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AMD-Fujitsu Spansion (ex-FASL) Special
11/16/06 AMD, Fujitsu to Sell Spansion Shares - Huston Chronicle
"AMD Investments in a unit of Advanced Micro Devices Inc., which formed Spansion in 2003 as a joint venture with Fujitsu to make and market flash memory devices, which are used in such electronics as cell phones and networking equipment. AMD currently owns nearly 38 percent of Spansion, and Fujitsu holds about a 25 percent stake."

Spansion to sell manufacturing plants for $150 mln
Flash memory company Spansion Inc. said on Thursday it agreed to sell its older JV1 and JV2 manufacturing facilities in Aizu-Wakamatsu, Japan to Fujitsu Ltd for about $150 million in cash.
Fujitsu will continue production of Spansion flash memory products as a foundry for Spansion.

Spansion to make 90nm-made MirrorBit quad technology flash memory by 2007 - DigiTimes
"The silicon is produced at Spansion's Fab 25 in Austin, Texas (US). Production of
MirrorBit Quad 512Mbit, 1Gbit, and 2Gbit products on 90nm is planned by year-end, followed by 1Gbit, 2Gbit, 4Gbit, 8Gbit and 16Gbit on 65nm in 2007. Spansion said the first products based on MirrorBit quad technology are expected to be announced later this year. "

Moving toward NAND and NOR convergence - Windows For Devices
"NAND and NOR technologies each have distinct advantages for developers and end customers, and there is a growing trend toward designing systems capable of converging these technologies. Many existing designs deploy both NAND and NOR arrays. New technologies such as Samsung OneNAND and Spansion OrNAND seek to offer the benefits of NAND and NOR within a single solution, while integrated NAND controllers simplify system design."

06/14/06 Spansion to build new $1.2 bln flash memory plant
California-based Spansion Inc. said it plans to spend $1.2 billion to build a new flash memory production line in Japan. The new line, located in its existing plant in northern Japan's Fukushima prefecture, is expected to start commercial output by mid-2008, Spansion Chief Executive Bertrand Cambou told a news conference. The new line is expected to have the capacity to process up to 20,000 300-mm wafers a month.

Cisco Systems Names Spansion Supplier of the Year for 2005
Spansion inc. announced that it has received the 2005 Supplier of the Year award from Cisco Systems, Inc. This prestigious award is one of ten that was presented to valued Cisco suppliers at the company's fourteenth annual supplier appreciation awards program.  Spansion previously won the Supplier of Year Award in 1999 and took home the Cisco President's Award in 2000.

Spansion Ships 100 Millionth NOR Flash Memory Device to Bosch
Bosch deploys Spansion Flash memory products primarily in advanced automotive engine management and transmission control units, navigation and telematic systems and automation and industrial apps. Spansion offers a comprehensive line of NOR Flash memory products that are optimized for rugged automotive applications, and supports that product line with high quality, high-volume manufacturing.

IPO-bound Spansion set to report loss - CNET
"Although business is brisk, the memory subsidiary will sustain an operating loss in AMD's fourth quarter, the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based chipmaker said in a Securities and Exchange Commission filing. It did not specify how much of a loss Spansion, a joint venture between AMD and Fujitsu, would incur."

KLA-Tencor Announces New Collaboration With Spansion
The eS31 provides the sensitivity needed to detect extremely small (sub- 50-nm) physical defects and electrical defects. The system's extended optics, improved data processing rate and rules-based binning (RBB) all contribute to the eS31's throughput, which is up to six times greater than that of competing e-beam inspection tools.

90-nm StrataFlash eyes mobile - Comms Design
"The M18 is targeted at the mobile embedded-flash marketplace. The 512-Mbit density positions the device to hit the sweet spot of embedded-memory requirements for next-generation cell phones. From Semiconductor Insights' analysis, the M18 is more advanced than any other NOR flash on the market today and positions Intel ahead of its nearest NOR rival, Spansion LLC. Technologically, Intel was significantly ahead of Spansion's mobile NOR offering, but Spansion was able to shrink the gap with a 110-nm offering earlier this year. "

Spansion to bring forward 65-nm manufacturing - EETimes
"Spansion LLC is planning to bring forward the introduction of flash memory chips made using
65-nanometer manufacturing processes from 2007 to 2006, according to an executive"

High-Density Flash Memory Solution from Spansion
Spansion today showed silicon of its single-chip 1 Gbit (Gb) GL NOR Flash memory and demonstrated working silicon of its 1Gb Orand(TM) Flash memory based on
90nm MirrorBit technology. Manufactured at Spansion's flagship Fab 25 facility in Austin, Texas, Spansion 90nm MirrorBit technology is the foundation for a compelling high-density Flash memory roadmap, featuring products combining the density, performance, reliability and cost structure required for wireless and embedded applications.

