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AMD Opteron News - 03/27/03
Athlon 64 low-power mobile roadmap here!

Tatung Opteron
Dual-Blade Server here
More about Opteron dates, OPN, ID and more...
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Your best source for AMD Athlon 64, barebones, DDR, nForce2, nForce3, nForce4, motherboards, notebooks, Opteron, Sempron & Turion 64 information
Dual-Opteron in one box for unmatched performance...
Every Opteron boards are here
Opteron is set to arrive on the 22 of April and we already spotted some air cooling solutions here, but little did we know that watercooling was already developed for the newest AMD's child...

We have found some great pictures of two different racks with their own watercooling system that can be reproduced, as many time as needed, in rackmount cabinet like the one shown below...
All you need to know about Opteron is right here!
Watercooled AMD Opteron
The Opteron processor paradise remains on AMDboard