory Special - 15 Reviews
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Hot Links
All about Athlon 64, Athlon 64FX & Opteron OPN and ID
All about CPU OPN and identification is here
Make it silent!
Find the right DDR for your Opteron processor and motherboard
Buffalo - website
Buffalo Technology PC4300 DDR533 Memory - PC stats

Geil - website - best price
Geil PC-4200 1024Mb dual channel DDR RAM pack - Dan's Data
GeIL dual-channel PC 4200 - Club OC

OCZ - website - best price
11/03/04 OCZ Announces ultra high performance PC-4200 EL DDR Platinum with 2.5-3-3 Timings
OCZ EL DDR PC-4200 Dual Channel - Madshrimps
OCZ EL PC4200 DDR533 Dual Channel - PC stats
OCZ PC4200EL DR Memory - Club OC
OCZ DDR PC-4200 Dual Channel - MadShrimps
OCZ 4200EL: Tops in Memory Performance - Anand Tech

Hyperam - website
KT Hyperam PC4200 1GB Dual Channel Kit Review - Club OC

PMI - website

Kingston - website - best price
12/20/05 Kingston Hyper-X pc4300 CL3 1GB Kit Review - Cache-Community
Kingston HyperX PC4300 Review - PC Modding
Kingston HyperX 1024MB PC4300 Dual Channel DDR Memory Kit - Extreme OC

Corsair - website - best price

Centon - website
Centon Advanced Gemini DDR2 PC2-4200LL Review - PC Modding
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