Spansion and Atheros Communications Team to Deliver Innovative Packaging Solution
Spansion and Atheros today announced they have developed an innovative packaging solution designed to significantly reduce the size of today’s dual-mode Cellular/Wireless LAN (WLAN) mobile phones. The packaging solution vertically stacks the Atheros Radio-on-Chip for Mobile (ROCm) 802.11a/g and 802.11g solutions with Spansion
MirrorBit Flash memory. This solution enables handset manufacturers to provide valuable new services, such as Voice-over-IP (VoIP) and WLAN data connectivity for fast download of content such as ring tones, music, video clips, games, and email, in very small form factors.

Spansion Introduces Innovative Package-on-Package Solution to Reduce Wireless Device Size
Spansion LLC announced it is shipping Package-on-Package (PoP) Flash memory samples to customers that will enable them to deliver sleek, feature-rich wireless phones, PDAs, digital cameras and MP3 players. Spansion's new PoP solution vertically combines discrete logic and memory packages for board space savings, lower pin-count, simplified system integration and enhanced performance.

Intel reportedly delays 90-nm flash production - EETimes
"The reported delays could open the door for Spansion LLC, a joint flash-memory venture between Advance Micro Devices Inc. and Fujitsu Ltd. Spansion has been losing money and AMD is looking to spin-off the unit in the form an initial public offering."

Spansion and TSMC Team to Manufacture Innovative Flash Memory Technology
Spansion LLC, the Flash memory venture of AMD and Fujitsu Limited, and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSE: 2330, NYSE: TSM) today announced a manufacturing agreement that will augment Spansion's internal production of its 110 nanometer (nm)
MirrorBit technology. Pursuant to the agreement, TSMC will supply foundry manufacturing capabilities for Spansion's family of GL, PL and WS wireless products and GL embedded products based on 110nm MirrorBit technology.

Semico sees NOR flash profits as NAND leads sector - EETimes
"That will tip NOR suppliers, ranging from
Intel and Spansion to Atmel and Macronix, into profit as they gain pricing power over OEMs and contract manufacturers. “Such turns are inevitable, and it is critical to properly time transactions around them,” Handy said."

Spansion 512Mb NOR Flash Memory Ships in Mobile Phone
As the only company in production today at this density, Spansion uses its advanced two-bit-per-cell
MirrorBit technology to deliver the industry's highest density NOR Flash devices on the market. The new SAGEM myX-8 device, available today in Europe, features 40 megabytes of built-in, user-accessible memory, allowing users to access digital music and video, run JAVA applications and games, and store photos captured by the integrated 1.3-megapixel camera.

Spansion Shows Development System for Floating-Gate and MirrorBit Flash Memory Products
Spansion LLC today displayed a development system at the Microsoft Mobile and Embedded Developer Conference (MEDC), showing attendees how they can easily program Spansion Flash memory devices in end systems based on the Microsoft Windows CE operating system.

Spansion Files Registration Statement For Initial  Public Offering
Spansion, the flash memory venture of AMD (NYSE:AMD) and Fujitsu (TSE:6702), today announced it has filed a registration statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission for a proposed initial public offering of its class A common stock.  The number of shares to be offered and the estimated price range for the common stock have not been determined.

Spansion Verifies Compatibility of Flash Solutions w/ Popular Cellular Phone Reference Design
Spansion LLC, the Flash memory subsidiary of AMD (NYSE:AMD) and Fujitsu Limited (TSE:6702), today announced it has verified the compatibility of its Flash memory solutions with the Philips Nexperia Cellular System Solution 5100, a popular multimedia-enabled GSM/GPRS cellular phone reference design. By verifying that their products work together "off-the-shelf," Spansion and Philips now offer a development platform that can drive down the cost and complexity of cellular handset design, while helping to enable increasingly feature-rich products at more accessible price points.

