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04/21/06 AMD and HP ready corporate desktop push - the inquirer
"Clark quotes HP executive John Dayan as saying it will make AMD desktops that will be sold to the corporate market. This news should send Dell into a paroxysm"

HP expands computing choices for business customers - Strategy
"HP is also expanding the industryís largest portfolio of AMD Opteron processor-based servers with the addition of Dual-Core AMD Opteron processor Models 185, 285 and 885 to the HP ProLiant DL145, DL385, DL585 density-optimized servers and HP ProLiant BL25p, BL35p and BL45p server blades. "

HP outlines long-term strategy - CNET
"On the chip front, although HP and Intel have had a long relationship involving their collaboration on the Itanium chip, delays by Intel have created frustration in the HP camp, the source said. As a result, HP may use Intel's archrival Advanced Micro Devices as a cattle prod of sorts to the chip giant, the source noted. "

HP Eager to Sell Dual-Core Servers - IT Jungle
"HP has been shipping
dual-core ProLiant servers using the Opteron processors since April 2005, and rolled out machines supporting the "Paxville" Xeon DP and MP processors in the fall. However, HP only completely rounded out its ProLiant line when it began shipping the two-socket, rack-mounted ProLiant DL360; the two-socket, tower ML 370; and the two-socket, blade BL20p servers on Jan. 9."

Opteron to keep performance lead in 2006, HP managers say - IW
"HP is in a unique position as one of the only major vendors to sell servers with both Intel and
AMD processors. IBM sells two AMD-based servers alongside dozens of Intel-based servers, but doesn't promote its AMD servers with the same vigor that HP does."

AMD-HP Opteron Tops TPC-C Benchmark - Internet News
"Hewlett Packard's Proliant DL585 server, powered by dual-core AMD 880
Opteron processors, and the rack mount HP Proliant DL385 server powered by AMD's dual-core 280 Opteron processors, were rated the highest performing x86 four-way and two-way database servers"

HP wades into budget notebook war - China View
"HP yesterday launched its first notebook in China using AMD processors in an attempt to gain a bigger share in the low-cost, good-quality market, currently dominate by its arch-rival Dell. The Pavilion Ze2200 products, using
AMD's Sempron and 64-bit Turion processors, range from 5,999 yuan (US$740) to 8,499 yuan (US$1,048), the cheapest HP notebook products in China, with the previous lowest priced model 6,999 yuan (US$863)."

US DoD to Use HP Supercomputer for Weapons Systems Design
The HP supercomputer is a 1,024-node Cluster Platform 4000 based on HP ProLiant DL145 servers with
AMD Opteron processors running the Linux operating system. A high-speed Voltaire InfiniBand interconnect is used with HP's XC System Software providing cluster management capability.

Hewlett-Packard adopting AMD Processors for Business Laptops
"AMD has reportedly gained a major victory over their rivals Intel if the latest news reports are to be believed. Advanced Micro Devices is expected to announce today that they have got an entry into the corporate notebook market by enticing Hewlett-Packard into using their processors for their products. HP is now planning to use AMD Turion 64 microprocessors in the Compaq NX range of business computers."

HP Ships More ProLiant For AMD's Dual Core - Server Watch
To pad its blade solutions, HP also launched Factory Express services for the BladeSystem. Factor Express is designed to pre-integrate blade solutions for deployment in data centers to get customers up and running with minimal impact. The new machines are selling now. The dual-core DL385 starts at $3,299; the DL145 G2 at $1,219; the BL25p at $3,099; and the BL35p at $2,599.

HP releases lower-end dual-core Opteron servers - ZDNet
"The dual-core chips will be available in lower-end systems with two chip sockets: the DL385, with a starting price of $3,299, the DL145 G2, which starts at $1,219; and the BL25p and BL35p blade servers, which start at $3,099 and $2,599, respectively. The systems will be available June 27, HP said."

HP plans blade blitz on IBM - The Register
"IBM sells blades based on Intel's Xeon chip, its own Power processor and more recently AMD's Opteron processor. This lineup has helped the company push sales significantly higher in recent weeks, according to HP's channel checks. Now HP wants to grab back the lost market share."

HP to round out Opteron blades with dual-core server - Computer World
"One week before the launch of AMD first dual-core Opteron microprocessor, Hewlett-Packard briefly began taking orders for a new four-processor blade system that will use the chips. HP's new system, the ProLiant BL45p will ship with a 2.0 GHz dual-core processor called the Opteron 875"

HP Advances Computing Manageability, Performance and Choice
Introduced at LinuxWorld, the new HP BladeSystem server blades, an HP workstation that supports new
dual-PCI Express graphics solutions, and a new high-performance, enterprise-class HP ProLiant server are all based on the latest AMD Opteron processors that deliver more compute power for customers' demanding x86 applications.

