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Short Specifications
AMD Athlon XP Processors
AMD Athlon Procesors
AMD Duron Processors

SiS 748 + SiS 963/963L

3 DIMM Slot
PC3200/2700/2100 DDR SDRAM support
SPD support
Non ECC support
Up to 3GB

Realtek ALC650 5.1 Channel Codec

10/100/Gb dual layout
Realtek 8100C-10/100
Realtek 811OS-GB

Expand Slots
1 AGP 8X

Onboard IO
2 Serial ports
1 Parallel port
1 PS/2 mouse and 1 keyboard connector
1 RJ-45 connector
1 Audio connector (Line-in, Line-out, MIC-in)
4 rear USB connectors and 1 front pin-header supports 6 devices (USB 2.0 support)
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FIC KT-748 SiS748 Motherboard
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"Overall, the FIC KT-748 is an average motherboard suited towards general home users, and possibly light gamers. I wouldn’t recommend this motherboard to anyone looking for a high-end gaming machine, there are much better solutions out there that’ll net you higher performance, and possibly some extra features"
MB Reviews - 09/22/03