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AMD & IBM Special
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09/22/06 IBM's Power7 chip going into Opteron motherboards - the register
"AMD has secured yet another major partner win thanks to Opteron. Starting with the Power7 processor, IBM will give up on making its own Unix/RISC box motherboards. Instead, it will plug the Power chips directly into slightly modified Opteron boards in an effort to save money"

IBM to build Opteron-Cell hybrid supercomputer - ZDNet
"IBM has won a bid to build a supercomputer called Roadrunner that will include not just conventional Opteron chips but also the Cell processor used in the Sony Playstation, CNET has learned.
The supercomputer, for the Los Alamos National Laboratory, will be the world's fastest machine and is designed to sustain a performance level of a "petaflop," or 1 quadrillion calculations per second, said U.S. Sen. Pete Domenici earlier this year.

IBM Finally Unveils Opteron Blades - CIO
"IBM has finally revealed details of its well-trailed new line of AMD Opteron-based servers, including a snap-in daughterboard that converts a blade from a two-way to a four-way device. There are five new models aimed at high-performance business computing, said IBM senior server consultant Tikiri Wandarugala, which he described as a halfway house between HPC and standard business usage. He said markets such as the financial houses in the city of London would welcome it."

IBM expected to expand AMD-based servers - InfoWorld
"IBM's move would be welcome news for AMD, which has watched rival Intel seize the spotlight in recent weeks by announcing a handful of new chips, including the Montecito Itanium 2 and the Woodcrest Xeon 5100 for servers, the Conroe Core 2 Duo for desktops and the Merom Core 2 Duo for notebooks"

IBM, AMD to deepen Opteron ties - CNET
"Opteron's successes haven't gone unnoticed at Big Blue. Bill Zeitler, head of IBM's server group, said in April that HP and Sun gained at IBM's expense because of their Opteron products. AMD-based products, including IBM's own blades, generate more revenue because their higher performance means customers buy them with more memory and other add-ons, Zeitler said. "

IBM recruits Tech Data to sell AMD blades - the inquirer
"The firm said the division, IBM One, will sell the Open Stack appliance bundle, which comes with a BladeCenter LS20 using
AMD Opterons and SuSE Linux Enterprise Server V9, as well as Websphere app server community edition."

IBM warms to AMD Opteron servers - CNET
"Big Blue was the first of the four top-tier server makers to
sell Opteron servers, but its models were geared only for the technical-computing niche. Later, it added blade servers that are better-suited to mainstream business computing. Zeitler said IBM was surprised by the demand for those products in the fourth quarter of 2005 but then had "very robust sales" of the blades in the first quarter of 2006. "

Chevron Corporation Selects IBM eServer Technology for Oil Exploration
IBM announced today that Chevron Corporation, one of the world’s leading energy companies, selected an IBM cluster built with
AMD Opteron processor-based IBM eServer 326 servers to power its extremely compute intensive depth imaging technology. Working with IBM, Chevron has been able to process data up to seven times faster, enabling the company to make quicker, more accurate choices before drilling.

IBM, AMD further cut chip power consumption - ZDNet
"One technique, called embedded silicon germanium, involves carving a trench around P-channel transistors and filling in the resulting hole with silicon germanium. The other, called stress memorization, is applied to N-channel transistors. P-channel and N-channel transistors are the two types of transistors: P-channel transistors carry positive charges, or holes, and N-channel carry negatively charged electrons. In straining P-channel transistors, engineers want to increase the density of the atoms, and in N-channel devices to do the opposite. "

AMD to pay more money to IBM - the inquirer
"Well, that ain't necessarily so because at IBM the headbone is not always connected to the neckbone. When IBM had a deal with Cyrix 10 years ago, it maintained that the chips the Richardson firm had designed and re-packaged as IBM Microelectronics were better than the Cyrix chips."

AMD, IBM tighten ties - CNET
"AMD and IBM began to cooperate on advanced chip manufacturing in 2002. At the time, AMD was having trouble with
silicon-on-insulator technology, or SOI, which the chipmaker had been working on with Motorola. Sunnyvale, Calif.-based AMD was also trying to end a doomed relationship with foundry United Microelectronics"

IBM now selling Opteron blade - ARN Net
"The LS20 will be available with a special low-power 68-watt Opteron processor, which will make the server cooler than the typical Opteron system. Standard Opteron processors require 95 watts of power -- about one-third more energy than the LS20. AMD sells the 68-watt version of its 2.4GHz Opteron Model 250 to both HP and IBM, said Phil Hughes, an AMD spokesman. HP began shipping its first two Opteron-based blade servers, the ProLiant BL25p and BL35p, in March of this year."

