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Key OEM Customers Announce Support for Dual-Core AMD Opteron Processors

Sun, HP and IBM showcase dual-core platforms based on
dual-core AMD64 processors; Leading server solutions providers to begin offering AMD Opteron processor-based systems   

In support of the
Dual-Core AMD Opteron(TM) processor, the industry's first enterprise-class x86 dual-core processor for servers and workstations launched today, AMD (NYSE:AMD) announced its key OEM and system builder customers will introduce a broad portfolio of server and workstation dual-core solutions.

AMD's key OEM customers, including
Sun, HP and IBM, announced today their intention to launch ground-breaking, dual-core processor-based platforms based on the non-disruptive AMD64 dual-core technology, the world's leading x86, 64-bit computing environment. Additional partners also announced dual-core systems.

"Because we built AMD64 technology from the ground-up for multi-core processing, it is a non-disruptive, upgradeable platform, for high-performance software and hardware solutions. AMD OEM partners and system builders can now have several inherent advantages over the competition -- faster time-to-market, lower design and support costs and potentially lower cost of operations. This is the height of customer-centric innovation," said Marty Seyer, corporate vice president and general manager, Microprocessor Business Unit, Computation Products Group, AMD. "
AMD64 dual-core processors are designed to fit inside the same thermal envelope and infrastructure as our AMD64 single-core processors. OEMs who will be supporting upgrades of dual-core processors can perform a BIOS upgrade and immediately enable their existing AMD64 platforms to take advantage of the power of dual-core processing for servers and workstations. AMD leads this market with superior innovation, superior architecture and an unwavering vision with dual core."

Enterprise support for Dual-Core AMD Opteron processors

Several dual-core AMD Opteron processor-based systems were announced today from a variety of vendors including Sun, HP, IBM, Cray, Supermicro, Egenera and Dawning.

Sun Microsystems, a company that has closely collaborated with AMD in bringing innovative dual-core solutions to market, announced dual-core support for their entire currently shipping family of AMD64 technology-based systems. John Fowler, executive vice president, Network Systems Group, Sun, said, "The combination of Sun Fire V40z servers and our Solaris 10 operating system, which has been optimized for AMD64 technology and dual-core processing, represents the next logical step for enterprise customers looking for a complete two-way through eight-way server solution in their data centers. With this powerful combination of technologies, our customers will be able to deploy mid-range servers to address significant workloads with the option to use Solaris, Linux or Windows while increasing their processing power up to eight-fold."

HP today launched the new HP ProLiant BL45p server blade and the dual-core HP ProLiant DL585. Both systems are based on the Dual-Core AMD Opteron processor, and enable enterprises to build more agile IT infrastructures. In addition, HP announced dual-core support for its existing AMD Opteron processor-based servers, blades and workstation. "We have experienced rapid adoption of HP ProLiant servers based on AMD Opteron processors as customers seek the performance and price/performance advantages delivered by our powerful AMD Opteron processor-based portfolio," said Brad Anderson, senior vice president and general manager, Industry Standard Servers, HP. "The introduction of dual-core technology drives more opportunities for our customers to stretch the boundaries of what can be achieved using industry-standard architecture. HP is enabling customers to take advantage of this aggressive innovation through the introduction of the new dual-core server models we have announced today, and HP will support Dual-Core AMD Opteron processors in 2P servers and blade servers as soon as they are available from AMD."

IBM is also capitalizing on the performance advantages contained in the new processors with the soon-to-be-available Dual-Core AMD Opteron processor-based IBM IntelliStation A-Pro Workstation and IBM eServer 326. Dave Turek, vice president, Deep Computing, IBM said, "The rate of innovation we have witnessed on the AMD Opteron processor has been nothing short of meteoric. Two years ago, IBM was the first OEM to announce support for the AMD Opteron processor, and we are excited today to support the new Dual-Core AMD Opteron processors with our server and workstation product lines. In addition, IBM is working closely with AMD to enable AMD Opteron processor-based blade technology as part of the BladeCenter ecosystem."

Cray, a global leader in high-performance computing, announced that the Cray XD1 and Cray XT3 supercomputing systems will be available with Dual-Core AMD Opteron processors. Both of these widely adopted supercomputer platforms, which run some of the world's most complex computations, were designed to incorporate the application performance advantages of multi-core processing and Direct Connect Architecture.

