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AMD & Cray News - 05/05/03
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GDA Technologies Licenses HyperTransport IP cores to Supercomputer Pioneer Cray, Inc.
GDA Technologies, Inc, a fast growing supplier of Intellectual Property and Design Services, today announced that Cray, Inc.has licensed GDA's HyperTransport IP cores for the development  of its Sandia National Laboratories supercomputer code named "Red Storm". The licensed IP cores are HyperCave and HyperCaveLite for ASIC and FPGA integration, respectively.
GDA's HyperTransport IP cores provide a narrow, low power, and extremely fast point-to-point link between the devices in the system. They support 16-bit data width with clock speeds of up to 800MHz, and Double Data Rate (DDR) memory signaling, providing aggregate throughput of 51.2Gigabits/s per link.

"GDA HyperTransport IP offerings are a good match for the demanding requirements of our Red Storm supercomputer development," said Brian Koblenz, Cray's Vice President, Special Projects. "We are very impressed with the quality, exceptional performance and feature sets of GDA's IP cores."

Cray has been awarded a $90 million contract by Sandia National Laboratories to develop the Red Storm supercomputer. Red Storm will be based on a Massively
Parallel Processing (MPP) architecture with peak performance of 40 trillion calculations per second (40 teraOPS) using two calculations/clock cycle, and scalability to hundreds of teraOPS. The supercomputer will be seven times faster than Sandia Lab's current supercomputer and is scheduled to be operational in 2004.

"Cray's licensing of our HyperTransport IP cores is further testament to the tremendous and ongoing acceptance of GDA's IP offerings to the industry", said Prakash Bare, Vice President of IP division at GDA. "Companies that require high performance IPs and demand the best in quality and total customer satisfaction expect to find them in GDA."

Red Storm is expected to be powered by 10,000 AMD Opteron processors. The advanced features of the AMD Opteron processor make it ideal for this type of deployment: 32-bit and 64-bit capability, integrated DDR memory controller and HyperTransport technology links. These features can increase overall system performance by removing I/O bottlenecks, which in turn improves bandwidth and reduces latency. The upcoming AMD Opteron processor is designed to provide simultaneous 32- and 64-bit high-performance computing, giving customers the flexibility and performance required to run demanding enterprise applications.

"To have renowned organizations such as Cray and Sandia place their trust in us is a tremendous endorsement of the upcoming AMD Opteron processor and demonstrates AMD's strength in the high performance computing market," said Marty Seyer, vice president of Server Business Segment for AMD's Computation Products Group. "The architectural advantages of the AMD Opteron processor have allowed us to meet the stringent processor design requirements for a world-class supercomputer."

About Cray Inc.
Cray is the premier provider of supercomputing solutions for customers' most challenging scientific and engineering problems.