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02/17/06 Five Things You Didn't Know About Dual-Core Processors - TechWeb
"The widespread assumption is that the dual-core duel has been fought solely on the PC front, with AMD and Intel vying for the title of first to market. That's incorrect. In fact, IBM beat both companies to the multicore punch, albeit with a non-X86, server processor. That occurred when Big Blue rolled out its dual-core Power 4 chip in 2001, for use in IBM's RISC servers, in 2001."

Intel ups ante with 4-core chip New processor, due this year, will be faster, use less electricity
"In an effort to regain market share that its smaller rival Advanced Micro Devices has aggressively taken in the past year, Intel Corp.'s chief technology officer said Friday that the chip giant will start shipping microprocessors with four cores inside late this year.  To show the product is well on its way, Intel CTO Justin Rattner demonstrated a working server computer with a pair of the new microprocessors, code-named Clovertown."

01/26/06 AMD to Demo Quad-Core Chips in Mid-2006 - X-bit labs
"AMD plans to unveil server processors with virtualization technology and faster DDR2 memory support in mid-2006 and also to demonstrate its quad-core microprocessors in the same timeframe, the company is reported to have announced. The demonstrations will be carried out on the newly available server platforms for AMD Opteron processors, according to the web-site.""

Dual Core Dueling - Electronic News
"Both companies shipped dual core products in 2005, although they certainly had not reached large volumes or the mainstream.  But both companies, this year, outlined product plans that included dual core processors for their x86 servers, desktops and mobile processor chips.  Those devices are due to hit the market in the first half of 2006"

AMD aims for four-core Opterons - ComputerWorld
"The new processor will incorporate four cores connected together by a new version of the
Hypertransport interconnect technology, and will support DDR3 (double data rate 3) memory, he said at the event, which provides financial analysts and media with a "State of AMD" address that covers the company's technology, customers, and financial health."

AMD Bumps Up Quad Core Road Map/Develops Mobile Reference Platform For Systems Builders
"Phil Hester, corporate vice president and CTO, said by 2007 AMD will introduce processors that will contain at least four cores and scale to up to 32 sockets. The processors will be coupled with chip sets that contain L3 cache; an improved memory technology, presumable Fully Buffered DIMM (FBDIMM); and
Hypertransport 3.0 that will include support for fault tolerant I/O. "

Intel's Xeon ready to enter dual-core era - InfoWorld
"Earlier this week, Dell provided a preview of its dual-core systems. It said the systems would ship in the first half of October but declined to provide any other details about the Xeon chips that would ship with those systems. Also,
IBM announced three-entry level servers this week that will be available with dual-core chips by the middle of October."

IDF, Fall 2005: AMD demos dual-core mobile chip - PC Pro
"We are already the first manufacturer to bring dual core technology to the notebook,' said Bahr Mahony, the division marketing manager of AMD's mobile business segment, referring to the dual-core X2 inside
Voodoo's Envy Heavyweight laptop. Although the X2 is a desktop part, its lower power demands make it far more suitable to notebooks than Intel's Pentium D"

Intel's dual-core Pentium 4 a rush job - MacWorld
"The company’s Pentium D processors consist of two Pentium 4 cores placed closely together on a single silicon die. That design creates some problems in that dual-core processors must have some logic that coordinates the actions of both cores, and those transistors have to go somewhere in an already small package, Douglas said. This caused signaling problems that needed to be overcome, he said"

The Hidden Costs of Dual-Core Processors - News Factor
""Dual-core and multicore technology is designed to improve system efficiency and application performance for computers running multiple applications, as well as enable customers to get more CPU horsepower in a smaller footprint," observed Sun Microsystems  senior director of x64 servers Graham Lovell. "The general industry sense is very positive, and we anticipate that customers will move very rapidly to dual-core over the next several months.""

