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EPoX 8K5A2+ (VIA KT333CE chipset) Motherboard Special - 8 Reviews
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VIA KT333 Chipset
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"The new Epox 8K5A2+ is a fine motherboard, it offers excellent performance and features but we're a bit surprised that Epox decided to have another go with the aging VIA KT333 chipset. Their older 8K3A+ was/is still very popular among enthusiasts and overclockers, why fix something that's not broken?"
PC Stats 09/06/02

"Although not perfect, the Epox 8K5A2+ is an excellent board. We wish Epox had taken a little more time into the layout of the board, but hey, the 8K5A is a series and maybe someone at Epox is reading. The performance of the board is superb- it's the fastest we've tested for the AMD platform along with providing excellent overclocking and super stability. Epox bundles the board with all the hardware you'll need and it comes at a great price"
T-break 08/11/02
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