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"We overestimated Intel and underestimated AMD in prior periods." - Michael Dell 09/05/06

02/20/07 AMD CEO Says Dell Partnership Moving Ahead - CRN
"Some industry observers speculate that Dell -- one of AMD's biggest and newest customers -- may be rethinking its relationship with the processor vendor. Last year, Dell agreed to begin making notebooks, desktop PCs and servers with AMD processors for the first time. That deal, though, was struck when Dell's CEO was Kevin Rollins, who resigned under pressure last month. Dell has been suffering through declining revenue and profit, loss of market share and two federal investigations into its finances. "

Q&A: Dell's European server head speaks out for AMD - TechWorld
"Following on from the official launch of Dell's first AMD Opteron-based servers, the four-socket PowerEdge 6950 and the HPC-targeted SC1435, we spoke to Dell's European server division head Andy Rhodes to find out more about the company's thinking about AMD and the future of the data centre. "

AMD's Ruiz and Dell, together at last - CNET
"Ruiz was joined by Michael Dell, chairman of PC company Dell, before 41,000 attendees at Oracle's conference here at Moscone Center. The two executives, long on opposite sides of the technology spectrum, are now partners after an extended courtship involving
AMD's Opteron processors."

Dell in the penalty box - cnn money
""Dell's overall PC market share is 33% in the U.S. but only about 12.5% in the rest of the world, presenting a big opportunity for growth. As more people worldwide connect to the Internet, there's no reason Dell's direct-sales model can't succeed in newer markets."

Battery Recall May Ding Dell Reputation - eWeek
""Shope added that Dell needs "major structural and strategic actions. These changes should include, but not be limited to the following: substantial changes in business leadership structure; significant refinements to the direct model in the consumer space; restructuring initiatives to lower discretionary spending and product cost structure; and a more substantial move to AMD," said Shope"

AMD Dell deal is a big Dell deal indeed - the inquirer
"The desktop assault begins now. You saw the Lenovo deal, and various other bits and pieces, but it is time for the real launch to begin soon. The raw numbers we hear are above 10 million CPUs, but the time frame keeps changing. Some people say hard targets of three to four million CPUs a quarter, other give mildly different variations. Several sources are pointing at 33-50% of Dell business desktops in the near future. This deal is as big as you can get, and will cut across servers, desktops and laptops."

Dell to launch AMD-based notebooks in 4Q - DigiTimes
"Dell will launch a wide-range of AMD notebooks in the fourth quarter, targeting all market segments from low end to high end and offering models that use
AMD Sempron and Athlon 64 processors, as well as Turion 64 x2 CPUs, according to sources at Taiwan-based notebook makers."

AMD's Dangerous Dell Deal - Forbes
"Now the tech rumor mill is churning out more AMD-Dell deals: perhaps an AMD-based Dell desktop for the third quarter; maybe an AMD-powered notebook by the end of the year. Representatives for Dell and AMD declined to comment. "

Dell Falls for AMD - analyst - Reg Hardware
"The financial analyst firm has Dell shipping PCs and notebooks with AMD Inside during the fourth quarter. Such a move would build on Dell's decision in May to add AMD's Opteron chip as an option for high-end, four-socket servers. In a larger context, Dell's use of AMD chips in consumer and business computers would be a huge blow against Intel."

Dell using AMD as bargaining chip with Intel - DigiTimes
"Dell's adopting AMD CPUs is related to Intel's decision to cancel rebates for desktop OEMs, and it is just a matter of time when the computer giant will step further and launch AMD-based notebooks and desktops if the number one chipmaker stands by its new pricing scheme, according to industry soruces."

AMD and Dell sign deal for millions of chips - the inquirer
"The AMD-Dell deal not only includes 4P servers or 2P servers but is more focused on desktop and notebook side of things. The CPUs in question are single and dual-core Athlon 64s, Semprons and of course, Opterons. While we have no information about the timings new line of Dell XPS desktops, the notebook side of the thing is getting prepped as we right now"

Size of AMD's Dell hook-up set to shock - the inquirer
"MacBooks, MacDesktops and MacBookshelves need their 64-bit CPUs in order to make OSX fly. Or the emulation of Windows, of course. Probably by not running Boot camp, rather the offering from Parallels."

Dell's defection to AMD dissected - the inquirer
"Their mouths were foamy at the idea of K8L, but again, that's a year out. Intel production limited? That is a six-month thing, not nearly enough for
Dell to make a switch, much less jeopardize the billions that Intel funnels its way to keep that upstart HP in place. "

Dell hooks up with AMD - The Register
Opteron embrace ends years of speculation about when Dell would finally give in and pick up AMD as a second supplier. Oddly, Dell is going the AMD route at a time when Intel is about to release chips that are more competitive with those of its rival."

