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NVIDIA Corporation, the worldwide leader in visual processing solutions, today announced that leading workstation system integrators are adopting the new NVIDIA nForce3 Professional platform technology for their upcoming professional workstation computing systems.  Optimized for NVIDIA Quadro graphics solutions, as well as the new 64-bit AMD Opteron processor, NVIDIA nForce3 Professional incorporates advanced platform technology solutions—including enterprise-class networking functionality, fault tolerant storage designs and a single unified driver architecture—that are paramount to providing a compatible, stable, and reliable platform for deployment in professional computing environments.

Workstations offering
NVIDIA nForce3 Professional platform processors will be available from:

@Xi Computer Corporation
Alienware Corporation
Angstrom Microsystems
BOXX Technologies Inc.
Colfax International
Concordia Graphics
Core Microsystems
DigitalScape Corporation 
Hypersonic PC
Max Black
MaxVision Corporation
Polywell Computers
Si Computer Italy
Sys Technology, Inc.

“The combination of the NVIDIA nForce3 Professional platform with the industry-leading performance of NVIDIA Quadro graphics solutions forms the foundation for an extremely compelling workstation solution for CAD professionals,” said Sam Corralz, vice president of engineering at @Xi Computer Corporation. “We look forward to being one of the first companies to bring the power of NVIDIA nForce3 Professional-based workstation solutions to the market.”

“The introduction of NVIDIA nForce3 Professional-based workstations provides digital content creators, application developers, and visual effects designers with a platform that delivers tangible price and performance benefits,” said Todd Bryant, chief technology officer of BOXX Technologies.  “NVIDIA has addressed the features and performance needs of the DCC community with NVIDIA nForce3 Professional, and we are pleased to begin offerings systems based on this technology in the near future.”

All NVIDIA nForce3 Professional-based systems and motherboards utilize the NVIDIA Unified Driver Architecture (UDA), a single stable system image for simplified deployment and upgrades in the enterprise environment.  The NVIDIA commitment to product longevity further ensures IT investment protection.  NVIDIA is also partnering with ASUSTek Computer Inc, a world leader in motherboard engineering and design, to bring NVIDIA nForce3 Professional-based motherboards to the workstation system integrator market.

Systems will available in the summer of 2003.
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NVIDIA nForce3 Professional
Platform Adopted by Leading
Workstation System Integrators