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EPoX 8RDA6+ Pro nForce2 Ultra 400Gb Motherboard
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hort Specification
Socket A Supporting 200/266/333/400MHz FSB AMD Processors 
NVidia NForce2 Ultra 400 / Gigabit MCP
3 DDR SDRAM banks for Maximum 3 GB memory
Dual Channel DDR400 memory support for increased performance (backward compatible) 
1 Floppy drive controller - serial port - parallel port
AGP 8x for 1.5v graphics cards, 6 PCI slots 
2 standard IDE ports for ATA-133, backwards compatible with ATA-100/66
Onboard Serial ATA support for 2 drives from Gigabit MCP
More-SATA, 4 additional S-ATA ports from Silicon Image with RAID 0,1,10
4 USB 2.0 ports, 4 extra by optional USB back-panel cables
Onboard Gigabit LAN by Cicada CIS8201 PHY
Onboard P80P diagnostics LED
2 1394A ports with 400Mbps bandwidth from Agere FW323 1394 controller 
Onboard sound, 6 or 8 channel selectable by Realtek ALC850 with onboard Optical and coaxial output, Auto-Jack sensing 
Standard ATX format 305mm x 245mm x 40mm, ATX Size
Multiphase power solution for increased stability, including 12v supply adaptation for CPU
EPoX Website
Specifications - BIOS
Driver - Manual

NVIDIA Force2 400 Chipset
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