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AMD GEODE News - 03/07/05
China: New AMD's territory!

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Geode Design Wins
AMD Releases Integrated Hardware And Software Design Solution For AMD Geode NX Processors

— Enhanced development board simplifies design process, trims product development and time-to-market costs for high-performance, fanless embedded computing —

AMD today announced availability of the first development board specifically designed for the high-performance,
low-power AMD Geode NX processor family, featuring the Mini-ITX form factor and a specialized Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS) chipset. The AMD Geode NX DB1500 development board and reference design was created to simplify product design processes with integrated hardware and software capabilities using high-performance, low-power Geode NX processors. Customers can use the AMD Geode NX DB1500 to develop small form factor devices including thin-client, point-of-sale, or single-board computers or other embedded applications, including entertainment and gaming systems, with outstanding x86 processor performance.

The turnkey development board and design solution from AMD combines a processor, chipset, memory and peripherals together on a single platform along with debugging features and software. Deployed in Microsoft Windows XP/XPe, Windows and Linux operating system environments, and designed to be compatible with a vast array of x86 applications and solutions, the
NX DB1500 development board suits the design demands of customers in a multitude of embedded environments.

Using the reference design kit and development platform offered by AMD, design engineers save time during the design and test process, allowing for more resources to be focused on feature and design enhancements.

“Logic is excited to partner with AMD and SiS to provide a development board and single-board computer that reduces time to market for customers seeking low-power, high-performance embedded solutions,” said Eric Harnisch, director of marketing, Logic Product Development. “The
AMD Geode NX processor enables Logic to provide customers with a product-ready, low-power, fanless single-board computer that can be immediately integrated into their product. The board was designed to meet the demands of numerous power- and heat-sensitive environments.”

“The addition of the SiS741CX and SiS964 devices on the
AMD Geode NX DB1500 development board provides design engineers with integrated systems that address hardware and software needs,” said Daniel Chen, CEO and president, SiS. “We look forward to working with AMD to develop future embedded solutions that continue to meet stringent design requirements.”

“Our customers feel enormous pressure to transform big ideas into little devices,” said Erik Salo, director of marketing, Personal Connectivity Solutions Group, AMD. “The new development board helps design engineers speed through the design phase and get their high performance, fanless products to market — on time and under budget.”

AMD Geode NX DB1500 development board with advanced SiS chipset technology provides an enhanced development environment with a Mini-ITX form factor, integrated graphics controller, VGA and TFT outputs, and compatibility with both legacy and current PC I/O specifications. These design features provide developers a cost-effective and versatile tool for developing high-performance, low-power, fanless design evaluations.

Primary Development Board features:

Memory Devices
- DIMM memory support for
DDR DRAM module of up to 1GB
- Support for LPC Boot

- One PCI 2.2 Expansion slot

Debug Assist Features
- Test Points for Key signals
- Hardware Debug Tool Interface (software & adapter hardware available through 3rd party)
- LEDs for easy notification of system activity

On-Board Peripherals
- USB 2.0 Ports
- IDE Port
- Serial ATA Ports
- CRT Connector
- 10/100 Ethernet Port
- TFT Connector (optional display kit available)
- AC ’97 Audio CODEC stereo
- 6-channel audio support
- S/PDIF Audio output
- 16550 compatible Serial Port
- EPP/ECP Parallel Port

Software Included
- Platform-specific BIOS implementation
- Peripheral Initialization routines
- Diagnostics
- Example Code
- Development tools

System Documentation
- User’s guide
- Quick Start guide
- Hardware datasheets
- Complete set of hardware design files, including schematics, layout, and BOM

Ordering Information


AMD Geode NX DB1500 development board with SiS chipset technology is available today and costs $599 per unit. Design files are also available. For more information about the AMD Geode NX DB1500 development board, visit:

About AMD’s Personal Connectivity Solutions Group (PCSG) PCSG delivers a portfolio of processors that are designed to address customer needs for high-performance, low-power embedded solutions. PCSG offers technologies from the
AMD Alchemy Solutions and the AMD Geode Solutions product families covering a wide range of applications. Target markets for PCSG include multimedia, access and computing devices, and growth opportunities in consumer electronics and communication segments.

About AMD

AMD (NYSE: AMD) designs and produces innovative microprocessors, Flash memory devices and low-power processor solutions for the computer, communications and consumer electronics industries. AMD is dedicated to delivering standards-based, customer-focused solutions for technology users, ranging from enterprises and governments to individual consumers.

  Main Features
Platform SiS741CX/964
Driver support WinXP,Linux2.6,WinCE5.0
AMD Geode NX processor family CPU AMD Geode NX 1250@6W processor AMD Geode NX 1500@6W processor AMD Geode NX 1750@14W processor
SiS741CX Memory Type DDR333
DIMMx/Max Memory 3DIMMS/3GB
System Bus 166MHz
Integrated Graphics Mirage Graphics 2D/3D
TFT LCD  interface 24bit
MuTIOL interface MuTIOL 1G Media I/O (16bit @ 533MHz)
SiS964 SPDIF Yes
Serial ATA   2
Parallel IDE ATA133
USB2.0/1.1 port 8 port USB2.0/1.1
AUDIO 6 channel stereo
LAN 10/100Mb