Supermicro Computer, Inc., a premier server solution and motherboard manufacturer in Silicon Valley and the one of the fastest growing high-volume server manufacturer, now expands its product offerings with AMD64 technology-based solutions. "Based on market demand and customer requests, Supermicro has an optimized product line to support single- and Dual-Core AMD Opteron processors in the server market with a broad range of the most advanced AMD64 solutions available today," said Tau Leng, director of marketing, Supermicro.

Egenera, an industry leader in utility computing and blade servers, will make four-processor, eight-core and two-processor, four-core Egenera Processing Blade configurations available with Dual-Core AMD64 technology this quarter. Egenera's adoption of Dual-Core AMD Opteron processors enables greater flexibility for their customers who require high-computational performance.

Dawning Information Industry Corp Ltd., a leading server manufacturer in China, will announce 10 new servers based on the Dual-Core AMD Opteron processor, including the two-way R210A, A620R-D, A650, A650R and A850 servers; the four-way R4280A, R4380A and S4800A servers; the eight-way A950 server; and the Dawning 4000A supercomputer cluster. Dawning customers can order these new platforms immediately.


The Dual-Core AMD Opteron 800 Series will be available immediately and the Dual-Core AMD Opteron 200 Series will be available in late May. AMD expects systems from OEM partners based the Dual-Core AMD Opteron 800 Series to be available within 30 days and systems with the Dual-Core AMD Opteron 200 Series to be available in June.

About AMD

AMD (NYSE:AMD) designs and produces innovative microprocessors, Flash memory devices and low-power processor solutions for the computer, communications and consumer electronics industries. AMD is dedicated to delivering standards-based, customer-focused solutions for technology users, ranging from enterprises and governments to individual consumers. For more information visit

AMD, the AMD Arrow logo, AMD Opteron and combinations thereof, are trademarks of Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. Other names are for informational purposes only and may be trademarks of their respective owners.

Industry Praise for the AMD Opteron(TM) Processor:

"When your business is to deliver real-time content to highly competitive cable and satellite customers, there's no room for technical error or delay. We have come across a computing solution that's almost tailor-made for our business. With the new Dual-Core AMD Opteron processor-based servers from HP, our systems' performance is increasing exponentially, while our data center can consolidate the number of systems we're running and the number of man-hours needed to oversee the operation. These servers make good business sense for Starz."

Starz Entertainment Group - Stephen Smith, Manager, Solutions Integrations and Automation

"The price-to-performance benefits of the AMD Opteron(TM) processor-based HP DL585 servers we installed at Sabre last year have exceeded our expectations and easily surpassed the other 64-bit systems we considered. Now with the Dual-Core AMD Opteron processors, we have seen even greater performance and stability, exceeding our expectations once again."

Sabre Holdings - Alan Walker

"AMD's aggressive and innovative vision for pervasive multi-core processing promises more exciting developments in 2005 and ATI is proud to support AMD's quest for industry-leading changes. Important breakthroughs lie ahead in dual-core processing and as AMD drives the dynamic server market forward, ATI will continue delivering chipset products that set industry standards for stability, video quality, flexibility and software support."

ATI Technologies  - Phil Eisler, Senior Vice Pres. and General Manager, Chipset and Notebook Products

"As a leading supplier of RDMA over Ethernet networking solutions, Ammasso has teamed with AMD to dramatically improve performance for customers running I/O intensive applications on HPTC clusters. The combination of 64-bit computing, RDMA and the integrated memory controllers of AMD64 processors translate into exceptional application price/performance. We expect these benefits to extend to the enterprise grid and storage markets as RDMA proliferates."

Ammasso, Inc.  - Alan Litchfield, CEO

"AMD has once again taken the 'pole-position' with the introduction of the Dual-Core AMD Opteron processor. Angstrom is proud to announce enterprise-class database computing technology based on the 8P/16-core AMD Opteron processor-based blade design."

