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AMD Opteron News - 04/22/03
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Tatung Opteron
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Einux Announces First Combination Opteron/nVidia nForce3 Professional Workstation for Ultimate Performance in a 64-Bit Workstation Einux's NeoStation64 Combines Power of NVIDIA nForce3 Professional Platform Processors With AMD's 64-Bit Opteron Technology

Einux, in collaboration with nVidia and AMD, announces the NeoStation64, the first nVidia
nForce3 Professional-powered Workstation based on the revolutionary new 64-bit AMD Opteron processor and nVidia's new nVidia nForce3 Professional platform processors. Together, nVidia nForce3 Professional and AMD Opteron processors deliver amazing performance and an incredibly feature-rich computing platform for powering today's CAD/CAM and other digital media applications. The NeoStation64 Workstation will be showcased at the AMD Opteron Launch Partner Pavilion being held today in New York City.

Designed for professional computing environments, the NVIDIA nForce3 Professional platform processors incorporate advanced technology solutions, including enterprise-class networking, fault tolerant storage designs, and optimizations for nVidia Quadro workstation graphics solutions -- which are currently supported by an industry-leading selection of certified software applications. All nVidia nForce3 Professional-based systems utilize the nVidia Unified Driver Architecture (UDA), a single stable system image for simplified deployment and upgrades in the enterprise environment. The NVIDIA commitment to product longevity further ensures IT investment protection.

"With the NeoStation64, Einux is showcasing the full potential of the NVIDIA nForce3 Professional platform processor technology," said Drew Henry, senior director of platform products at NVIDIA. "With our single-chip design and high-performance architecture, the NVIDIA nForce3 Professional platform processors fully leverage the power of the new 64-bit AMD Opteron processor to deliver the ultimate in workstation performance."
"The NeoStation64 Workstation offers the power of the new 64-bit AMD Opteron processor and the NVIDIA nForce3 Professional platform processors in one complete workstation and is one of the fastest workstations available today. With true 64-bit power and 32-bit backwards compatibility, the NeoStation64 Workstation is truly versatile, meeting the computing needs of today and tomorrow," said Rex Wong, President of Einux.

Powering the NeoStation64 is the 64-bit
AMD Opteron processor with AMD64 technology, the first 64-bit x86-compatible processor available today. With AMD64 technology, the AMD Opteron processor is backwards compatible to 32-bit applications while also delivering 64-bit performance. The AMD Opteron processor also features AMD's Hypertransport architecture, which is an efficient, high-speed bus between the AMD Opteron processor and other mainboard components and peripherals. In addition, the memory controller is embedded into the AMD Opteron processor, facilitating much faster memory access.

Specific features for the NeoStation64 workstation:

Support for AMD Opteron processor
NVIDIA nForce3 platform processor
NVIDIA Universal Driver Architecture
Four DIMM slots for up to 8GB DDR ECC Registered Memory
Dual channel memory controller
Promise R20378 RAID 0/1/0+1 Ultra DMA/133 IDE Controller
Support for up to four Ultra ATA/133, Serial ATA/150 optional
Firewall, 6 x USB2.0, Serial and Parallel Ports
AGP8Xo Graphics Slot, 5 x PCI Graphics Slot
Integrated ALC650 Audio Card
Integrated 10/100BT Ethernet Adapter
The NeoStation64 workstation will be available this summer.
Dual-Opteron in one box for unmatched performance...
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Einux announces nForce3 Pro
for Opteron Workstations