HP's Fateful Project X - Java Developers Journal
What may have finally driven Intel to copy AMD's 64-bit x86 extensions was a secret little prototype Opteron-based server that HP, Intel's erstwhile Itanium partner, ran up in late 2002 under the code name Project X."

HP rolls out ultra-low priced PC in China - CNN
"HP's new model, part of its Pavilion series, features a central processing unit (CPU) from Advanced Micro Devices Inc. and a FreeDOS operating system, both cheaper alternatives to more popular CPUs from Intel and the Windows operating system from Microsoft."

Sun, HP Spat Over the Future of HP-UX - Computer Wire
Having thousands of applications on Itanium, neither wants to contemplate an HP-UX port to Xeon-64 and Opteron and then getting all of those applications lined up yet again on a new architecture. And HP does not want to re-engineer its Integrity line of servers so they can use 64-bit Xeons or Opterons."

Blade servers: HP takes fight to management tools - ACW
"From the way Parkinson responded to questions about Dell and Sun, it is obvious that HP does not regard these two vendors as competitors at all in the blades market in this part of the world"

HP sets up blade server division, readies Opteron blades - CB Online
"This division, called appropriately enough the BladeSystem division of the Enterprise Systems and Storage group, has Rick Becker as its vice president and general manager. HP expects to sell about $500m in blade servers in 2005, and that about half of its x86-based servers will be in the blade form factor by 2008, and given the unique opportunities and engineering challenges that blades represent, HP needs a team focused on blade servers."

HP gears up for Opteron server binge - The Register
"On the blade front, HP will come out with the BL25p, BL35p and BL45p systems - all with Opteron processors, our sources said. The BL25p will debut late this year or early next year with 2.4GHz Opterons, and the BL35p will arrive at the same time but at half the size of the BL25p. The bulkier BL45p will ship later in 2005 and will allows customers to pack twice as many systems in a chassis as the current BL40p"

HP eyes less-glorious Itanium future - Globe
"HP's Opteron blade servers will arrive in the fourth quarter, Mr. Anderson said. Opteron chips have major advantage right now over Xeon when it comes to blades, where space constraints are tight, and overheating can cause major problems. "They do run approximately 80 per cent cooler than the corresponding Intel products," Mr. Anderson said, though with future chips, "that may or may not continue.""

Hardware Today ó HP Server Snapshot - Server Watch
"Opteron has clearly supplanted Itanium-2 in HP's blade road map, with Opteron counterparts to the Proliant BL20p and BL30p promised by end-of-year. Itanium-2 blades have been relegated to a less-pressing "somewhere around the '05 time frame," Stevens said. She cites Opteron's stellar performance and power-savings capabilities as incentives for its recent spoiled kid brother treatment in HP's blade server family."

HP to Ship Intel-based 64-bit Blades - The WHIR
"According to the report, HP plans to ship blade servers with AMD's Opteron 64-bit processor later this year, ahead of the Intel Intanium-based blades."

HP's Pavilion family shows AMD gets equality - the inquirer
"When the top P4 Pavilion model (a550y) is configured the same as its Athlon 64 counterpart (a550e), it costs $225 more. So HP's Athlon 64 based PC is not only cheaper to buy, it will probably be cheaper to run over its lifetime because it's not saddled with the fiery Prescott P4 processor, which would proverbially "dim the lights" when the power button is engaged."

HP Breaks Price-performance Barriers with ProLiant Server Line
The company also announced record-breaking performance benchmarks and the availability of the industry-standard HP ProLiant DL585 server, which combines
AMD Opteron processor technology, enhanced management capabilities and outstanding uptime features in a system ideal for customers with compute-intensive workloads.

HP to upgrade AMD to business class - The Register
"HP is to bring AMD processors to its European business desktop PC range, it has emerged. While the PC giant has offered business-oriented desktops in the US since 2002, the launch of the HP dx6050 on 10 May will mark the first time it has done so on this side of the Pond."