Angstrom Microsystems - Lalit Jain, CEO

"We are happy to collaborate with AMD to offer Dual-Core AMD Opteron processor-based servers and workstations as well as celebrate with AMD the second anniversary of the 32- and 64-bit AMD Opteron processor. The integration of the Dual-Core AMD Opteron processor in Appro's HPC blade servers and workstations will improve the overall customer value proposition in 2005 and beyond."

Appro International, Inc. - Daniel Kim, CEO,

"The Dual-Core AMD Opteron processor obviously makes migration much quicker than staging new boxes with new motherboards. It demonstrates the best performance-per-watt architecture in the market for x86 32- and 64-bit computing. The Dual-Core AMD Opteron processor is engineered to deliver breakthrough performance for embedded networking and comprehensive computing applications. Atipa Technologies is looking forward to bringing the benefits of AMD dual-core processing to the high-performance computing cluster market."

Atipa Technologies - Dana Chang, Vice President

"The AMD Opteron processor is well architected for the enterprise server market. The revolutionary Direct Connect Architecture provides the ultimate price/performance value proposition for the server OEMs, and it also provides a perfect showcase for Broadcom's high-performance I/O product portfolio."

Broadcom Corporation - Thomas Lagatta, Group Vice President, Enterprise Computing Group

"We are excited to be on the forefront with AMD and multi-core 64-bit computing. This technology will allow SONAR users to get dramatic improvements in audio processing performance, translating to more tracks and effects and a deeper sonic palette from sample libraries."

Cakewalk - Ron Kuper, Vice President, Engineering

"As the leader in access infrastructure solutions, Citrix has a long history of incorporating AMD technologies to provide optimized functionality and a lower total cost of ownership in Citrix Presentation Server deployments. With imminent market demand for 64-bit computing, we are excited about the improved scalability and performance benefits that Dual-Core AMD Opteron processor-based systems promise to offer our customers."

Citrix Systems, Inc. - David Jones, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development

"With our strong collaboration with AMD, we have already performed successful early testing of the Dual-Core AMD Opteron processors on the Cray XD1 system on a range of applications and are excited to be rolling them out to our customers. All of our Cray supercomputers, including the Cray XD1 and Cray XT3 systems, were designed to accommodate higher density dual-core processors in order to leverage our customers' investment in these systems. As a result, customers who choose the dual-core option will enjoy improved price/performance, while continuing to see exceptional sustained application performance without the need to modify their applications."

Cray - Peter Ungaro, President

"The Dual-Core AMD Opteron processor launched by AMD sets the trend in the industry. Its seamless upgrade and Direct Connect Architecture are the advantages appealing to users. In the meantime, Dawning also launches servers based on Dual-Core AMD Opteron processors, enabling Chinese users to employ the world's cutting-edge computing technology. Dawning is fully confident in the future of dual-core processors - a powerful trend-setter embracing and having in mind the future."

Dawning Technologies, Inc. - Li Jun, President

"We applaud AMD's pioneering work in both 64-bit computing and multi-core technology. The Dual-Core AMD Opteron processor offers customers an outstanding value proposition that includes exceptional price/performance. Our introduction of Processing Blades based on AMD64 dual-core technology has enabled Egenera to expand its market to applications previously reserved for high-end RISC/UNIX systems."

Egenera, Inc. - Susan Davis, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management

"The key to solving the grand challenges and HPC problems lies in finding the optimal combination of awesome computing force and the innovative, complex codes that fully leverage that power. This combination of optimal software design and mighty hardware architecture is the holy grail of technical computing, and the combination of AMD's multi-core or 64-bit architectures with Etnus TotalView, a premium development tool, plays a strong role in enabling such an elegant solution."

Etnus - Mary Kay Bunde, Director, Market Development

"The AMD Opteron processor has allowed our customers to continue to shorten design cycles and perform their analysis faster, giving them tremendous leverage of their computing investment. We are excited about the arrival of AMD's dual core processors to deliver compelling solutions for fluid dynamics."

Fluent, Inc. - Barbara Hutchings, Director, Strategic Partnerships

"It is a great pleasure to celebrate the second anniversary of the AMD Opteron processor and the launch of Dual-Core AMD Opteron processors. AMD's technological leadership with AMD64 technology and Direct Connect Architecture is a key enabler for realizing Fabric7's vision of developing revolutionary application and service delivery platforms for the enterprise data center. The performance and scalability inherent in the AMD64 architecture enable us to offer unprecedented levels of flexibility and price/performance for our customers. With today's launch, AMD has yet again demonstrated its ability to execute. We appreciate AMD's diligence in listening to customers and working with us to help develop solutions that offer superior value."

