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AMD Sempron News - 08/31/04

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ULi M1689
The Ideal Chip Solution
to Complement
AMD Sempron
Processor-Based Systems

Taipei, Taiwan  - August 31, 2004 - ULi Electronics Inc. announces its super single chip-M1689 as industry’s most ideal chip to support
AMD Sempron processor.  ULi’s M1689 is not only packed with cutting-edge  features, but also offers flexibility and cost efficient to design, making M1689 the ideal choice widely acquired by global major ODM manufacturers for both mobile and desktop PCs.  
M1689 works perfectly with
AMD Sempron processor to deliver superior system performance in handling large amount of digital media contents and graphics applications. Outperforming competitors in features and price, the M1689 is the best solution to meet the ever-growing computing requirements for today’s homes and offices.

Comparing with two-chip design, ULi’s M1689 single chip architecture offers motherboard manufactures an immense advantage in price and performance with lower latency. M1689 supports
AMD Cool’n’Quiet technology - a system-level feature designed to lower power consumption when maximum processor performance is not required and ultimately achieve a quieter system for users. M1689, using Power64 technology, complements AMD’s 64-bit technology for superior computing capabilities that boost high quality digital entertainment, life-like 3D games, and enhanced software applications for creativity and productivity.

HyperTransport Interface to the AMD’s Athlon 64 CPUs is designed to sustain data transfers up to 2.0GT/s.  M1689 features eight USB2.0 ports for the casual storage and connections to AV devices, two Serial ATA Interface that features transfer rate of up to 1.5 Gbits/s.

ULi anticipates to build more market share with
AMD Athlon 64 as major OEMs and system builders plan to offer AMD Sempron 32 processor-based notebook and desktop systems into market in the second half of 2004.

“ULi has worked diligently with AMD to provide the best chipset solutions supporting AMD-based platforms,” said Alex Kuo, President of ULi Electronics Inc.  “The result of this effort enables the release of M1689.  It further proves that ULi’s advanced single chip provides the most optimal choice in the industry which carry-out the best of AthlonTM 64 process-base systems.”

M1689 Block Diagram

About the AMD Sempron™ Processor Family
AMD Sempron™ processor family is redefining everyday computing for today’s value-conscious buyers of desktop and notebook PCs. The AMD Sempron™ and Mobile AMD Sempron™ processors are designed to offer best-in-class performance for the growing segment of PC users who want more from their PC at home, in the office, or on the go. This full-featured product line enables performance at the top of its class on home and business applications.

About ULi

ULi Electronics Inc. was introduced to the market on July 2003, already shown profitable amongst all competitors. ULi is rewarded with the inheritance ALi Corporation's strong core logic history. Thus, ULi's primary focus henceforward is to provide finest design cutting-edge IC core logic chipsets for PC and peripheral market space and provide premium support to OEM/ODM system manufacturers globally.