Dell gets on The Green Grid - CNET
"Dell joins AMD,
Sun Microsystems, Hewlett-Packard and IBM, the founding members of The Green Grid, announced last month. Rackable Systems and Egenera have also joined the consortium, which seeks to provide a discussion forum and best-practices resource for IT managers trying to control power consumption in their data centers."

Dell Acquires Alienware, Denies AMD Switchover - Gamasutra
"Dell spokesman Jess Blackburn stated to the Reuters news agency that the company had no plans to use AMD processors, saying that, “Our strategy in terms of suppliers that we work with is unchanged.” Nevertheless, AMD stock rose 2.1 percent in extended trading."

Dell Buys Alienware - Daily Tech
"Alienware and Dell have announced an agreement to merge, with Dell buying the Miami company. Alienware has long been a very independent company with a strong focus on highly tuned customer support and customization. Alienware pioneered the custom PC business by doing such things as: customizing the manual in the customer's name; including benchmarks of the system, installing and tweaking drivers, and installing whatever games the customer wanted.."

Dell will not pick up AMD - the inquirer
"One problem is that Dell does not sell AMD now, so that 25% of the total market is not counting 30% of it that is closed to them. This means, of the companies they sell to, AMD has about a 35%
marketshare. If Dell picks AMD up, it is reasonable to assume that AMD will sell about the same percentage through Dell as it does to the rest of the world, so would jump to about 35% of the overall market, or a whopping 40% more than they are selling now"

Analyst: Dell + AMD = more harm than good - CNET
"Dell's rivals are pushing AMD chips for PCs because customers have accepted the chip there and profit margins are better than with Intel chips, Sacconaghi said. Specifically, he estimated that operating margins increase 1 to 2 percentage points, a huge difference in a business with typical margins between 0 and 3 percent. "

No one cares about Dell and AMD - the inquirer
"At this rate, you can expect AMD-powered Dell systems to launch yesterday and be available globally by breakfast time tomorrow. And to start on the notebook front? That seems an odd choice doesn’t it? AMD’s server and desktop chips are generally seen as more advanced (and cheaper), but most experts will say that that Intel’s notebook line-up is stronger – both technologically and in market terms. Why then would Dell choose AMD notebook chips?"

Dell boss: 'No $100 laptops and no AMD deal' - Silicom
"He also told a select group of journalists that there is no 'done deal' with AMD over the use of its chips in Dell kit, despite rumours to that effect late last week. Josh Claman, UK head of Dell, said: "I wish I'd invested in AMD stock before the rumour came out.""

Dell: We're open to using AMD chips - CNET
"Industry analysts have long speculated that Dell might start offering customers the option of buying PCs that run on AMD microprocessors. Some analysts recently said that Dell may adopt AMD in servers, notebooks and desktops this year. "

Dell Puts Its Chips on Intel - eWeek
"Dell customers say they agree with the vendor's decision, although some want to see Intel step up. Rackspace Managed Hosting, a division of Rackspace Ltd., has about 17,000 servers in five data centers, about one-third of which are Dell servers and the rest are Opteron-powered white-box systems."

Dell soaking up AMD chip sales - the inquirer
"Last year we reported that Dell was flogging AMD chips on its web site and it appears to be doing quite well. We’re still totally unsure whether these chips are sourced through traditional AMD distributors like Avnet or whether Dell has a special deal with the firm to flog them. AMD is expected to rebound with additional stocks before the end of this month."

Why Dell will have to take the AMD route - the inquirer
"The problems is, when the price/performance gets so out of whack that the subsidy would end up being more than the value of the CPUs in the system. What do you do? If you are Dell and Intel, do you lose accounts or send out servers with $100 bills stapled to the boxes? If you add in power, it only gets worse for Dell."

Dell's interest in AMD: old story with new twist - TechWorld
"Amid that backdrop, the Economic News Daily in Taipei reported Monday that Dell has told its manufacturing partners for desktops, notebooks and servers in Taiwan to get ready for a large order of AMD systems that will carry Dell's logo. It's likely that Dell is once again going through the charade of flirting with AMD in order to wring concessions from Intel, but the purported talks would represent a new level of interest in AMD if accurate, analysts said Monday."

