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Newisys to demo Opteron System

Newisys specialized in 64bit platform was created in July 2000 to develop
server technology and systems. Newisys has alway been considered as a
stealth company, mainly subsidized by AMD in order to seduce some big
corporate accounts and more precisely targetting IBM and DELL.

On tuesday, Newisys is expected to show its first prototype server, a
skinny rack-mounted Web server that has two AMD Opteron processors
under the hood as Hoover online reports

According to the same source, IBM, Fujtsu and Hitachi are already planning to use Newisys knowhow to create Hammer-based products in few month.

But, if our information are correct, this is just the visible part of a big iceberg which will emerge in a very near future with some 8 chip running Opteron system that have very good chance to make strong inroads into corporate market...

Slim and fast, the first twin Opteron powered server from Newisys is here to make major corporate wins