Oracle Changes Controversial Licensing Policy - Forbes
"Oracle has changed its licensing policies for dual core processors, bringing its pricing schemes more in line with those of its rivals.  The database vendor previously charged its enterprise software per processing core, meaning that a server running on a dual-core processor required two software licenses.  Oracle has now announced on it Web site that each core will count as 0.75 processors."

AMD quad core plans revealed - the inquirer
"This says that the AMD
65 nanometre process is on track, or that the quad core will be delayed, but it is shooting for Q1. One AMD wag told me "but that would make it a 300mm chip" as a sort of denial, and then started grinning his ass off, so it would have to be a 65 nanometre product, but who knows?"

AMD Showcases Wide-Ranging Motherboard Support For Dual-Core AMD64 Processors
Following the introduction of the world’s first dual-core AMD64 processors, including the first x86-based dual-core server and workstation processor, AMD (NYSE: AMD) announces close alignment and support from the world’s premier motherboard manufacturers. AMD and partners have shown a sustained commitment to AMD64 technology with dual-core support for the world’s highest performing x86-based 32- and 64-bit processors.

AMD “Shatters The Hourglass” With The Arrival Of The AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual-Core Processor
Completing the world’s only broad dual-core client and server processor line-up, AMD (NYSE: AMD) today announced the immediate availability of the
AMD Athlon 64 X2 dual-core processor. The AMD Athlon 64 X2 dual-core processor is poised to deliver an experience unmatched in the industry, targeting prosumer and digital media enthusiasts, as well as those who run many software applications simultaneously. These new processors, designed for desktop and desktop-replacement notebooks, shatter the hourglass icon by delivering performance improvements of up to 80 percent on select digital media and productivity applications compared to single-core AMD Athlon 64 processors.

05/18/05 Multi core of Intel and AMD compared - AnandTech
"The Pentium-D dual core Pentium 4 and Opteron 875 dual core are launched. At the end of 2007, a quad core Whitefield CPU will be launched by Intel, and a quad core “K9” of AMD will make a stand against Whitefield. The multi core train has picked up speed and is unstoppable. But what will be the challenges ahead? What are the architectural advantages of the current cores? What will set the different architectures apart? Read on in this third part of The Quest for More Processing Power series."

Dual-core CPUs wont boost motherboard sales believe Taiwan makers - PC Pro
Although the expected buzz at the upcoming
Computex Taipei 2005 show from May 31 to June 4 will involve the competing dual-core desktop CPU offerings from Intel and AMD, motherboard vendors have warned that the new processors may not help motherboard sales in the short-term.

Intel on AMD’s early dual-core win s: “Not so fast” - ZDnet
"Still smarting from having to swallow its pride over the success of AMD’s 32/64 hybrid technology (AMD64), it looks (or, at least appears on the surface) as though Intel may again be on the short end of AMD’s technological stick — this time, over dual core chip technology (the technology that basically packs two CPUs into one chip). "

Intel highlights its next-gen dual-core chips - CNET
"Code names for those second-generation dual-core chips are Conroe, for desktop machines; Merom, for laptops; and Woodcrest, for lower-end servers with two processor sockets, Otellini said. They will succeed Presler, Yonah and Dempsey, respectively. "

Performance Soars Amid Intel-AMD Dual-Core Duel - Tech News World
"Underneath their dueling dual-core processor announcements, demonstrations, and, most recently, actual releases to the market, Intel, which unveiled its Pentium Extreme Edition chips last month, and Advanced Micro Devices, which unleashed its Opteron chips, represent very different approaches to dual-core. Both, however, achieve a significant increase in computing  power for their customers, who are getting what is generally described by industry analysts as the biggest computing boost in more than two decades"

04/29/05 Friday Platform Trends: AMD's Dual-Core Strategy - Hardware Central
"AMD may have missed being first out of the gate, but the company has outlined its own dual-core release strategy for both the Opteron server/workstation and Athlon 64 desktop lines -- moving quickly to push dual-core, 64-bit-capable CPUs into the mainstream for everything from home PCs to the corporate enterprise"

Mobile Dual-Core CPUs In Works At Intel, AMD - CMP
"However, the low-powered dual cores currently in the works will be aimed at the sweet spot of the notebook market. "They will be true mobile processors," AMD spokesperson Jo Albers said, in an interview. "They will be introduced in 2006 within the mobile AMD Athlon 64 family and also in the Turion 64 family. The Turion is designed for thin and light notebooks.""