Dell Going AMD soon!
Some well informed Taiwanese sources are telling us that Dell has asked some well-known ODM manufacturers to design AMD-based products and to be prepared for massive production as soon as Dell will request it. The concerned ODMs are Honhai (Foxconn) for server products, Quanta for notebooks and Asus for plain vanilla motherboards. If true, this move would be the final blow to Intel with the end of a long exclusive partnership and a huge victory for AMD.

Dell Testing AMD Waters - The Street
"However, this isn't the first time that rumors have surfaced that Dell is considering adding AMD processors to its lineup. And with AMD's increasing importance in the marketplace, and Dell's recent missteps, the prospect of the two companies hooking up takes on greater significance."

Dell predicts dual-core Xeons to top AMD in 2006 - InfoWorld
"Intel takes a very definitive lead in performance and power management at
65 nanometers. ... If we thought AMD was going to be supercompetitive in the spring and fall of next year, we'd be introducing AMD products right now," Dell said. Enck did not follow up and ask why Dell hasn't introduced AMD products over the past year, given that Intel did not have that performance lead at the 90 nm process generation."

eWhy No Opteron for Dell? - eWeek
"The revelation that Dell is phasing out Intel's Itanium processors in favor of its more-standard Xeon processors highlights the difficulty Intel has had with its bogged-down efforts to get Itanium out of the starting blocks."

Dell agrees to AMD subpoena request - the inquirer
"Electronic records of two former Dell employees, Dan Anderson and Alan Luecke can't be preserved, the firm said."

Dell Looking To Do In The Server Field What It Did With PCs — Lower Prices - Investors
"Dell's decision to use only Intel chips puts the firm at a serious disadvantage to rivals using chips from Advanced Micro Devices, (AMD) says Mark Stahlman, an analyst at Caris & Co. AMD took the lead in 64-bit chips and dual-core processors. "Every corporation in the world is asking for AMD products," Stahlman said. "The customers are going nuts for AMD servers. Intel servers are crummy in comparison.""

Michael Dell, Kevin Rollins named in AMD subpoena - the inquirer
"Another letter sent to HP requests that Mike Capellas and Carly Fiorina, both formerly at
HP, are named custodians of data that AMD wants. Vyomesh Joshi, still at HP, is also mentioned as a "custodian", as well as Shane Robison, Mary McDowell, Ann Livermore and Robert Wayman"

Dell remains open to AMD - IT Web
"The Dell executive said AMD might have trouble meeting additional demand for high-volume PC products, but not necessarily for chips used in high-end PC servers."

Dell Chief Affirms Commitments to Intel, Blades, And Global Sourcing - Information Week
"Such capabilities should help further Dell's strategy to sell more blade servers, which aroused doubts soon after hitting the market a few years ago over whether data centers were equipped to cool components working in such close proximity. Blade servers have grown in popularity, although it's been a slow process. Revenue from blade servers totaled $1.2 billion in 2004, slightly more than expected, due in part to higher average selling prices as users have aggressively deployed more two- and four-processor blades than had been expected. "

Dell rejects idea of AMD defection - The Register
"Dell's CEO Kevin Rollins today told a group of financial analysts that Intel appears to have corrected numerous problems affecting its chip product over the past year. The close Dell partner has done enough to make up for these mistakes, so a possible deal with AMD is no longer in the works"

Dell enters Opteron Hell - the inquirer

How MS will end the Dell - Intel love-in - The Register
"Dell, expect in the case of Itanium, always waits for customers to demand a new product before it adds the gear to its hardware lineup. If only the bravest customers are testing out Microsoft Server products on
dual-core Opteron servers, then Dell would seem to be able to wait until Intel rolls out a dual-core Xeon"

Dell close to adopting AMD chips - Info World
"Rollins pointed to AMD's technology lead on Intel in the 64-bit category as the primary reason for the shift in Dell's Intel-only strategy. "They've been getting better and better. The technology is better. In some areas they're now in the lead on Intel. That is what is interesting us more than anything," he said"

11/11/04 Dell Rolls On, But Slowdown Looms Ahead - Investors
"The AMD products being sold by
Sun Microsystems, (SUNW) HP and IBM (IBM) are going to be so definitively superior in the marketplace that the time will come that Dell's going to have to take the plunge," Stahlman said. He expects Dell to start selling systems with AMD chips next spring."

For Dell and AMD, a tantalizing question - ZD Net
"Additionally, AMD gives Dell a lever. Sources say Dell has been on the verge of deals with AMD a number of times, only to back away late in the process after wringing concessions from Intel. (Microsoft similarly awarded Intel the
Xbox contract at the 11th hour.)"