HP Ships Athlon 64 Notebooks - eWeek
"In the coming cycle, 95 percent of what we offer will probably be Hammer 64"

AMD alliance 'doesn't undermine Intel' - HP - ZD Net
"The dual-Opteron ProLiant DL145, a rack-mountable model 1.75-inches thick, will be available by March 5, Miller said. With a single 1.6GHz Opteron and 1GB of memory, it costs $1,599 (£847); upgrading to a 2.2GHz chip increases the cost to $2,999.  The four-Opteron ProLiant DL585, 7 inches tall, will be available by 9 April, Miller said. HP will release pricing in the next quarter. It has a maximum memory capacity of 64GB."

Memo from HP's Brad Anderson re: Opteron based ProLiant servers
"Today, we are announcing new ProLiant servers based on the AMD Opteron processor and an expanded relationship with Advanced Micro Devices. In 2004 HP plans to offer two new ProLiant DL servers using Opteron, the ProLiant DL145 and the ProLiant DL585, as well as new ProLiant blade servers. "

Intel and HP color self-preservation as customer choice - The Register
"It seems fairly obvious that Intel and HP allowed AMD to take the lead in 86-64-bit computing in order to protect Madison for as long as possible. After all, only 100,000 Madison processors shipped last year - almost all of those flowing through HP. This is up from a total of 10,000 units of the first two Itanium iterations. Intel and HP could not afford to see Madison sink like its predecessors and needed to claim there was no other "real" 64-bit option."

New Memory Group Forged - Internet News
"Other companies have joined the Intel/Dell/HP bandwagon including: ATP Electronics, Buffalo, Corsair Memory, Denali Software, Elpida Memory, Hynix Semiconductor, IDT Corporation, Infineon, Kingston Technology, Micron Technology, Nanya Technology, Samsung and WinTec Industries"

HP Leaves Door Open For Opteron - Internet News
"Still, HP is hedging its bets with Itanium by extending the capabilities of its NonStop Advanced Architecture to servers coming out early next year. The hardware due out early next year is expected to be managed by new versions of HP's OpenView software that allows users to cluster up to 1024 processors or combine up to 4080 processors in a wide-area network. "

HP to unveil new Itanium, Unix servers - ZD Net
"The Itanium processor was a driving force behind the merger of HP and Compaq Computer. Like HP, Compaq planned to phase out its own high-end chip, Alpha, in favor of Itanium. Compaq's exotic NonStop servers, which use MIPS processors today, will begin moving to Itanium in early 2005, Hudson said--a slight delay over the 2004 deadline HP set in 2002. "

HP's Opteron "no threat" to HP's Itanium - the inquirer
"Nevertheless, he says that a case can be made for kitting out certain ProLiant servers with AMD chips. He says, however, that with eight million Intel ProLiants sold to date, any commitment by HP to Opteron would probably target specialised applications."

More HP Opterons, Lateron? - the inquirer
"According to this claim, the ProLiant DL 145 will effectively displace HP's DL 140, a dual Xeon system. That could be in addition to the four way unit we've written about before. And HP may even have plans for a dual processor blade using Opterons, the BL25p."

HP to begin offering Opteron-based servers-sources - Reuters
"Hewlett-Packard Co. will begin using AMD Opteron chip in server computers, according to people familiar with the matter, adding momentum to AMD's challenge to industry leader Intel in supplying the lucrative market for corporate computers. The move is significant because HP has been Intel's primary partner in rolling out Itanium, its competing 64-bit processor, a chip credited as a sharp advance in computing power but which has been slowed in the market by its higher price."

HP Says Firm Assessing Server With AMD's Operton Chip - SmartMoney
"A decision by HP to adopt the chip could have broad implications. Should HP join Sun Microsystems Inc. (SUNW) and International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) in offering an Opteron box, pricing in the business could become more competitive, says Richard Doherty, an analyst at Envisioneering Group. Intel's Xeon presently dominates the low-cost server market."

01/28/04 HP embraces AMD Opteron - Tech World
"In practice, a lot of Opteron's success to date has really been as a better Xeon rather than as a competitor to Itanium or indeed any of the number of 64-bit RISC processors out there," said Gordon Haff, an analyst with Illuminata. "Thereís a lot more to Opteron than just 64-bit extensions. Itís got more registers, itís got integrated HyperTransport, itís got integrated memory controllers. So there are a lot of things that really boost its performance. A number of its wins in HPC have been as much about its 32-bit performance as about the fact that itís also 64-bit."

HP to adopt AMD's Opteron in servers - CNET
"What choice do they have? Very few organizations are buying Itanium systems. AMDs are flying off the shelf," RedMonk analyst James Governor said. "Any server company that does not have an Opteron strategy is not listening to the market."
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