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AMD Turion 64 Notebook Special
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Acer Ferrari 4000 Notebook

Operating system
- Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
- Microsoft Windows XP Professional

- Processor:
AMD Turion 64 processor
ML-37 1MB L2 cache 2.0GHz

- Chipset:

- 1 GB of
DDR333 memory, upgradeable to 2 GB using two soDIMM modules

- 15.4" WSXGA+ TFT LCD, 1680 x 1050 resolution
- 16.7 million colors

- ATI Mobility Radeon X700 with 128 MB of external DDR VRAM, supporting ATI Powerplay 5.0, Microsoft
- DirectX 9.0 and PCI Express
- DualView support; external display at up to 2048 x 1536 pixel resolution, 85 Hz
- MPEG-2 DVD hardware-assisted capability
- S-video/TV-out (NTSC/PAL) support
- DVI-D (true digital video interface) support

- Audio system with microphone and two built-in speakers
- AC'97 compliant
- S/PDIF (Sony/Philips Digital Interface) support

- 100 GB ATA/100 hard disk drive
- 5-in-1 card reader supporting Memory Stick®, Memory Stick Pro, MultiMediaCard (MMC), Secure Digital (SD) and xD-Picture Card

Optical media drive
- Slot-load DVD-Super Multi double-layer drive

- Modem: 56K ITU V.92 with PTT approval;
- Wake-on-Ring ready
- LAN: gigabit Ethernet; Wake-on-LAN ready
- WLAN: integrated Acer InviLink™ 802.11b/g Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ solution; supporting Acer SignalUp wireless technology
- WPAN: integrated Bluetooth

Size and weight
- 363 (W) x 265.7 (D) x 30.5/34.3 (H) mm
- (14.29 x 10.46 x 1.2/1.36 inches)
- 2.86 kg (6.3 lbs.)

- ACPI 1.0b power management standard supports Standby and Hibernation
power-saving modes
- 71 W Li-ion battery pack
- 2.5-hour rapid charge, 3.5-hour charge-in-use
- 3-pin 90 W AC adapter

Special keys and controls
- 88-/89-key Acer FineTouch™ keyboard
- Built-in touchpad with 4-way scroll button
- Four easy-launch buttons
- Two front-access buttons: WLAN LED-button and Bluetooth® LED-button

I/O ports
- 124-pin Acer ezDock connector
- Four USB 2.0 ports
- IEEE 1394 port (4-pin)
- Ethernet (RJ-45) port
- Modem (RJ-11) port
- External display (VGA) port
- S-video/TV-out (NTSC/PAL) port
- DVI-D port
- Microphone/line-in jack
- Headphones/speaker/line-out port with S/PDIF support
- PC Card slot (one Type II)
- 5-in-1 card reader
- DC-in jack for AC adapter

- Acer eManager (Acer ePresentation/eRecovery/eSettings)
- Acer GridVista
- Acer Launch Manager
- Acer System Recovery CD
- Adobe® Reader®
- CyberLink® PowerDVD™
- Norton AntiVirus™
- NTI CD-Maker™

Optional items
- Acer ezDock
- Additional Li-ion battery pack
- Additional AC adapter

Environment Temperature:
• Operating: 5° C to 35° C
• Non-operating: -20° C to 65° C
- Humidity (non-condensing):
• Operating: 20% to 80%
• Non-operating: 20% to 80%

System compliance
- Mobile PC 2001
- ACPI 1.0b
- DMI 2.0
- Cisco Compatible Extensions (CCX)

- One-year International Travelers Warranty (ITW)
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