Dual-Core Opteron to Power IBM Blade Server - eWeek
"IBM officials this week said they will put AMD's new dual-core Opterons into the new IntelliStation A Pro 6217 next month, and into the eServer 326 after that. They held back the news about the blade system for the event itself."

IBM preps Opteron blade, backs off Itanium - InfoWorld
Though IBM did not provide technical details on the system, in the past company executives have hinted that this server will support AMD's upcoming dual-core Opteron processor, which is expected in the second half of this year. "There are clearly customers who have asked for AMD blades," said IBM General Manager of xSeries Susan Whitney in a December interview with IDG News Service. "AMD has their own product road map for dual-core. That might be a good time to bring a new product to market."

IBM Delivers Nocona Blades, Readies Opteron Blades - IT Jungle
"Susan Whitney, general manager of the xSeries X86 server unit at IBM, says that the company will deliver blade servers based on the future dual-core Opteron processors. Advanced Micro Devices is expected to deliver its first dual-core Opterons beginning in the middle of this year, and it is likely that IBM's blades will use both the "Denmark" (100 Series) and the "Italy" (200 Series) for single-socket and dual-socket blades with two or four processor cores"

IBM, AMD, Sony boost chip speeds by 24% - The Register
"The new technique is called 'dual stress liner' (DSL) and works by not only stretching the silicon lattice in n-type transistors, the usual target of the strained silicon process, but by compressing the lattice in p-type transistors. The latter transport positive charges called 'holes'; n-type transistors operate by moving negatively charged electrons. Straining the lattice makes it easier for electrons to flow. Essentially it's like running through an evenly planted forest - the further apart the trees (the lattice) are, the less likely you (the electron) are to run into one"

IBM PC Biz Sale Could Mean Opportunity for AMD - Electronic News
"Intel is the dominant supplier of microprocessors in China with more than 85 percent market share, the firm recognized. But Lehman believes AMD may continue to gain traction in China given its second-source supplier agreement with Lenovo and existing supplier relationships with the number two PC maker in China, Founder, and HP in China"

IBM launches Power chip alliance - CNET
"One goal of the alliance is to make Power chips used in high volumes. IBM has shipped more than 1 million PowerPC 970 chips, it said. The more widely used the Power processors are, however, the more directly they compete against the dominant x86 family such as Intel's Pentium and Advanced Micro Devices' Opteron. "

New IBM building rises rapidly - Poughkeepsie Journal
"An Advanced Micro Devices-IBM partnership could be good for Big Blue, which, with the exception of supplying chips for Apple computers, isn't a player in the desktop chip market. But, Johnson said, ''I think they would love to go back and grab a piece of the PC market.''

Analysts: AMD's Just Not That Into IBM Anymore - Internet News
"This limitation on AMD's fab capacity will work itself out when AMD opens its 300mm fab -- Fab 36 -- in 2006. A move by IBM to support AMD would disrupt their other businesses to solve a one to one-and-a-half year problem. IBM also has foundry commitments to VIA and NVidia and potential business with [gaming consoles like] Sony's PS3 and Microsoft XBox2."

IBM, AMD Alliance Could Alter Server Market - Forbes
"AMD's Opteron processor backed by IBM's manufacturing could remake the competitive server landscape," the research firm said. "If IBM is willing to make the commitment to AMD, we think that Intel's problems keeping Pentium 4 on an improving performance trajectory in the first half of 2004 could provide a competitive opening." Merrill Lynch cautioned that embracing AMD may not be the best move for the future of IBM's Power architecture. "In our view, Power will continue losing market share to x86 in the server MPU [microprocessor] market,"

AMD and IBM deepen chip commitment - ZD Net UK
"AMD and IBM will work together to devise chip-manufacturing technology for three additional years, a deal that will bring about a quarter of a billion to IBM over four years and give AMD access to cutting-edge chip inventions. "

IBM to use AMD's dual-core Opteron - CNET
"Dual-core chips are all the rage, particularly for servers, whose software is more likely written to take advantage of the parallelism. AMD demonstrated its dual-core Opteron last week. And at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco this week, Intel demonstrated a Silicon Graphics server with four dual-core "Montecito" chips, a future version of Itanium, and a dual-core desktop processor"

IBM holds back on introducing four way Opterons - the inquirer
"The roadmaps we've seen show that in August it will release three flavours of the e326 - these support Opteron 250s, 248s and 246s, with support for up to 12MB of ECC DDR memory, and Ultra 320SCSI drives. But no four way Opteron system appears to be on the cards, at least for the next six months"

IBM Opteron Intellistations arrive Friday - the inquirer
"All the three models include Gigabit Ethernet, but basic memory configs are 1GB, 1GB and 2GB for the $2,488 economy model, the $3,770 "value" model and the $6,098 "performance" model. The "economy" model uses the 244 (1.80GHz), the other two the 248 (2.20GHz)."