Fabric7 Systems, Inc.  - Dr. Sharad Mehrotra, Founder and CEO

"Smart, customer-focused solutions like the AMD64 platform are the reason we chose to collaborate with AMD to build server clusters and other systems at the AMD Developer Center. Working together, we can deliver the innovations that all of our customers want and need."

InfiniCon Systems - Steve Lyness, Vice President of Worldwide Support

"AMD's powerful Dual-Core AMD Opteron processor technology and Kingston memory offer a dynamic duo in computing performance. Kingston quality memory optimizes the revolutionary AMD64 platform."

Kingston Technology Corporation  - Mark Tekunoff, Senior Technology Manager

"Linux Networx customers require the most advanced technology that is available in the industry, and we believe that the Dual-Core AMD Opteron processors will provide a substantial price/performance improvement for a variety of key applications. We have deployed thousands of AMD Opteron processors in our Linux cluster systems with great success, and the advancement of this new technology will allow our customers to receive greater power management and efficiency in achieving their computational goals."

Linux Networx, Inc. - Eric Pitcher, Vice President of Technical Marketing

"M&A Technology, in collaboration with AMD, intends to unleash the power of the Dual-Core AMD Opteron processor. We are combining the AMD processor's performance with our Linux clustering expertise to create a world-class enterprise solution with engineered stability and performance."

M&A Technology  - Val Overbey, Chief Technology Officer

"Mandriva is thrilled to be able to offer breakthrough dual-core compatibility to our customers. On Mandriva Linux, Dual-Core AMD Opteron processors can offer a tremendous performance boost, for which we do not plan to charge customers anything extra. We congratulate AMD on this landmark product launch, and look forward to supporting AMD's future innovations."

Mandriva (formerly Mandrakesoft)  - Frederic Lepied, CTO

"The launch of Dual-Core AMD Opteron processors completely aligns with Mellanox's InfiniBand interconnect performance roadmap. As InfiniBand transitions from 10Gb/s to 20Gb/s, I/O, computing and memory performance remain optimally balanced for clustered computing and storage applications that demand world-class performance."

Mellanox Technologies, Inc. - Eyal Waldman, CEO and Chairman

"Customers want to be able to take advantage of innovative technologies, such as AMD64-based systems and dual-core processors, in a cost-effective manner. Working with partners such as AMD, Microsoft consistently delivers to the Windows(R) platform customers the best price/performance in the industry. Based on industry benchmarks, the Windows platform has delivered a 200x performance improvement at 1/17 the cost during the past seven years. The combination of Windows Server 2003 x64 Editions and AMD64 multi-core processors will continue to drive even better performance, giving customers the ability to get more value out of their 32-bit and 64-bit applications."

Microsoft Corporation - Bob Kelly, General Manager of Windows Server Group

"The increased power and memory capacity of AMD Opteron processors provides a compelling hardware platform for MicroStrategy. Running on 64-bit Linux or Microsoft Windows operating systems, AMD64 technology provides greater than 4 gigabyte memory addressing capabilities to handle and manipulate large data sets and report caches. The increased addressable memory improves system performance and allows customers to configure their business intelligence systems in ways that are simply not possible with 32-bit only architectures."

MicroStrategy, Inc.  - Jeff Bedell, CTO

"The latest AMD innovation, putting a second core on the die, enables programs that are not memory bound to take full advantage of the additional processing power. Applications that can dramatically improve in speed include floating-point-intensive computations, like FFTs, which have high data re-use rates; SMP applications that make frequent calls, including transaction-based business applications; and programs that depend on byte code interpreters like JAVA to carry the work load. The Dual-Core AMD Opteron processor will change the face of high-performance computing."

Microway, Inc. - Stephen Fried, President and CTO

"What AMD has done with the Dual-Core AMD Opteron processor is incredible. Not only can we now offer 4P/8-core systems in a 2U form factor, but we can also offer many of our existing Empro customers an easy upgrade path to double the number of CPU cores in their existing systems."

