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AMD GEODE Special - Articles

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Module is speedy answer to GX1 obsolescence -Electronic Talks
"A new ETX module based on the Geode GX2 processor offers an RoHS-compliant performance upgrade for existing (noncompliant) Geode GX1 processor users."

Microcross Adds USB and PCI Support to GX-Linux for the AMD Au1550 - Linux Electrons
"Microcross and Cogent Computer Systems have completed their unified embedded Linux strategy for the CSB655, Ultra-small Single Board Computer (uSBC), adding complete support for USB Host and PCI interface to the Au1550 GX-Linux Platform. The Au1550 is designed for low-power, low-cost, high performance products for industrial automation, telematics, medical applications, etc."

Enterprise and Industrial Designers Turn to AMD Geode and AMD Alchemy Solutions
AMD announced a series of design wins for its low-power AMD Geode and AMD Alchemy processors; customers include Wyse Technology, DT Research, Unisys Brazil, Chip PC Technologies and DSP Design. AMD embedded solutions provide low power consumption giving designers the freedom to create efficient and versatile devices for a wide variety of applications, including thin client computers, single board computers, set-top boxes and personal media players (PMPs).

Firmware Solution for AMD Geode GX Single Board Computer Reference Design Kit
General Software, Inc., the leading supplier of embedded x86 firmware solutions, today announced support of Embedded BIOS® 2000 for the AMD Geode GX Single Board Computer Reference Design Kit (AMD Geode GX SBC RDK). AMD's near manufacture-ready reference design kit is a compact, low-power, high-performance system designed to help facilitate the next generation of single board computer and network appliances. Target application markets include single board computer, point-of-sale, corporate thin client, network appliances and kiosks.

New AMD Geode Processor To Provide Full Desktop Functionality On Mobile, Embedded Devices
AMD today announced availability of the AMD Geode™ LX 800@0.9W processor,* enabling consumers to experience full-featured, desktop-style computing on a new generation of x86 architecture-based embedded and mobile devices. Requiring less than one watt of power, the AMD Geode LX 800@0.9W processor supports the Microsoft Windows XP and XP Embedded operating systems, allowing users to leverage familiar business and consumer applications on low-power, fan-less portable products

AMD Releases Integrated Hardware And Software Design Solution For AMD Geode NX
The turnkey development board and design solution from AMD combines a processor, chipset, memory and peripherals together on a single platform along with debugging features and software. Deployed in Microsoft Windows XP/XPe, Windows and Linux operating system environments, and designed to be compatible with a vast array of x86 applications and solutions, the NX DB1500 development board suits the design demands of customers in a multitude of embedded environments.

Phoenix Technologies and AMD Deliver Low Power / High Performance Digital Devices
The combination of Phoenix Core System Software and AMD Geode processors delivers ample computing power and reliability for operating systems, applications and critical data running on digital devices such as thin clients, point-of-sale terminals, kiosks, high-end printers and home media systems.

Wyse Leverages AMD's Embedded Solutions to Provide Next Generation Thin-Client Platforms
Wyse, the domain experts in server-centric computing (SCC), announced at the Citrix iForum conference that the company has selected the AMD Geode GX 533@1.1W and GX 466@0.9W processors* to power the next generation S class of Wyse Winterm thin-client devices.  The collaboration with AMD allows Wyse to offer performance improvements at lower power in its latest compact and streamlined family of thin-client designs.

09/13/04 AMD Enhances Low-Power Geode Embedded Processors Line
AMD announced the most recent addition to its AMD Geode NX family of high-performance, low-power processors, the AMD Geode NX 1250@6W(a) processor. Based on the x86 architecture, the new processor is designed for solutions that require long-term market commitment such as thin clients, printers, point of sale, information and transaction kiosks and telecommunications networking equipment. The AMD Geode NX 1250@6W processor is compatible with the AMD Geode NX 1500@6W(a) processor and AMD Geode NX 1750@14W(a) processor.

07/01/04 AMD: Fatter Chip Makes for Thinner Client - SD Times
"The thin get thinner. Chip maker Advanced Micro Devices Inc. in June unveiled the Geode GX thin-client reference design kit, a hardware and software development tool set built around the Geode GX 533, the latest and most powerful in its x86 embedded processor family. The company also released the
Alchemy DBAu1550, an edition of its development board for building network devices that now implements VPN technology in hardware"

05/26/04 The AMD Geode platform - the exclusive report - TtecX

05/25/04 AMD embeds Athlon in new Geode - ZD Net
"The new chip is called the AMD Geode NX 1500@6W, which runs at one volt and consumes six watts at one GHz: a faster version, the Geode NX 1750@14W, runs at 1.4 GHz and uses 14 watts. Aimed at fanless systems, the Geode NX includes a 266 MHz front side bus, 384KB of cache and is fabricated in a 130nm process optimised for low leakage currents."

AMD Introduces Line Of Low-Power, High-Performance AMD Geode Embedded X86 Processors
AMD Geode Solutions are part of AMD’s strategy to be the only processor manufacturer to offer assets, resources and vision for delivering x86 solutions for low-power embedded solutions up through the highest performing server platforms. The portfolio of processors reflects AMD’s commitment to its customers, allowing design engineers to create a wide range of solutions using the large existing x86 software base, leveraging the benefits of low-power, high-performance solutions.

05/24/04 AMD Introduces Industry’s First Embedded X86 Performance-Power Rating System
AMD today announced a new Performance-Power Rating (PPR) to emphasize the importance of the balance between performance and power for the embedded x86 processor market. AMD is the first company to introduce a performance-power rating for design engineers to better evaluate an x86 embedded processor, and expects this solution to accelerate the embedded x86 processor evaluation process. Using the PPR, AMD has developed a new model number system for AMD Geode Solutions

Insyde Software Teams with AMD to Provide Software Support for the AMD Geode Solutions Set
Insyde Software (GTSM: 6231) today announced that it has teamed with AMD to provide software support for the AMD Geode Solutions set. This collaboration is a continuation of a multi-year support agreement that Insyde Software has maintained for the AMD Geode processor family. Insyde Software is the co-developer and exclusive worldwide licensor of the XpressROM firmware offered for the AMD Geode GX1 and GX2 processors and AMD Geode IA-On-A-Chip silicon solutions.
AMD GEODE Special - Reviews
Geode Design Wins

07/13/04 ArmorLink Post Genie: Network Convergence in a Little Green box - AnandTech
"For what it does, the Post Genie from Armor Link is an attractive, easy to manage and function convergance server. Those who will benefit from this server will be small businesses or entrepreneurs. The ability to have an email system without knowing anything about email routing, configuration, and security is pretty attractive"
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