AMD Opteron Processors Power New Line Of IBM Workstations
"With the AMD Opteron processor, the IBM IntelliStation A Pro gives workstation users the power to handle demanding applications such as computer aided design (CAD), computer aided engineering (CAE), petroleum exploration and production, drug discovery, digital-content creation and financial analysis,” said Bob Lenard, director, IBM IntelliStation products. “Additionally, with AMD64 technology, our customers are getting the scalability of 64-bit computing without sacrificing compatibility and performance for existing 32-bit applications.”

AMD's Hector gazes into IBM's crystal balls - the inquirer
"In a word, either nothing or AMD, depending on how you look at the issue. It seems that AMD decided that after the bang up work IBM did on the 90nm chips, it was time to cement the releationship. Ever wonder where the fully functional 90nm silicon came from at Comdex?"

Opteron Tapped for Expansion - eWeek
"IBM this week will roll out a two-processor workstation powered by the Opteron and is considering releasing a four-processor workstation next year. Sun, which last month unveiled its first Opteron-based system, is likely to bring the 64-bit processor into its line of Netra rack-optimized and blade servers targeted at the telecommunications industry."

Samsung joins IBM 65nm R&D team - The Register
"The research work is being conducted in IBM's 300mm Advanced Semiconductor Technology Center, part of East Fishkill, New York facility, which not only punches out G5-class processors for Apple, but top-of-the-range graphics chips for Nvidia. Interestingly, it's also the home of the 65nm process work being jointly undertaken by IBM and AMD. "

Chartered, IBM extend second-source deal to SOI - EE Times
"ATI, Nvidia, Nintendo, Sony, Qualcomm, Via and Xilinx are among the announced foundry customers for IBM, and all have products with the potential for high-volumes that could exhaust the production capacity at East Fishkill. With IBM also working with
Microsoft Corp. to develop silicon for the next-generation Xbox game machine, Doherty said, another high-volume part could be made at both Chartered and IBM fabs."

IBM steals server sales from Sun - CNET
"IBM extended its lead in the server market in the second quarter of 2003, stealing a sizable slice of the worldwide market for the powerful computers away from Sun Microsystems, a new study shows.
Sales of IBM servers increased 10.1 percent to $3.2 billion, giving Big Blue 30.4 percent of the $10.6 billion market, according to new figures released by market share researcher IDC. Third-ranked
Sun Microsystems, meanwhile, saw revenue fall 18.7 percent to $1.4 billion."

IBM, TI, EMC join HyperTransport consortium - IT World
"AMD, a founding member of the consortium, uses HyperTransport in its new Opteron server chip to integrate the memory controller and the CPU. The technology has been credited by analysts and reviewers as one of the main factors behind Opteron's competitive performance."

Analyst predicts IBM will buy AMD in future - Statesman
"Computer analyst Jonathan Eunice of Illuminata Inc. in Nashua, N.H., says he won't be surprised if Big Blue winds up buying AMD within several years.  His reasoning: AMD has designed interesting chips to compete with those made by rival Intel Corp., but AMD doesn't really have the financial muscle to prevail against the world's largest chip maker."

Will IBM save AMD's bacon? - the inquirer
"Six months from now, when the early sales data on Opteron and Athlon 64 starts to arrive, it may be easier to judge how much of a pearl AMD is to IBM. For now, it's in IBM's best interest to wait, watch the chip's progression, development, and market uptake—and examine its own options. With Itanium, Power4 / Power5, AMD 64, and Ultra SPARC, plus the remnants of Alpha knocking around, the 64-bit market is getting crowded — but the question of whose going to be left standing when the dust settles is still wide open"

Prince Charming or Hannibal Lecter? - Overclockers
"IBM buying AMD will be regarded as a declaration of war by the Evil Queen Intel, and for good reason. AMD by itself cannot threaten Intel dominance. They don't have the money for it. They can only be annoying and at most make Intel do a couple things they might otherwise not want to do. IBM is an entirely different matter. AMD has two kinds of financial problems: one short-term, one long-term. The short-term problem is AMD continually losing money. Hammer has at least a fighting chance to fix that next year."

