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Official and unofficial roadmaps here...
Opteron Launch Schedule
After we were informed of some Athlon 64 earlier releases (read our special here) we contacted our special informer who kindly confirmed the news and provided us with some exclusive, but still unofficial, information about Opteron launch dates.

Our special source (who asked not to be named) has provided us with an exclusive
roadmap you may discover below. According to this schedule, it sounds like AMD could be willing to put an extraordinary pressure on Intel with 12 models (is 12 the new lucky number after the release of 12 new Athlon XP-M processors?) in less than 3 months!

To help you with the Opteron numbering, we have enclosed the official AMD literature explaining it.

Avril: Opteron 141, 142, 241, 242 , 841 et 842
Mai: Opteron 143, 243 et 843
Juin: Opteron 144, 244 et 844

AMD on Opteron numbering (source AMD)

When AMD launches the 64-bit AMD Opteron processor for servers and workstations, AMD will introduce a new 3-digit model numbering strategy for these processors. The current model numbering plan for AMD Athlon processors is not changing.

AMD designed the AMD Opteron processor model numbers to communicate the scalability of each series and the relative performance within that series.

The first digit in the model number communicates scalability, and represents the maximum number of processors supported by that model number:

 100 Series (Example: Model 1XX) = 1-way server
 200 Series (Model 2XX) = 2-way server
 800 Series (Model 8XX) = supports up to 8-way servers

The second and third digits communicate relative performance within each product line:

Model 244 will offer higher performance than 242;

Model numbers are not directly related to frequency;

AMD started numbering the last two digits at 40.
This gives AMD flexibility to describe AMD's server processor performance without potentially confusing end users by starting at 10, 20, or 30, because users might mistake "Model 224" with a 2.4 GHz processor.

AMD developed its model numbering strategy in consultation with end users and customers.
AMD found that most enterprise users of server technology understood the design of the 3-digit model number strategy and responded favorably to its clarity. They could also distinguish that the AMD Opteron processor model numbers do not directly refer to frequency, or clock speed, which have less relevance to advanced server applications.

The AMD Opteron processor model number strategy extends AMD's efforts to change end users' focus from frequency to application performance.  With such architecture enhancements as a 64-bit processor core, an integrated high-bandwidth memory controller, and HyperTransport technology links for easy multiprocessor scaling, AMD expects the upcoming AMD Opteron processor will be among the highest performing server processors available. AMD will provide benchmark data at launch to demonstrate how the AMD Opteron processor compares to other server processors on both 32- and 64-bit applications.

Warning! As usual, we can't guarantee that all our sources are 100% reliable and of course all this (except Opteron numbering) is unofficial. This is why we strongly recommend you to be very cautious about pre-ordering stuff that has not been officially announced by the manufacturer itself.

We will not accept any responsability whatsoever in any problem linked to pre-ordering and/or ordering items that were announced in

Please do not hesitate to contact us
Opteron motherboards start coming in. Discover them here...

All you need to know about Opteron is right here!