Monarch Computer  - Trey Harris, Founder

"AMD is setting the pace in designing processors for high-performance computing, which in turn enables us to deliver products with exceptional sustained performance to our customers. Along with AMD, MSI is bringing dual-core capabilities into servers & workstations first and then will follow with desktop and mobile since that makes the most sense for the market's needs."

MSI  - Norman Tsai, Vice President

"AMD Opteron processors combined with MSC.Software CAE products let our customers continue to reduce the time and costs associated with manufacturing complex mechanical products. We look forward to supporting AMD's dual-core processors and jointly delivering compelling engineering solutions to our customers around the world."

MSC.Software Corporation  - Kevin Kilroy, Director of Infrastructure

"The launch of the AMD Opteron processor two years ago marked a key milestone of 64-bit architecture adoption for cluster computing. The price-performance and architectural advantages of the AMD Opteron processor has enabled customers to build high-performance clusters at extreme scale, including a cluster benchmarked as one of the Top 10 fastest supercomputers in the world. Myricom continues to collaborate with AMD in ensuring that Myrinet cluster interconnect is optimized for AMD64, including the new Dual-Core AMD Opteron processor."

Myricom, Inc. - Dr. Nan Boden, Executive Vice President

"NAG is delighted to be part of the industry revolution that has been, and is being driven by AMD64 technology. AMD's success clearly stems from its willingness to listen to its customers and take the bold steps necessary to meet those needs."

NAG  - Rob Meyer, CEO

"64-bit AMD Opteron processors and HyperTransport(TM) technology interface enable Neterion's PCI-X 2.0 Xframe Adapters to run at the full 10 Gigabit Ethernet line rate. New Dual-Core AMD Opteron processors are a natural fit for Xframe multi-channel architecture and advanced performance features. This powerful combination can deliver the value of record networking throughput to end-user customers, with low latency and reduced CPU utilization in I/O-intense environments."

Neterion, Inc.  - Dave Zabrowski, President & CEO

"We are very enthusiastic about bringing the performance that these new hardware technology advancements offer to our customers. We have placed a high priority on making sure that LightWave takes full advantage of the latest technology. We understand our customers need the maximum level of computing power available - that's why we've made the effort to support multi-core and 64-bit technology right out of the gate. It is our belief that the release of these new technologies will significantly benefit LightWave users."

NewTek  - Andrew Cross, Senior Vice President of Engineering

"As the industry moves to pervasive, mainstream x86-based 64-bit computing, NVIDIA fully supports AMD's evolutionary approach and dual-core leadership with our NVIDIA nForce4 product line. The combination of NVIDIA nForce and AMD Opteron processors provides stunning performance for our customers, especially those in the CAD and DCC industries who require a lightning-fast graphics response. We look forward to continuing our close collaboration with AMD as both 64-bit and dual-core technologies become essential for our customers."

NVIDIA Corporation - Drew Henry, General Manager of MCP Business

"To date, the AMD Opteron processor 200 Series has been a successful product for our graphic render nodes and editing workstations. Our film post-production clients have heavy demands for 3D processing and the simplicity of upgrading from their existing AMD Opteron processors to dual-core is fool-proof. The cost-savings for our clients are clear when you can increase performance, reduce heat, have simultaneous 32-bit and 64-bit computing, and above all maintain backward compatibility to their existing hardware and software."

Open Source Storage, Inc. - Ivan Secoquian, Co-founder and Vice President

"AMD's dual-core technology is at the forefront of its industry, enabling IT organizations to benefit from faster, high-performance computing power. Using Opsware to automate the management of AMD Opteron processor-based systems allows enterprises to begin realizing the benefits of utility computing including reduced TCO, operational agility and improved productivity."

Opsware, Inc.  - Tim Howes, CTO

"Within our growing base of commercial customers, Panasas continues to see widespread adoption of the AMD Opteron processor platform for Linux clusters. Our Panasas ActiveScale Storage Cluster and AMD Opteron processors are enabling the emergence of Linux clusters as a viable mainstream high-performance computing solution, increasing the speed and accuracy of business decisions, and enabling customers to create a competitive business advantage."