Newisys Introduces Best-in-Class Servers Supporting Dual-Core AMD Opteron
Newisys 2100-E features two Dual-Core AMD Opteron processors, up to 16 gigabytes of DDR400 memory, and superior systems-management tools for complete OS independence and maximum availability. The Newisys 2100-E is ideal for web or application hosting, high-performance computer clusters, offsite/remote server installations, database workloads and corporate data centers

Sun Announces Dual-Core Technology Across Entire x64 Server Product Line
Our new dual-core server can deliver double the value to customers for their hardware investment. In some cases, the
Sun Fire V40z servers powered by dual-core can take up to 60 percent less rack and floor space, require 50 percent less memory, disk space and I/O capacity, and cost less 50 percent less per node to manage than Xeon MP equivalent servers," said John Fowler, executive vice president, Network Systems Group for Sun Microsystems, Inc. "In addition, we've already seen great customer traction for our x64 systems."

Key OEM Customers Announce Support for Dual-Core AMD Opteron Processors
AMD's key OEM customers, including
Sun, HP and IBM, announced today their intention to launch ground-breaking, dual-core processor-based platforms based on the non-disruptive AMD64 dual-core technology, the world's leading x86, 64-bit computing environment. Additional partners also announced dual-core systems.

ATI Leverages Breakthrough AMD 64 Dual-Core Technology to Drive Graphics Industry Forward
The launch of the AMD Opteron processor in 2003 introduced AMD64, a new class of x86 computing, representing an evolutionary path to pervasive 64-bit computing by enabling 32- and 64-bit simultaneous computing. CATALYST - ATI's industry leading software suite provides full support for the 64 bit ecosystem, and combined with an Opteron ensures the maximum stability available in a graphic driver.

Entry level dual-core Opterons to be priced same as high-end single-core parts - DigiTimes
"According to Hector Ruiz, CEO and Chairman of AMD, the company will launch the Opteron dual-core processors on April 21. The dual-core Opteron 800 and 200 series are expected this quarter and the 100 series will hit the market in the third quarter. Both the Opteron 200 and 800 series will probably be introduced at speeds of 1.80GHz, 2.0GHz and 2.20GHz with 95W thermal design power (TDP), according to Xbit Labs."

AMD ignites licensing touchpaper - Computing Weekly
"Although the performance boost is a clear benefit, the use of dual-core technology could be held back by software suppliers not agreeing on whether to charge per processor or per core. Microsoft and Red Hat will charge per system processor, irrespective of the number of cores. BEA intends to charge a 25% additional fee for dual-core, rather than doubling the fee. But Oracle and IBM Informix will charge per processor core."

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AMD Dual-Core & Multi-Core Special - Part 1
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AMD64 Dual Core Physical Design
– Approximately same die size as 130nm single-core
AMD Opteron processor*
– ~205 million transistors*
• 95 watt power envelope
– Fits into
90nm power infrastructure
Socket 940 compatible
*Based on current revisions of the design

AMD Opteron Dual Core preview
AMD Opteron was designed from the start to add a second core
– Port already existed on crossbar/SRI
– One die with 2 CPU cores, each core has its own 1MB L2 cache
• Drops into existing
AMD Opteron 940-pin sockets that are compatible with 90nm single core CPU
• A BIOS update is all that is necessary to get a 4 processor/4 core server up and running as a 4 Processor/8 core server.
• The 2 CPU cores share the same memory and
HyperTransport technology resources found in single core AMD Opteron processors
– Integrated memory controller &
HyperTransport links route out the same as today’s implementation
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