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Athlon 64 Notebook Preview - 01/27/05
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Device Bay  Mobile AMD Athlon 64 Processor 2600+/2800+/3000+/3200+/3400+
Mobile AMD Sempron Processor (25W) 2600+/2800+
Mobile AMD Sempron Processor (62W) 2600+/2800+/3000+
Level 2 Cache  1MB
Chipsets  VIA K8N800/VT8235CE
Memory  PC-333/400 DDR SDRAM Specification, 0MB on board
User Installable Memory Two DDR SO-DIMM Slot of 128/256/512/1024 MB
Max. Memory  Two DDR SO-DIMM Slots for Maximum Memory of 2GB
System & Video  512KB Flash Phoenix BIOS includes System & Video;
Supports Booting from Optical Drive; ACPI Ready, SM BIOS v.2.3
HDD Bay  Dealer configurable 2.5” Format 9.5mm Height HDD Module;
Bus Mastering, Ultra DMA ATA -100/133 Support for LBA Scheme
Battery Bay User Removable Primary Lithium-Ion Battery Pack
Device Bay  Fixed DVD-ROM, DVD/CD-RW Combo, or DVD Dual
CD-ROM Player  Factory Configured CD-ROM Drive, 12.7mm Height
DVD/CD-RW Combo  Factory Configured Drive, 12.7mm Height
DVD Dual Factory Configured Drive, 12.7mm Height
Display Controller  Embedded VIA K8N800 sharing with system memory
Support LCD, CRT, TV Display, or LCD/CRT Dual Display
LCD Displays  15”TFT 1024 x 768 Resolution (XGA), max 32bit colors
External CRT Video  60 - 85 Hz Refresh Rate:
640 x 480, up to 32bit Colors,
800 x 600, up to 32bit Colors
1024 x 768, up to 32bit Colors,
1152 x 768, up to 32bit Colors
1280 x 1024, up to 32bit Colors,
Features  Sound Blaster Compatible, Compliant with AC97,
2 High Quality Speakers
PCMCIA  One Type II slot, CardBus Interface
KeyBoard  87/88 Keys with Inverted-T Cursor Keys, Windows Hot keys
Pointing Device  Built-in Glide Pad with 2 Click Buttons
Easy Buttons  Two intelligent buttons for Internet and E-mail Application
I/O Ports  One DB 15-Pin VGA Port
Four USB Ports (2.0)
One DC-in Jack
Audio Ports  One Headphone Out Jack
One Microphone Jack
Sound volume adjust by K/B hot-keys
Communication ports  One RJ-11 Port for Modem Moduleand
One RJ-45 Port for LAN Module
Modem  56Kbps v.90 Data/Fax MDC Modem Module
LAN  Built-in 10Base-T/100Base-TX LAN (On-board)
IEEE 802.11x IEEE 802.11b-BTO-Mini PCI Module
IEEE 802.11b/g-BTO-Mini PCI Module
AC/DC Adapter  Miniature Size Adapter, AC 100-240Volt, 50-60 Hz, 120W 19 Voltage
Primary Battery Pack  Removable Smart Battery Pack
6-cell or 9-cell Li-Ion Battery Pack
Battery Charge Time  Smart Battery Charger
Approximately 1.5 Hours (6-cell) or over 2 Hours (9-cell) Battery Life, respectively
Power Management  SMM Fully Supported, Support for Microsoft ACPI,
and Cover Switch Power Saving Control
Indicator Style  LED Type System Status Indicator
Dimension  335(W) x 290(D) x 40(H) mm
Support for Kensington Lock Security Device
Weight Approximately 3.1 Kg
Options 128/256/512/1024MB DDR SO-DIMM Memory Card
AC Adapter
Battery Pack
Built with Mobile AMD Athlon 64/Sempron/Athlon XP-M platform and 15 inches TFT LCD display, the AN5W is a value and powerful notebook that provides competitive advantages of communication and connectivity.