Panasas, Inc. - Larry Jones, Vice President of Product Marketing

"Until today, enterprises that develop 64-bit Linux applications had no way to test for memory errors. Insure++ is the only memory error detection solution that works for Linux applications on 64-bit AMD Opteron processors with Direct Connect Architecture and can identify the cause of threaded memory errors in dual-core applications."

Parasoft Corporation  - Mark Johnson, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing

"Any organization that plans to develop Linux applications to run on Dual-Core AMD Opteron processors can count on PathScale's hardware and software solutions to achieve the highest possible performance. PathScale has focused its development efforts to capitalize on the capabilities of dual-core processor systems. EKOPath compilers generate high-performing applications on dual-core processors and the InfiniPath low-latency interconnect exploits dual-core processors to allow systems to scale more efficiently and more cost effectively than other interconnect alternatives."

PathScale - Art Goldberg, COO

"The AMD Opteron processor is one of the reasons we are able to provide customers with the strong price/performance ratio we are known for in scalable, robust high performance computing and datacenter Linux solutions. Because of the strong commitment at AMD to develop higher performance processor capabilities, such as the Dual-Core AMD Opteron processor with Direct Connect Architecture and the best performance-per-watt in the industry, more of our customers in the high performance computing market are able to take advantage of powerful, cost-effective technologies such as Linux clusters."

Penguin Computing - Enrico Pesatori, Chairman and CEO

"Based on the early results we've seen from commercial science and engineering applications on Dual-Core AMD Opteron processors, it is clear that the day has arrived when every application needs to be parallel-enabled. Parallelizing compilers like those from The Portland Group are designed to make efficient use of multiple cores on Dual-Core AMD Opteron processor-based systems with a minimum of effort from programmers. We look forward to continuing to work with AMD and application developers to help them fully exploit the capabilities of these powerful new processors."

The Portland Group - Douglas Miles, Director

"AMD's solution to address Moore's law is becoming more obvious. By adding processor cores, Dual-Core AMD Opteron processors can continue to increase performance while keeping power consumption to a minimum. AMD dual-core technology enables users to increase their computing capacity without increasing power requirements, providing the best performance-per-watt ratio in the industry."

PSSC Labs - Alex Lesser, CEO

"On the second anniversary of the AMD Opteron processor, PTC is pleased to reaffirm their support for the innovative, high-performance AMD64 architecture. The upcoming release of a natively ported 64-bit version of Pro/ENGINEER for use on the AMD Opteron processor allows customers to work more effectively on some of the most demanding engineering and design challenges, with assemblies of any size or complexity."

PTC - Michael Campbell, Vice President, Product Management

"It is incredibly exciting to see AMD's dual-core processors come to market. As one of the world's largest providers of AMD Opteron processor-based servers, we are pleased to offer a new series of solutions to our customers that truly raise the bar on performance and efficiency."

Rackable Systems - Giovanni Coglitore, Founder and Chief Technology Officer

"Our latest release, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4, is focused on delivering unprecedented levels of performance, scalability, security and platform stability. Our first planned upgrade to this distribution will further enhance the user experience by leveraging the muscle of AMD64 dual-core technology. This upgrade is scheduled to be available with the releases of Dual-Core AMD Opteron processors."

Red Hat, Inc. - Brian Stevens, Vice President of Operating Systems Engineering

"The ability to efficiently develop enterprise applications, while taking advantage of existing business logic is increasingly important to developers. We are excited to work with AMD to provide another set of hardware and operating system choices to our users in an effort to support their changing business needs."

Rogue Wave Software - Tim Triemsta, Vice President of Product Development

"We are pleased to join AMD in celebrating the second anniversary of the AMD Opteron processor. The power of the Dual-Core AMD Opteron processor ensures that our Newisys Enterprise-class servers are among the most compact and powerful servers on the market for a significant price-performance advantage."

Sanmina-SCI - Don Johnson, Executive Vice President, Enterprise Computing and Storage Division

"Solaris 10 is a recognized leader in SMP support and is uniquely positioned to harness the power of AMD64 multi-core technology. Sun supports AMD and stands behind its approach to license software by the processor -- not by the core."

