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AMD announces Athlon MP 2600+ processor
AMD's newest multiprocessor designed to meet business demands for peak computing efficiency and compatibility

AMD today introduced the  AMD Athlon MP processor 2600+, the newest in its line of multiprocessors for servers and workstations that run mission-critical business applications. The AMD Athlon MP processor 2600+ joins the AMD processor lineup as the company's highest performance multiprocessor.

The Athlon MP processor 2600+ builds on the tradition established by previous AMD Athlon multiprocessors by emphasizing comprehensive compatibility that can help lower a company's total cost of ownership. AMD continues to work closely with leading software and hardware companies to help ensure all AMD processors provide optimal performance, resulting in efficient and highly productive computing for the end user.

"Enterprise-level computing requires enhanced compatibility as well as leading-edge performance,"
said Marty Seyer, vice president of server business segment, Computation Products Group, AMD. "AMD took each of those needs into consideration with the AMD Athlon MP processor line. We work in concert with our infrastructure partners so that end users get a smooth platform integration and outstanding productivity. The result is that a variety of Fortune 1000 companies use systems with AMD Athlon MP processors to meet their business computing needs."

JAK Films, the production company for the new Star Wars trilogy, uses high-powered
AMD Athlon MP processor-based workstations to create fully animated digital storyboards that pre-visualize what a final scene will look like when complete.

"AMD processor-based systems allowed us to develop an accurate picture of what 'Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones' would look like long before filming even started, and their speed and reliability allowed us to focus on the creativity our job demands," said Daniel Gregoire, Pre-Visualization Effects Supervisor for JAK Films. "We rely on our AMD Athlon MP processor-based systems to run the high-end software we need for the compute-intense work Star Wars requires and we're excited about the future of AMD and the AMD Opteron multiprocessor because it will allow us to take our work even further than we did on Episode II."

ConocoPhillips, one of the world's leading gas and oil companies, uses AMD Athlon MP processors as a part of their multi-teraflop computing program for seismic imaging.
"From our experience, AMD Athlon MP processors provide good value with respect to performance and price," said Bill Menger, Manager, Geophysical Applications, of ConocoPhillips. "We're looking forward to leveraging AMD's customer-focused approach to design and development in future multiprocessing offerings."
"Lucasfilm is creating the most complex totally digital motion picture ever produced, Star Wars Episode II, and are working with technology vendors and in-house developers to invent first-ever solutions to fully exploit the advantages of digital cinematography and postproduction."
Lucas Films Timeline
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05/23/03 Hardware Review