Spansion Recognized by Lenovo as Best Supplier of Flash Memory for Mobile Phones in China
Spansion received the Best Supplier award at Lenovo Mobile Communication Technology's 2004 supplier conference. This event was the first of its kind held by Lenovo and drew hundreds of suppliers who offered up a wide range of products for review. Only ten companies were ultimately selected as award winners, with Spansion beating all other top Flash memory vendors to win the honor. Spansion is the world's leading manufacturer of NOR Flash memory products

Spansion to join Sematech manufacturing initiative - EE Times
"ISMI, a subsidiary of Sematech (Austin, Texas), was formed a year ago as a new consortium dedicated to helping semiconductor manufacturers improve factory productivity and reduce cost per wafer, and ultimately cost per die"

AMD-Fujitsu venture plans 'mega' Japanese chip plant - ARN Net
"The new equipment will be housed in a factory, called SP1, that will be built alongside an existing 200-millimeter fab, called JV3, in Aizu-Wakamatsu. The SP1 factory will be the first factory to be jointly built by the two partners since they created Spansion in 2003."

Spansion moves NOR flash density into NAND territory - EE Times
"But catching NAND in density won't be easy. Toshiba's single-level cell NAND road map calls for 2-Gbit devices this year, followed by 4 Gbits in early 2005 and 8 Gbits in mid-2006. The company expects to  announce both single-level cell and 2-bit/cell devices at each step. That would keep the largest Toshiba NAND devices comfortably ahead of the largest Spansion NOR devices, at least in the near term"

Spansion unveils MirrorBit product roadmap scaling to 8-Gbit flash memory on 65nm Litho
Spansion LLC laid out an ambitious three-year vision and strategic road map, outlining plans to scale its
MirrorBit technology to 8-gigabit densities on 65-nanometer lithography to meet the growing demands of the entire Flash market - from wireless handsets and embedded systems to detachable cards and USB drives. In addition, the company announced plans to develop a new "ORNAND" Flash memory architecture that brings together the best of NOR code execution and NAND data storage capabilities in a single product based on MirrorBit technology.

Spansion Enters Fast-Growing Serial Flash Memory Market
Spansion announced an entirely new Flash memory family designed to reduce costs and dramatically simplify system design of Flash-enabled consumer electronics, PC peripherals, and in-cabin automotive electronics. The new Spansion FL Flash memory family enables these improvements by using the Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI), an emerging serial communication standard with rapid projected Flash memory market growth from nearly $500 million in 2005 to more than $1 billion in 2007

Spansion’s Fab 25 Now Dedicated to 110nm Floating Gate Flash Memory Products
Spansion LLC, the Flash memory subsidiary of  AMD and Fujitsu Limited, today announced that Fab 25, the company’s flagship manufacturing plant in Austin, is now fully dedicated to producing 110-nanometer floating gate Flash memory products for wireless and other markets.

Spansion Named Top NOR Flash Supplier in First Half 2004, Reports iSuppli
Spansion LLC, the Flash memory subsidiary of Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (NYSE: AMD) and Fujitsu Limited (TSE: 6072), continued to lead the NOR Flash industry during the first half of 2004 with a nearly 27% market share, six points higher than the next nearest competitor, according to a new report by market analysis firm iSuppli, El Segundo, CA.

Spansion Ramps to 110nm - ElectronicNews
"Spansion 110nm floating gate technology is the first to push beyond the 130nm barrier in commercial production for full-featured, high-density flash memory, FASL said. Initial production will support 1.8-volt burst-mode and 3-volt page-mode product families for the wireless market"

AMD and FASL LLC Join the MIPI Alliance to Develop and Promote Open Mobile Standards
AMD and FASL LLC renewed and strengthened their commitment to developing and promoting open standards by joining the Mobile Industry Processor Interface (MIPI) Alliance. AMD's Personal Connectivity Solutions group delivers high-performance, low-power embedded solutions that are designed to address customer needs in the non-PC Internet Appliance market. Spansion memory, the world's leading brand of NOR Flash memory, is manufactured by FASL LLC and available from AMD and Fujitsu.

FASL to increase flash memory capacity in response to strong AMD & Fujitsu customer demand
FASL LLC plans to ramp leading-edge manufacturing capacity for Spansion Flash memory products in 2004 as part of its long-term strategy to meet wireless market demand from AMD (NYSE:AMD) and Fujitsu (TSE:6702) customers. By the end of 2004, 110nm 128Mbit equivalent capacity is planned to exceed 80% of the current output of FAB 25 and JV3, the company's two leading-edge Flash memory fabs. The 110nm 128Mbit equivalent capacity is planned to be over 60% of total fab capacity output.