Sun Microsystems, Inc. - Tom Goguen, Vice President, Operating Platforms Group

"Novell's SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9 empowers businesses by delivering a scalable, high-performance foundation for secure enterprise computing. Novell has taken a lead in optimizing Linux for AMD64 dual-core technology and our current version of enterprise Linux is ready today with this support."

SUSE LINUX in Novell - Markus Rex, Vice President and General Manager 

"Moving to the generation of dual-core processors, the AMD Opteron processor is no doubt an outstanding choice for performance-driven users. SiS rich-feature chipsets and AMD dual-core technology are an ideal combination for a much more robust and competitive platform solution."

SiS - Daniel Chen, President and CEO

"We are in a unique position to get the best from the new AMD64 dual-core technology. Our new 64-bit Server Tarox Opus 1000R takes full advantage of the Dual-Core AMD Opteron processor Model 875, managing multithreaded applications with superior efficiency and performance while offering cost savings and power efficiency for enterprise and SMB customers."

Tarox Holding AG - Matthias Steinkamp, Chief Operating Officer

"The launch of AMD's dual core technology represents a paradigm shift for speed and power for all computing applications. With AMD's new dual-core technology, the value of Tyan's system and platform products has now been extended to the next milestone of performance: a testament to Tyan's commitment to meeting or exceeding our customers' expectations."

Tyan Computer Corporation - Dr. Symon Chang, President and CEO

"As a leader in CAD/CAM/CAE software, UGS optimizes and tunes its code to leverage technology innovations that will provide our customers with the highest levels of performance and functionality, such as the Dual-Core AMD Opteron processor. The availability of cost-effective, 64-bit Windows computing platforms - now enhanced by multi-core technology - has created growing interest and demand in our customers with large memory and performance requirements. The threading inherent in UGS' NX and NX Nastran products will take advantage of the two cores in the new AMD processor, providing our CAD and CAE customers who model and analyze very large parts and assemblies an opportunity to see noticeable performance improvements based on this technology."

UGS Corporation - Chris Brosz, Vice President of Technical Operations

"Verari Systems' standards-based architecture and patented Vertical Cooling thermal management technologies allow us to package our BladeRack blade servers with the latest AMD Opteron processors available today in the densest form factor possible. Our customers will continue to receive the best performance-per-watt architecture available in the HPCC market."

Verari Systems - David Driggers, CEO

"AMD has played an important role in the advancement of 64-bit processing. Customers looking to run enterprise workloads on Linux have been asking leading ISVs like VERITAS to support 64-bit platforms. VERITAS has broadened its Linux portfolio to add support for AMD Opteron processor-based platforms taking advantage of the performance improvements enabled by AMD's unique Direct Connect Architecture. VERITAS' support for Linux on AMD Opteron processors gives customers a greater range of choices as they evaluate and/or transition to 64-bit computing architectures while still running their current 32-bit applications."

VERITAS Software Corporation - Sanjay Poonen, Vice President, Strategic Alliances

"With our leading K8 series chipsets, such as the VIA K8T890, we are proud to support AMD as they continue their microprocessor leadership with the launch of the latest Dual-Core AMD Opteron processors. As multi-core designs become more prevalent, AMD's forward-thinking designs will help ensure industry-leading platforms, and VIA is committed to providing premium infrastructure support with unconstrained performance and comprehensive feature sets."

VIA Technologies, Inc - Chewei Lin, Vice President of Product Marketing

"The powerful combination of 64-bit AMD Opteron processors and InfiniBand interconnect technology are essential to cluster and grid architectures that are becoming the de-facto standard in data centers and high performance computing environments. Voltaire grid interconnect solutions are a perfect complement to AMD Opteron processors because they enable customers to benefit from the increased I/O traffic to improve overall performance and scalability."

Voltaire.  - Yaron Haviv, Chief Technology Officer

"Support for solutions based on 64-bit hardware and software is key for participating in the next generation of the computing industry. At Xerox, we have developed the print drivers for our line of office printers and multifunction devices to support solutions based on the AMD64 technology platform -- ensuring our products will be ready for the next wave in computing."

Xerox Office Group  - Rick Peebles, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer
AMD Dual-Core & Multi-Core Special News - 04/21/05
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