The real reasons why Dell spurns AMD - the inquirer
"Dell is Intel's biggest customer, bar none, for its range of microprocessors, and we're pretty sure that when Craig Barrett and Mr Keith Rollins get chatting over a bottle of Round Rock in Dellshire, Texas, the good doctor comes as a supplicant rather than as a dictator."

Intel Inside holds up Dell Opteron adoption - the inquirer
"Now Dell is deeply embedded with Intel and you might be surprised to hear that the Inside campaign is worth several hundreds of millions of dollar to the PC maker"

Dell Denies Advanced Micro Connection - The Street
"However, a spokesperson for Dell disputed the report. "We don't have any plans currently nor have we announced any plans to offer a product based on AMD," said Bruce Anderson"

06/29/04 Dell seen selling AMD-based computers - Reuters
"Dell spokesman Bruce Anderson declined to comment on the report, but pointed out that market speculation about Dell's use of AMD chips is not new. Dell currently builds all of its computers with Intel Corp. microprocessors."

Dell Means Business - eWeek
"Real estate company Long & Foster Cos. standardized on Dell systems and storage about three years ago, attracted by the price/performance of the vendor's offerings. But Long & Foster CIO Michael Koval said that Dell recently has been pressed by competitors such as HP on price and that Dell needs to expand its line of servers to include
Opteron-based systems, refreshed blades and systems with more than four processors."

Dell Will Join Opteron Party, AMD CEO Says - Channel Insider
"However, Dell, of Round Rock, Texas, will eventually come around as customer demand swells, he said. Ruiz added that he knew of two major businesses who said they would not buy from Dell because the company doesn't have Opteron-based systems"

Dell Scrambles To Explain Opteron Ad Goof - Entreprise Linux IT
""As we understand it, this product was being sold through Dellware, Dell's catalog business," AMD spokesperson Amy Stansbury told NewsFactor. "Unlike Dell Corporation, which sells Dell-branded products, Dellware sells a range of products by multiple manufacturers through a distributor""

Dell website advertising Opterons - Geek
"Dell does not carry spare parts for items it does not sell. Ergo, if it's carrying spare part
Opteron chips, it's going to be carrying a server to put those spare parts into sooner or later. Craig Barrett must have an ulcer by now. If he doesn't, he soon will, because if the Dell "Intel only" bastion falls, Intel's whole house of cards will fall with it"

New Memory Group Forged - Internet News
"As a memory technology, DDR2 architecture (define) is used for desktop, server and notebooks. Intel has been working to validate DDR2 modules for its client and server platforms. At its developers forum, the chipmaker said it has slated the technology for its next-generation "Prescott" chips and "Grantsdale" chipsets"

Dell will continue to spurn AMD chips - the inquirer
"Yet, if AMD's current chips are the best Dell has ever seen. And, if
IBM, HP and Sun are happy to deliver AMD-powered systems to their corporate clients, we wonder if "not never" will ever come for Dell."

Interview: Michael Dell—Where Do We Go From Here? - PC Magazine
"Well I think this idea of taking the 32-bit instruction set and extending it is good. I don't think AMD is the only company that's thought of that. In fact, I think Intel's kind of on record as talking about that. I don't think they've made a full, official announcement, but they have sort of indicated they have [it], so I think when you sort of step back and you say, what would you do with one if you had it today. I fully expect that there will be a variety of choices there, and we're going to fully participate."

Dell 'suspects' Yamhill is on the way - The Register
"Based on these comments, it would seem Dell is waiting for
Microsoft finally to release a strong 64-bit operating system for both AMD and Intel's x86-64-bit chips. With all the partners in a row, Dell could play it safe and not offend anyone - always the option of choice in the land of Dull. "

Dell in centre of Opteron-Itanium paradox - the inquirer
"Even though the
Opteron platform is the most technically advanced, offers the best value for money, and is the best migratory platform to 64-bit computing, Intel offered a financial inducement we couldn't afford to ignore".

10/09/03 Dell won't bite at AMD's new 64-bit Opteron chip - Austin Statesman
"On Wednesday, Dell President Kevin Rollins indicated that the company intends to remain an Intel-only shop. Dell offers servers based on Intel's 64-bit Itanium chips, but AMD's new processors handle both 32-bit and 64-bit software. "To go with an AMD solution becomes problematic for us from a cost and kind of an ice-breaking standpoint. We believe
64-bit will be a technology customers will want and will migrate to it. It's a market that's emerging but not quite ripe yet.""

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