AMD Penang invests US$1mil in new flash memory chip production - thestar online
“Besides Penang, Spansion is simultaneously produced at AMD factories in Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, China, Japan and the United States. The output from Penang is distributed to clients in the US, Europe and South Korea,” Sofi said after a visit by Yang Di-Pertua Negri Tun Abdul Rahman Abbas and his consort Toh Puan Majimor Shariff to AMD Penang and FASL Penang yesterday"

AMD-Fujitsu venture inks $100 million used equipment deal - Silicon Strategies
"GE Global Electronic Solutions (GES), a provider of used and refurbished semiconductor equipment, today  announced it has sourced and structured a $100 million equipment finance deal for a new subsidiary between Advanced Micro Devices Inc. and Fujitsu Ltd. "

AMD & Fujitsu Launch New Flash Mem Company, Unveil Spansion Global Product Brand
"AMD and Fujitsu Limited  today announced the formation of a new Flash memory semiconductor joint venture that will market its solutions under the new Spansion global product brand name. The new company, FASL LLC, was formed by the integration of AMD's and Fujitsu’s Flash memory businesses. The new joint venture is the largest Flash memory company in the world based on dedicated resources that include gross assets having a net book value of approximately US$3 billion and approximately 7,000 employees. Spansion Flash memory solutions are available worldwide from AMD and Fujitsu."

AMD, Fujitsu - Pan for the Flash? - SiliconValley
"This is only going to help AMD and Fujitsu become as stronger competitor and move up in market position," said Krewell. "They are in better shape to challenge Intel because they appear as one stronger brand, rather than as two lesser brands."

AMD and Fujitsu Announce New Flash Memory Company
"AMD and Fujitsu Limited today announced they have executed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to establish a new Flash memory semiconductor company headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. A Japan headquarters will be located in Tokyo. The new company, to be called FASL LLC, will be based on the integration of AMD and Fujitsu’s Flash memory businesses, including their existing joint manufacturing venture, Fujitsu AMD Semiconductor Limited. The new company is expected to begin operations in the third quarter of this year. "

The result of a uniquely structured international joint venture known as Fujitsu AMD Semiconductor Limited (Spansion), the current facilities in Aizu-Wakamatsu are dedicated to volume production of Flash memory devices, and combined are capable of processing more than 20,000 eight-inch wafers per week utilizing the most advanced processes.

JV1 (sold to fujisu)
The first Spansion facility (JV1) commenced volume production of 4- and 16-megabit Flash memory chips on 0.5-micron technology in the fourth quarter of 1994. Since then, the facility has migrated to 0.32 and 0.23-micron technology. The JV1 facility includes 65,950 square feet of Class 1 clean room space housed in a 276,000 square-foot building.

JV2 (sold to fujisu)
Groundbreaking for the second joint-venture facility (JV2) occurred in March of 1996, and first shipments began in the fourth quarter of 1997. The 300,300 square-foot facility includes approximately 89,700 square feet of Class 1 clean room space, and uses an advanced 0.23-micron process technology.

In July of 2000, FASL broke ground for its third Flash memory fab in Aizu-Wakamatsu. Spansion Fab JV3 is now producing advanced Flash memory devices on 0.17 micron technology. This $1.5 billion facility encompasses 110,000 square feet of clean room space. JV3 encompasses 459,000 total square feet, including a shell for future expansion that can accommodate
12 inch (300mm) wafer production.
Rank Supplier Market Share
1 Spansion 27.30%
2 Intel 18.10%
3 ST Microelectronics 12.30%
4 Sharp Electronics 11.50%
5 Toshiba 5.40%
6 Renesas Technology 5.00%
7 Silicon Storage Technology 4.50%
8 Samsung 3.90%
9 Macronix International 3.50%
- All others combined 9.50%
Source: iSuppli Market Analysis (September 2004)
Global Team and
Manufacturing Strength

Sunnyvale, California

Tokyo, Japan

Wafer fabrication facilities
Aizu-Wakamatsu, Japan
JV1, JV2, JV3 MegaFabs

Wafer fabrication facility
Fab 25 MegaFab

Wafer fabrication facility
Sunnyvale, California
Submicron Development Center

Final manufacturing facility

Final manufacturing facility
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Final manufacturing facility
Penang, Malaysia

Final manufacturing facility
Suzhou, China
World's first single power-supply
Flash memory device
Negative Gate Erase Technology
Industry's first 2.7V and
1.8V single power-supply
Flash memory devices
Simultaneous Read/Write
(EDN Innovation of the Year)
Industry's first Known Good Die
Flash memory
First Page mode Flash memory device
First Burst mode Flash memory device
First Multi-Chip Product with
Flash + SRAM in a single package
Industry's first Flash memory
device featuring a 32-bit databus
MirrorBit™ technology introduced
Advanced Sector Protection introduced
Industry's first 512Mb NOR Flash memory
MirrorBit technology)
1.8 volt, 80MHz Burst mode
Flash memory introduced
MirrorBit technology)
Spin off
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