IBM readies new Opteron cluster - Computer World
"The new system, which IBM was demonstrating to press, analysts and customers in a private booth off the ClusterWorld show floor, uses the same chassis as IBM's Intel Xeon-powered eServer Cluster 1350 system. The demonstration model was a dual-processor rack-mounted system containing two 1.8GHz AMD 244 Opteron processors. IBM executives say that when the system ships it will come in a variety of configurations based on AMD's 200 series Opteron chips"

AMD hiring staff for IBM East Fishkill plant - The Register
"It is public knowledge that the two companies are in cahoots over next-generation process technologies. In January, both announced an R&D alliance under which they will co-operate on the development of 65nm and 45nm processes. The deal builds upon both chip makers' jointly held view that copper interconnects, low-k dielectrics and advanced silicon-on-insulator technologies are the way to go."

Plot thickens in AMD-IBM fab venture - Silicon Strategies
"As reported in May, rumors were--and still are--running rampant that IBM is in the process of building a new, advanced fab for AMD. Reports have surfaced that IBM is gutting a building in New York and turning it into a 300-mm, sub-100-nm fab. Once the fab is equipped, IBM will reportedly turn the plant over to AMD, sources said. In turn, AMD will make next-generation processors in the fab, they added"

IBM Flips the Switch on Deep Computing on Demand - Business Wire
"The new deep computing on demand facility is located in a highly secure section of IBM's Poughkeepsie, New York plant. Initially, the system consists of a cluster of IBM eServer xSeries Intel-based Linux systems with related disk storage, and is planned to include pSeries UNIX servers. Designed for scalability to meet increased demand, the deep computing on demand facility is also planned to incorporate a variety of blade technologies and AMD technologies over time"

IBM Unveils Opteron Server - Tech Web
"IBM also sells computer systems based on Opteron's biggest competitor, Intel Corp.'s 32-bit Xeon processor. A key advantage of Opteron, however, is its ability to run 32-bit and 64-bit software, analysts said. AMD, which has been a perennial underdog to Intel in the consumer market, is making its first big push into the enterprise market with Opteron."

IBM Shows Off Opteron Server - Extreme Tech
"To date, IBM remains the largest customer to indicate that it would ship products based upon the Opteron. At the launch of the product in April, IBM executives announced their "intention" to bring an Opteron product to market as part of its clustered "supercomputing on demand" program. Opteron servers will be part of IBM's recently-announced 'Deep Computing On Demand" program in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., where clients will have access to a cluster of xSeries and pSeries servers through a secure VPN connection"

IBM to reveal Opteron server - CNET
"IBM on Tuesday will give supercomputing aficionados a glimpse of an Opteron chip-based system that is geared for high-performance tasks. The system, to be unveiled at the ClusterWorld conference in San Jose, Calif., is a dual-processor, rack-mounted server measuring 1.75 inches thick, an IBM representative said. It is expected to ship in the second half of 2003. The machine, which IBM first discussed in April, is designed to be clustered in large numbers to form a single, powerful computational engine".

AMD-IBM joint K9 venture takes shape - the inquirer
"Charlie D dug out at the Opteron CPU launch, AMD's K9 project is well under way. There's also an Opteron 2 project under way too"

04/23/03 IBM to use AMD chip Big Blue plans to build servers based on Opteron - SF Gate
"One of the biggest questions leading up to the introduction of AMD's new microprocessor for server computers was whether one of the top-tier system builders -- IBM,
Dell, Sun Microsystems or Hewlett-Packard -- would announce plans to use the chip. Confirming industry speculation, an IBM executive was on stage with AMD President and Chief Executive Officer Hector de Jesus Ruiz in New York on Tuesday to say the technology giant is in the development phase of building Opteron-based servers"

04/22/03 AMD debuts Opteron - Info Word
"The company surrounded itself with partners at its New York launch event, including software and hardware vendor IBM, Linux makers SuSE Linux and Red Hat, and database giant Oracle. Also in attendance was Microsoft, which said it is on track to complete by the end of this year an Opteron-tailored version of its forthcoming Windows Server 2003 operating system. "

AMD exec describes go-for-broke partnership with IBM - EE Times
"IBM uses SiLK, a spin-on, and we use a CVD material. We have been on a different path, but in our preliminary meetings with IBM we have had some healthy initial exchanges on low-k. There are, so to speak, many paths to Rome, to a reduced dielectric. We have put a low-k CVD dielectric in at
Dresden for 130-nm going to 90-nm, and IBM believes they have their arms around the issues with SiLK"
China: New AMD's territory!
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